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E. R. (DilawRosas) | 604 comments CF put up the cover for this second book of the series. As already been mentioned, it will be out on December 27, 2011. So instead of a GhostWalker book, this book comes out.

Spirit Bound (Sisters of the Heart, #2) by Christine Feehan

Taken from CF's site:
Lethal undercover agent Stefan Prakenskii knew a thousand ways to kills a man—and twice as many ways to pleasure a woman. That’s what made him look forward to his new mission: arrive in the coastal town of Sea Haven and insinuate himself in the life of an elusive beauty who had mysterious ties to his past, and a link to a dangerously seductive, and equally elusive master criminal who wanted only one thing: to possess her.

Judith Henderson was an artist on the rise—an ethereal, and haunted woman whose own picture-perfect beauty stirred the souls of two men who have made her their obsession. For years she has been waiting for someone to come and unlock the passion and fire within her—waiting for the right man to surrender it to. But only one man can survive her secrets, and the shadow she has cast over both their lives.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja) (Gatadelafuente) | 578 comments Finally!!!!! I'm so glad there is another Prakenskii. Thanks E!

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E. R. (DilawRosas) | 604 comments Lady Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "Finally!!!!! I'm so glad there is another Prakenskii. Thanks E!"

U're welcome!

Still...I wanted more GW, but I can wait...I think.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja) (Gatadelafuente) | 578 comments Yeah, I would love Javier and Rhianna's book, but I won't say no to more Prakensii magic!

message 5: by Tania (last edited Aug 28, 2011 07:59PM) (new)

Tania That cover (and its model) are just gorgeous!

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E. R. (DilawRosas) | 604 comments And it's so nice to see some Asian models grace the covers of romance novels. :)

Nefertiti (BlueBreeze) | 4 comments Release date is getting closer! Im so excited!

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja) (Gatadelafuente) | 578 comments Same here, Nefertiti! CF books coming out after Christmas always help cheer me up from my post-Christmas season blues.

message 11: by Barb (new) - rated it 5 stars

Barb Lie (Barb_L) | 17 comments hey guys, tomorrow we have an interview with Christine Feehan...check it out.

Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy

message 14: by Barb (new) - rated it 5 stars

Barb Lie (Barb_L) | 17 comments Yes, can't wait.

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Lindsay | 3 comments I was at Barnes and Noble today and saw this on the shelves. I was surprised to see it because I didn't think it came out until after Christmas.

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E. R. (DilawRosas) | 604 comments I was looking for it at 3 stores (!) and I still hadn't seen it yet.

Too many stores were busy for the after X-mas sales.

Dang it!

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E. R. (DilawRosas) | 604 comments Finally!

I got the book today. Though I won't be able to read it yet, at least I got it in my possession.

message 18: by Barb (new) - rated it 5 stars

Barb Lie (Barb_L) | 17 comments I read it, won't discuss it for now. :) Other then to say Stefan and Judith are great together.

I really enjoyed it. Another great book by Christine.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja) (Gatadelafuente) | 578 comments I have the book, my sister picked it up for me b/c I can't drive right now. I hope to start it after I finish this darn review book, or soon this coming week.

Jennifer | 1 comments I picked this book up on Weds. night and was able to finish it Sat. I liked the story. After reading the comments about Water Bound, I agree with the poster who said the book had a different feel to it via the writing style. I think that style continues in Spirit Bound. One example is the sparse use of telepathy. I've gotten used to CF characters having strong telepathic abilities and her relying on that as a way to resolve problems and dangerous situations. While that still takes place in Spirit, it's used much less than the last few CF books I have read.

While I liked Spirit Bound, I didn't like it as much as Water Bound. To me there aren't as many re-readable moments in Spirit as there are Water. The chemistry between Judith and Stefan is good. The exact nature of Judith's abilities is explained fairly well, but how Stefan's ability meshed with that of Judith's was not clear at all.

The only thing I did not like about the book were the inconsistencies with Water Bound. I had the impression from Water Bound that Lev was the oldest of the brothers. Either I'm wrong, totally possible, or CF did a little retroactive continuity on the brothers birth order. So far I have Gavriil as the oldest then Stefan then Lev and Ilya is the youngest.

There is another inconsistent detail from WB that bugged me, but overall, I enjoyed the story.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja) (Gatadelafuente) | 578 comments I just finished it today. I liked Water Bound a little more, but I thought this was very good. Strangely, I think Stefan is more hardcore than Lev.

Robinah | 6 comments Haven't Seen it on the shelves yet.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja) (Gatadelafuente) | 578 comments My sister found mine at Walmart. Sometimes they don't always get the new books. Very odd.

Marina (MarinaL) | 195 comments Jen sounds interesting. When I get my hands on the book I hope to remember that.Can't wait to read it.

Robinah | 6 comments I found it more interesting than Water Bound.Stefan didn't dwell so much on his needs which was refreshing and Judith didn't whine so much about needing the guy.

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E. R. (DilawRosas) | 604 comments Okay, I skimmed through this book...and I'll thoroughly read it after I'm caught up with the Sea Haven series (which is both the Drake and Prakenskii siblings), but it got me thinking about the SoftH. Next is Airiana and Maxim, right? Then there are three more left. I'm thinking that Blythe may be the last one of the series. I'm also guessing that it is going backwards. I.e. the Drake sisters went from oldest to the youngest; the SoftH is probably going from second youngest to oldest. I think that after Maxim, it is Gavriil's turn. Then the two eldest brothers.

That said, I think the two titles for the elements, not counting Blythe, would be "Fire Bound" and "Earth Bound". Not sure how to describe Blythe's powers, but her book will be "Something Bound" if it follows the rest.

For sure, the "training schools" that the brothers went through will bug me as I read the series. But otherwise, I think that the series plot is interesting. I also think that more of the Drake sisters, especially the men, will make appearances in each consecutive SoftH book.

Blythe's situation is intriguing, to say the least. The inference in the book makes me think there is more to her situation than it appears. Oh, well. We'll see.

Marina (MarinaL) | 195 comments Everything sounds fascinating. Need to catch up with this series. Sigh.

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