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Your average classroom. Desks, a chalkboard, and SmartBoard - weekly classes are held in here for basic school subjects.

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The scantily amassed group of children, ages eight to ten, flooded past Flo with a chorus of goodbyes and thankyous from the more well-behaved ones. From her perch on the teacher's desk Flo smiled at the little ones; teaching math to some of Haven's younger residences had been a breeze and the least she could have done for the grandparents in return for shelter and happiness.

Multiplication and long division littered the SmartBoard in Flo's neat writing, all-caps demonstrating little rhymes she'd made up for the children to remember to help them with their math. They liked her and she liked them: she was a patient teacher and the kids were heartwarming. Flo was glad they'd reached Haven before major events could have disrupted their lives like some of the older residents.

She opened a small book and began leafing through it. The quietness and solitude of the learning center always calmed her.

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Kat (SugarAddict) | 2128 comments ((Who are you RPing with, my dear Whimsy?))

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[Van :3]

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Kat (SugarAddict) | 2128 comments ((Awesomesauce))

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The training wing was a strong reminder of regular school. The linoleum flooring, the florescent lights, the halls lined with doors. Some classrooms, some fitness rooms, even a laboratory. It was its own little school system.

Exactly why Jess almost never came here. Willingly, at least.

He'd left school for a reason, and didn't intend to return. He was only there because of the empty room, and his power. If it wasn't practiced properly at least once a week it would be uncontrollable. Thankfully, some residents agreed to volunteer to train with him, all with extraordinary mental abilities.

Jess, in fact, was just returning from a session. His mind was wonderfully clear now, his ability worn from the exercises.

A group of students turned the corner of the hall. Departing class, probably. Alert eyes found the instructor, sitting atop a desk and reading.

"'Sup, Teach."

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Flo's body responded to the voice before her brain had processed what it said. With a sudden intake of breath she looked up, and the book was closed with a sound like a slap to the face.


She composed herself easily and slipped off the desk, a neutral smile not coming close to producing the warming dimples. The suede moccasins padded against the floor as she slipped off her desk.

It was inside where the turmoil would have showed. Safe behind her mental shield, Florence didn't feel very safe at all because the moment she landed eyes on the dark-haired boy all she could feel was the burning sensation of a kiss.

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A tilt of the head acknowledged her, and nothing more.

Expression unreadable, as usual, yet those olive eyes gazed her with such quizzical intensity it was hard not to look away.

Jess was leaning against the doorway, composed and cool as ever while he half-heartedly inspected the classroom. A normal classroom, albeit better in quality than what he was used to. Still, the room brought discomfort.

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Unable to look away however much pain those dark green eyes burned into her, Florence stood there and felt herself burn up into ashes right in front of Jess from that gaze.

The awkward silence was broken by a small eight-year old boy who came running into the classroom at a literal flash - his power was superspeed. His eager, scrawny little face was all awry with worry, his eyes bright with tears.

"I lost my gold star," he sniffled out, looking at Flo with those trusting sad eyes.

The pain of the moment was gone as Flo's frown melted away to give a reassuring smile. "Just a moment," she said. "Don't worry, James. Your gold star's right here."

Flo replaced the star, peeling the large sticker off a plastic pad, and stuck it tenderly on James' collar, crouching down to whisper some words of encouragement in his ear.

It was warm, that smile, and with his own now-cheerful grin James' legs carried him out of the classroom before either Flo or Jess could blink.

Which left her with Jess again.

"I'm sorry." The tone was muffled with sorrow and her eyes were wide - you didn't need to know she had honesty powers to believe she was more than genuine in her apology.

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"I don't think he heard you."

There was a simple message in the small puzzle his words created. Double-sided; while the speedster couldn't have heard her, in a way, neither could he. Flo was unclear even though the pair knew what was being said, the reason behind the apology. But Jess felt a little cheated.

There were few times when he bestowed himself the luxury of feeling entitled to something. This time he thought he deserved an apology and an explanation. Yes, that moment had been one of fluster and confusion and bristling flames. And though it clearly didn't show on the outside, it had a damaging effect on Jess that Flo wouldn't understand.

He made the mistake of glancing into those sorry lovely eyes. Jess redirected his attention toward a motivational poster near the back of the room, waiting.

((If that doesn't make sense, I'm sorry. xD I just wrote a poem and my poetry is jumbled and odd.))

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[It makes complete sense and you're silly. It was definitely brilliant.]

"Believe me - he did."

Florence sighed, a sigh torn with frustration and longing, and after a moment's hesitation she stepped forward. One more step, and one more, until she could see the details of Jess' face, the mouth that was ever so slightly always crooked one way. When she looked at him her eyes were demanding and filled with the fire that had been their moment.

