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message 2459: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
((I'm getting better. . . Sorta. Have a terrible cough ><))

Knightmare moaned as he kissed Sunshine back. He wrapped his arms around Sunshine's neck. Kissing Sunshine was a lot different than any other man he had ever been with. He pulled back with a smile. "When do you want to go?" he asked breathlessly.

message 2458: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) "I would love to" Sunshine grinned, straddling Knightmare's hips and pushing him back onto the mattress. He gave Knightmare a long, hot kiss, staying close. He loved kissing, and this kid's lips were so addicting

((I'm sorry. That sucks))

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Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
((^^ Still am :( ))

"Italian," Knightmare replied. "Lots of pasta mostly though they do have traditional Italian pizza. . . Do you wanna go. . . Sometime?"

message 2456: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) ((Oh, it's cool (: ))

"That sounds cool" Sunshine said with a little smile and a shrug "What kind of food is it?" He wasn't picky at all, but he was curious

message 2455: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
((Been sick for the past few days ><))

Knightmare smiled. "I'd love that too," he agreed. Then he sat up. "When? I know this great place where my family used to go all the time when my brother and I were younger. . . It is a family place but they have this other side of the restaurant that has a more romantic mood. My mother used to drop my brother and I off in the one side and take her dates to the other. . . " his voice trailed off.

message 2454: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine didn't fall in love that quickly, and he wasn't even sure how to sustain a relationship with a guy, but he did like Knightmare a lot so far "I just don't want you to do something you'll regret" he said softly "I'd love to go on a date with you though"

message 2453: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare blushed. Of all the other times he had fallen in love, he felt that this one actually meant something. He gulped. "So, Sunshine, would you go out with me first, then?" he asked. "Get to know each other?" He paused then, "But I'm certain about you, I mean, letting you take it. . . I'll wait though, if you'd rather get to know me first. . . I appreciate it, really. You're different from other men. . ." his voice trailed off and his face glowed a brighter red when he realized that he had been rambling.

message 2452: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine smiled down at him "Thank you" he said softly "But I don't think I'd be able to do that to you. Not when we've just met. It doesn't seem right"

message 2451: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare nodded. "Yes," he whispered in agreement. "And you're special enough to me for me to let you take it. . . what were you thinking?"

message 2450: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine bent to kiss his forehead "I was thinking" he said softly "You said you were a virgin, right? That it was special to you?"

message 2449: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare beamed and blushed. "Hey," he whispered back. "You look a little better." Then he tilted his head up to kiss the base of Sunshine's neck. "Come on, beautiful."

message 2448: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine quickly rinsed his face, grabbing the cleanest towel he could find to pat himself dry. He skipped back out, jumping onto the mattress, right on top of Knightmare "Hey" he grinned mischeviously

message 2447: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare nodded and remained where he was at. "Too bad, they should really have one installed," he said, flipping onto his side so that he could watch Sunshine. He felt himself smiling and wondered why his feelings for Sunshine felt so different than any feelings that he's ever had for any one else.

message 2446: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine smiled, getting up to his feet "You can come if you want to. It will only take a second though"He walked over to the little washroom through a little door and turned on the sink "There's no shower here, so it probably won't be super entertaining"

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Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare nodded. "Feel free," he said, lying back down. "I'll be here." Then he wiped his arm across his mouth. "Unless you wanted to wash up together. . ."

message 2444: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Little bits of semen transferred onto Knightmare's lips when he pulled back, making Sunshine grin "Yeah, I'd love to if you're up for it. I just need to wash my face real quick"

message 2443: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare smiled at that. He gave Sunshine a devious grin. "Funny, you say?" he said, chuckling once more. He sat up completely, then, and covered Sunshine's mouth with a kiss. He pulled back slowly, arm around Sunshine's neck. "Shall we go further?"

