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Kira4Inu Kira4Inu The Racers: Here all the racers know one name and many want to beat the unbeatable: Mercedes. In his 14 year career he has never come in anything less than first place and he has always successfully evaded the cops. For many that's the only motivation. For others, they simply desire to beat number 2: a man suspected for sabotage during a New Year's Bash race: Satin. These racers are all painfully aware of another presence on the road as well: the law.

The Cops: They are like no others. For one, street racing is such a massive crime in the 51st state that every county has a seperate police department to tackle the criminals. The Strike County cops have turned them into much more than standard procedure criminals and that's all thanks to a man named Corey Curse. Corey essentially rapes his vicitms right after he squeezes some juicy information out of them, usually about Mercedes. Then, after he's satisfied with his new knowledge and his sex drive he releases them, promising to haul them in again. But Corey's only after one target, there are other officers interested in different targets and for totally different reasons.

The Others: These are people like retired racers and body shop owners. Yes, in this county a racer can retire and receive a generous retirement check every week if he was in the business in this county for at least 40 years. A prominent figure in this category is a man known as Stunt. Stunt owns and writes the county's underground newspaper: The Pitstop. He operates out of a small ramshackle building containing nothing more than a bar table and some mismatched bar stools. He gives the racing community all the juicy gossip that they want to hear as well as The List, or the top 100 racers in the county.

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