"I ran away because there isn't much truth in a kiss." Her words were very quiet but the cadence in which they were spoken ... was it seductive? Alluring, at least - her throaty hoarse murmur.

"I ran away because I don't know if what happened was from confusion or impulse or just because - I ran away," here her voice faltered and out reached a finger, almost as if it would brush Jess' collarbone, but it hesitated and fell limp at her side.

"I ran away because I need to know if what I felt then wasn't just one sided." There was no time for embarrassment now; her voice was urgent and very, very low, her gaze burning and intense but vastly apologetic all the same.

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There was silence for a moment. It must have been as crushing to Flo as it was to him, that small moment of suffocating tension. Jess had to think, for he'd impulsively acted so my times, and been hurt so many times, and damaged so many things.

"I need to know - " Those eyes were intense on Flo, so blazing they could melt the north pole in a single glance. Now there was a desperation to his gaze, a longing, and hurt. Something explainable, but prominently urgent. It caught Jess' voice for a moment.

"I need to know what it is that you felt - what you still feel."

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[GR being a bitch.]

So hot her skin, so cold - a magnet, drawn to him and pulled. Up lifted a forefinger and it was trailed across Jess' arm. She could hear her breathing and his, loud and shallow in the classroom, and she could feel the heat that spread and tingled as she reached his hand with her outstretched finger.

"I'm not entirely sure what it is," Flo said slowly. Her hand bumped against Jess' and she touched his palm lightly with her fingers, very close to him now. The oddly coloured gaze met the burning forest green pools and in spite of herself she shivered.

"Fire - shock. Ice. A tingle."

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((I second that.))

A slight frown tugged at his lips. Slight, so very subtle Flo may not have noticed if not for her close proximity. The green flames were doused with confusion, darkened by doubt. He was not expecting an answer like that.

"If we're not sure what it is how can we move forward?" asked Jess in his quiet calm tone, implying that he too felt a mixture of feelings that were not clear.

He saw Flo shiver and an urge to hold her was suppressed. He didn't know what he felt, nor did she. Such an action wouldn't be appropriate, it could be damaging if done at such a time.

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[Jess shivered xD]

There was a shaky laugh and Florence shook her head, leaning against the desk in a seemingly casual position. But her fingers were white with the effort of gripping the edge and her heart was shuddering deep in her ribcage, slamming against her chest in painful throbs.

"Look, Jess," she said quietly, bluntly, "I like you. But ... I'm not sure ... if you ..."

The second of boldness that had been required to start the phrase was suddenly depleted and Flo dropped her gaze. Rather than blushing her face was paler than usual and she dearly hoped he'd understood.

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((I meant he saw Flo shiver. ^^' I thought it was clear when I typed it. *edit*))

"If I...?"

Those eyes never left the pallid Flo, even when she broke the flaming gazes. The were searching, intent, and dotted with flecks of dread. Jess did and didn't want her to finish, but yet he had to be sure. There could not be a repeat of his last failed relationship.

The face that almost never showed true strong emotion turned ashen, waiting for the response. Jess stayed by his post at the door, tensed like a jaguar waiting to pounce on its prey. But he didn't exactly feel like a fearsome predator at the moment; more like the prey itself.

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[... Oh. That makes sense. I was just being stupid.]

There was an urge to repress a sigh; Flo did so, the torn sound echoing only in her mind.

Arms went to wrap around herself. Where she craved an embrace from him this was a poor substitute. His sunlit room, bed flooded with comic books, a brief kiss.

"If you feel the same."

Barely audible, her voice was still loud in the empty classroom - since it was in the basement it had no windows but instead made up for it with the brightly painted children's murals and posters. She looked at Jess again, at the dark, dark green eyes, and suddenly grew very afraid of the dread there.

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It was autumn and getting chillier with each passing day, but the mansion was always kept a comfortable temperature. Yet Flo held herself in a tight embrace, as though she was freezing. Then Jess became aware that he felt irrationally cold.

When spoke he felt and thought a wave of things that crashed down on him like a mental weight. The feeling was not unfamiliar to his sensitive mind.

"Flo..." It took a minute to regain his senses, control the overflow of thoughts, to block out the roar of blood in his ears.

Then Jess stood before her.

"I don't feel like myself when you're around," said his quiet, soothing voice. "At first I thought it was nothing, but I couldn't lie to myself when I was with you. I acknowledged it, barely, and then..." His eyes trailed around her soft features, soft lips. "Flo, I feel that tingle. The fire, the frost, the static."