message 2442: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine shook his head, shutting his mouth and swallowing everything that had made it in there "It's okay" he said "Don't be sorry. I'm not upset, I just wasn't expecting... that. It tastes funny. Not bad, just funny" This was the first time he'd tasted spunk. He could get used to it

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Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare was breathing heavily. He manged to lift halfway up, propped on his forearms, to look at Sunshine's face. He chuckled slightly at the other's expression. He knew exactly what it felt like to have someone spurt in his mouth, even if he was expecting it. Suddenly, he felt ashamed and embarrassed. He averted his gaze, felt his face grow hot, and murmured, "Sorry. . . I didn't mean. . . "

message 2440: by Kitty (last edited Jan 12, 2013 02:28AM) (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine knew what to expect, but even then he wasn't expecting what actually happened. As soon as Knightmare's spunk hit the back of his throat his eyes wert wide. He jerked back in surprise, lips still parted. Semen dribbled out of his mouth and more splashed up to hit his face.

message 2439: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod

Knightmare gasped as his back arched off the bed. He wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. Panting, he felt himself drawn to the edge as Sunshine worked. Then, an explosion as he released and lay back on the bed.

message 2438: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) ((No, I totally get it. We can keep going if you want to))

message 2437: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
((Ah, I'm sorry. It's just that I'm a senior in high school and winter term came with scholarship and college application deadlines. I've been caught up with a lot of work. We don't need to skip it. We can continue from there if you still want, I do :) )

message 2436: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Dude, are you still there? We can skip the sex if you want...

message 2435: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine made little sounds of content, happily sucking at Knightmare's cock almost as if it was a lollipop. He was surprised by how much he liked it. This was already so much better than pussy "Come whenever you're ready" he said softly between breaths

message 2434: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod

Knightmare gasped as Sunshine began sucking him. He clutched at the bed, knuckles turning white with the strength of his grip. He felt himself tighten even more as Sunshine worked.

message 2433: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) ((Oh, I see))

"Salem?" Sunshine repeated, breath moving across Knightmare's sensitized cock "Sounds good" And with that, he opened his mouth and sank down. Knightmare's cock hit the back of his throat, making him gag until he pulled back a little and sucked. That would take some getting used to. He didn't know how to relax those muscles enough to deep throat yet.

message 2432: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
((Sunshine told him to call him Sam so he was just telling Sunshine that his name is Salem))

message 2431: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) ((I don't even know what that last post was trying to say, but it wasn't 'age pursued'. Oops))

((And what did you mean by 'It's Salem'?))

message 2430: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare gasped with pleasure, feeling himself tighten with anticipation. "Sam," he whispered. "It's Salem," he managed through quick panting breaths.

message 2429: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) "Sam" Sunshine whispered, tugging Knightmare's pants down to his ankles "Call me Sam when we're alone" age pursued his lips over the side of Kinghtmare's cock, gently moving up the shaft and to his lover's weeping head

message 2428: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
((Aww, I'm sorry. . . had to finish my calculus))

Knightmare blushed. "Do you enjoy teasing?" he managed to ask, his hardness having become painful and strained. "Sunny. . ." he gasped.

message 2427: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) ((Or not....))

message 2426: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) ((We're finally on at the same time!))

"You are so pretty" Sunshine whispered as he leaned back down again. He tugged at Knightmare's pants, almost as if asking permission, and his hand brushed pointedly over the growing bulge in the front of them "I wonder if this will be as pretty as the rest of you" he continued, brushing his lips over Knightmare's temple "Mmmmm...." he sighed softly

message 2425: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare stared at Sunshine, openly showing his wonder and wanting. He reached over and tugged Sunshine's pants the rest of the way off. Then he placed both of his hands on the other's smooth chest.