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"You do?"

Her white face seemed to regain a bit of its rosy-cheeked colour. Jess' voice enraptured even when it wasn't layered with his power; Flo released herself from her tight hold to just look at Jess, the relieved hope brimming in her wide eyes. She felt as if many many bubbles had risen in her chest and they were threatening to explode out in laughter. But all that got out of her was a smile.

"That would explain ... you know. Before."

She was referring, of course, to the awkward skinny love they'd both experienced beforehand - on the mountaintop, the lakeside, the kitchen especially.

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"You mean the 'cold'?"

It had been so incredibly tense; the moment needed to be lightened a little. The playful remark was out of his mouth before he could stop it. The right corner of his lip quirked up in a half-smile.

Jess exhaled, the pressure on his head fading, leaving a soft dizziness in its wake. It was audible, like the lazy bumble and buzz of bees on a scorching summer day. Jess didn't like it.

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That smile.

"Yeah," Florence said slowly, her own smile stretching out - perfectly symmetrical, so sign of the darling little quirk of Jess' lips. Faintly embarrassed, her blush deepened.

"I was a bit of a twat. But you can't really blame me," she said with her childish dimples coming into view, shyly stepping closer to lean on the desk beside Jess.

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His shoulders twitched in a shrug, but one look at him and one could easily see the forgiveness on his face and easy smile. Jess wouldn't blame her if he could.

"I wasn't exactly 'Mister Nice Guy', either." An apologetic glance was cast Flo's way.

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"No," Flo answered readily, shaking her head. Curls danced along the line of her shoulderblade and she thought briefly of how much relief she felt now - the physical pressure lifted off her small frame.

"I'm glad we got this sorted out, though. I think I would have cracked." She pressed her lips together ruefully and glanced to Jess, eyes smiling.

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"Same here," admitted Jess, shyly. Shyly? Flo would bury up and old feeling he hadn't shown for years almost every time they saw each other.

Jess' eyes found the clock above the SmartBoard and he realized they had been talking much longer than he anticipated. He was supposed to go meet a friend about something in his room.

"I need to get going, but I'm glad we talked. Catch you later?"

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"If you can catch me," Flo replied with a quiet smile. She stepped forwards to perch a kiss on his cheek, touching his arm for a moment before stepping away.

"Later, Jess." Her accent came out in a drawl as her long fingers waggled in a goodbye wave.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 386 comments Kloe sat perched in a seat, fingers drumming against the hard wooden desk. She was looking into an English book, eyebrows knitted together in concentration. She had been sitting like this for almost an hour.

Groaning, Kloe set the book aside, rubbing her eyes since they hurt from staring at the pages for so long. She strained and unstrained her eyes, blinking to ease the pain. Dipping into a nice pool sounded good at the moment, but she stayed put. Learning English was more important than swiming.

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Y ahora para más inglés.
Gracie was sulky about her few meetings with people--and failure at English. Whenever anyone spoke to her in English, she was paralyzed instantly. She just stammered. [That actually happened to me.]

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 386 comments [:( *huggle*]

Kloe looked up, noticing the dark skinned girl, who also look upset about the classroom. "Hi," she said, which was one of the few words she knew in English.

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"Hello," said Gracie timidly. To her delight, she didn't look gringo or Northern at all. "Habla español?" she asked in a whisper.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 386 comments Kloe frowned, shaking her head slowly. "Jammer."

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Gracie paused in shock, then answered, "That's Spanish. I only know Spanish. I also happen to know French, but that's it."

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 386 comments "Afrikaans," Kloe replied helplessy, waving her hands in an apologetic geature.

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"Oh, I can't talk Afrikaans...nothing else? Italian, amybe? Portuguese?"
Gracie knew the hopelessness of living somewhere where she couldn't be understood. She needed help.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 386 comments Kloe's frown deepened. With sad eyes, she shook her head. "No, Afrikaans."

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"I'm sorry." Gracie sighed. "Graciela Suárez,"she said, offering her hand.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 386 comments "Kloe," she countered with a warm smile. Her dark hand gripped a lighter one, and shook it.

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[Slightly lighter.]

"From Venezuela," she added vaguely.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 386 comments [Well, she's pretty black, I guess, but yeah, her's is a little ligter.]

"Africa," Kloe replied. She ran a hand through her bright red hair, draggin it in front of her face so she could study it.

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Jo (Penname8) | 3172 comments Mod
"Africa? Where in Africa?" she asked interestedly.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 386 comments "Kenya, there is a big villiage there." Kloe used her arms to demonstrate big.

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