message 2424: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine smiled impishly. He could do that. At least, he hoped he could. He'd never been with another man before, but he knew what he liked doing to himself, and he'd heard other racers gossip enough to know what not to do. He pulled back, kneeling so that he was straddling Knightmare's thighs. Slowly, teasingly, he stripped off his shirt, baring his smooth chest. He had no idea how to gracefully get his black track pants off in this position though. He decided to leave that for Knightmare to do, instead just tugging them down on his hips, teasing the other boy with a hint of the dark gold hair nestled there

message 2423: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare had done oral for his boyfriends before so the thought didn't really appeal to him. "How about you take me anyway you want, as many ways as you want, and show me what real pleasure is," he replied between kisses.

message 2422: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) "Well" Sunshine whispered, punctuating with a kiss "We could do oral..." kiss, "Anal..." kiss, "Something in between...?" kiss, "I could be in charge, or you could..." kiss, "Anything you want, baby"

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Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare moaned softly at the feel of Sunshine's lips. "Wah-what do you mean?" he gasped.

message 2420: by Kitty (last edited Oct 27, 2012 03:41AM) (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine loved they way Knightmare's body fit against his own. There were no soft curves like there were with the girls he slept with, but it didn't matter with this boy. He stayed where he was for a moment, kissing hard and teasing with light fingers, before he started to ease Knightmare's shirt off, tugging it over his head before letting it drop to the side "What are you in the mood for?" He asked softly, leaning down to nuzzle Knightmare's neck

message 2419: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare moaned against Sunshine's lips. In the past, he had indulged his boyfriends with a little touching but there was something about the way that Sunshine's sure fingers moved over him. . .

message 2418: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine liked Knightmare. A lot. But he was more hesitant with who he gave his love to. He took a deep breath, inhaling Knightmare's subtle scent, then started kissing him everywhere, slowly moving to the other boy's lips. His hands started roaming, sliding to dip inside Knightmare's pants

message 2417: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare nodded, slightly put off by the fact that Sunshine shared no opinion nor expression of the same feelings. "Yes," he whispered, a million sirens going off in his head at that moment.

message 2416: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine's expression stayed neutral as he listened. Without speaking, he walked forward and fell onto the mattress, crawling forward to straddle Knightmare "You want this then? You're sure?" He asked softly, leaning down to nuzzle Knightmare's neck

message 2415: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare avoided his gaze and studied the floor. "I've had tens of boyfriends in the past and have fallen in love with each one of them. . . But when I say the words, they don't return them. . . you know, they won't tell me that they love me back and, yet, they just want to get in bed with me. Thus I've ended many, many a relationship," he said, leaving out the part that a little less than half of those boyfriends were teachers at their school. He swallowed hard and brought his gaze up to meet with Sunshine's. "These feelings. . . They're hard to ignore. . . That is, how hard I've fallen for you. . ." He didn't know why he was spilling all of this to Sunshine, especially since he was certain that the other didn't share his own feelings. So why am I going to bed with him? He thought angrily to himself even as he dropped his body onto the mattress.

message 2414: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine quirked his head to the side "Really?" he asked, honestly surprised "Are you sure you wanna do this then? I mean, if you were waiting for something special....."

message 2413: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare tried not to let his anxiety show on his face. "I'm a virgin," he supplied.

message 2412: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine flicked on the dim light and took a deep breath, letting it out with a huff "Well, here we are" he said, smiling as he kicked off his shoes and pulled Knightmare close again "Are you a top, or a bottom?"

message 2411: by Holly (new)

Holly Wolfe | 316 comments Mod
Knightmare felt embarrassed at the other racers' reaction and snuggled deep into Sunshine for protection. He took a deep breath, enjoying the scent of Sunshine. He looked around the room that they had come to in wonderment.

message 2410: by Kitty (new)

Kitty (kitorellana) Sunshine broke away after a moment so he could face forward while they walked. He unlocked the door, crossing through the corner of the garage to the supply room. They got a few suggestive looks, and he even heard someone wolf whistle at them. Without looking, he raised his middle finger, pulling Knightmare closer "Just ignore them" he muttered as he pulled the door open and led him inside

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