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Stephanie Plum and her relationship with Morelli and Ranger.
Adrienne Testa Adrienne Jul 28, 2011 11:36AM
When the sexual relationships are removed, what relationship is seen between Stephanie and Morelli. And, Stephanie and Ranger.
After re reading the Plum series for an Amazon discussion group. I have to wonder what relationship is there between Morelli and Stephanie. At the end of book one, Morelli asks Stephanie: after all these years do you think we could be friends. In book two; Stephanie can not fully trust Morelli because he holds back information. In book three: Stephanie states in her thoughts, she has unfinished business with Morelli. What relationship do you see Stephanie and Ranger having?

i think that Stephanie and Morelli should get together. he obviously loves her and wants to be with her, and i also think that Morelli has a bad ass side to him which also makes him a little dangerous and sexy. i have to admit though that Ranger is pretty sexy and it is good to see Stephanie with Ranger sometimes, but i think it would be better if Stephanie and Morelli got together.

The dynamic is different with both men. Ranger is the bad boy, the one that makes Stephanie's knees wear but she's too much of an ass to actually let something happen. Morelli is a decent guy. He's a cop and he obviously loves her.

I've never really been able to figure out why she just keeps going round and round with these two guys.

To be perfectly honest I have been less than impressed with these books the last few years. LOL, but I do keep reading them for entertainment for some reason :)

I like that Morelli is the once unattainable guy who is finally succumbing to the zany powers of Stephanie. It lends to the air of how wonderful Stephanie and her personality is. He has human qualities about him that make him vulnerable to Stephanie. I like that. To me, Ranger is the god-like unattainable man that all women secretly crave. If he succumbed to Stephanie and ended up asking her to marry him, it would take away from his mystique. I think the dalliance between the two men makes it possible for the author to continue the story for as long as she has. Some people critique Janet Evanovich for that saying enough already while for me, that's what makes the story great. I love the humor and the fun of the books. They are one of the few books that make me laugh out loud. I say keep 'um coming, Janet. I love Stephanie and her indecision between two incredible men!

Morello is currently marriage material (as of book 17) but Ranger may become marrying material. Besides, Ranger is sexy as hell. At this stage, my vote is for Morelli for marriage, but that may change. Ranger is still my favourite though. And Lula. She's my absolute favourite.

I certainly am pro-Ranger, and agree that Morelli is too controlling, I seem to remember that Steph and Ranger have had sex at least once, and that was cool. I get bored with Morelli and his sex, sex,sex.

I would say that Stephanie and Morelli are friends but not very close or good friends. Sure they do some small favors for each other but Joe doesn't support her choice of job and some of the people she is friends with. He also tricks her into giving him information that she has collected that he uses to try and solve cases but he doesn't give her any credit, just criticism.

Ranger and Stephanie's friendship developed from their respect of each other and that blossomed into loyalty and trust. They bring out the best in each other.

Susie Schroeder I think Steph loves both of them in her own fashion. But I get the feeling that J.E. likes both of them too much to let Steph settle on just one. It c ...more
May 13, 2014 12:30PM

I really want her to get with Ranger!! I know it isn't going to happen, but still. You can tell she wants to and flirts with that dangerous side alot. I am only on 7 and really looking forward to the rest. She is a very easy character to relate to. Even if she is a bounty hunter and I couldn;t be further from that!

I've read up to book eighteen. I am personally all for Stephanie exploring a relationship with Ranger. He is the ultimate dream man, which is why I think she should take a chance on him. I love the series and am looking forward to reading #18 and beyond.

Im pro-Ranger. He accepts Stephanie and all her zaniness for what it is. His mellow, where stephanie lives a very hectic life. They compliment each other in other words. Morelli and Stephanie will eventually end up together though. Face it blue collar type of guy, he has a blue collar job, a nice house, a dog....come on it seems to be writte. In the stars that steph, and Morelli end up together. I have to agree with most of you though the series is getting really, really long, and Steph just seems to be edging around the issue of who she'll be with.

Susie Schroeder You really hit the nail on the head, Lena. I really, really like how Ranger accepts Stephie for what she is: a space cadet, and one I would love to ha ...more
May 13, 2014 12:39PM

I think Ranger would have a problem with Stephanie being a bounty hunter if they were in a serious relationship. In the later books Ranger has become so protective over Stephanie, granted she just rolls with it.

I would pick Ranger... Stephanie has tried to have a relantionship with Morelli several times and it has not worked out. Why not try having one with Ranger? I think her and Ranger are more suited for each other.

I just finished book 16 where Stephanie and Morelli were on a break and she nearly gave in to Ranger. The best part for me was that Ranger told Stephanie he loved her. That's huge for Ranger. But, in the end it seems like Morelli is the guy. I'm two books behind, so things may have changed since then. But, mostly I think Morelli is the main guy and the one Stephanie will eventually decide on. Which is fine with me, because then I can Ranger all to myself. LOL

Barbara (last edited Jun 24, 2015 06:56AM ) Jun 24, 2015 06:46AM   0 votes
Like any book series, there are better and worse books, I got bored with the plots for a while. But then they picked back up. The characters and comedy still rocked all the way through.The tension between the two relationships keeps the books fresh. Ranger is my guy. But I am not Steph. Keep up the great work JE!

I think that Stephanie and Morelli are destined to be together. Over the 16 books (I haven't read 17 yet) it seems that they are more compatible than her and Ranger. At least they can live together and have
good chemistry.

Ranger would never be available for a long term relationship. Which brings me to why Stephanie doesn't sleep with Ranger while she iss off with Morelli. I think he would make her forget about Morelli in a heartbeat.

I would just like to say...I'm Pro-Ranger.

Agreed. It's so hard to pick between the two, but since she keeps trying it with Morelli, why not just try with Ranger :). I'm all for Ranger, logic and reasons aside.

I really adore how much I laugh out loud with this series. I too have just had tears coming down my face imagining all these situations gone wrong.

Does anyone have suggestions for other series that are as funny?

I think that all Morelli thinks about with her is sex, sex, and getting naked and change your job. I think Ranger really cares for her, yes he thinks about that too, but he also comforts her than Morelli does. Morelli is like "Cupcake, its all right. Lets have sex" Ranger holds her while she cries and tries to help. I I think they would have a more functional relationship.

It is hard to decide between both of these men. I read everyone's comments and I can see it all. I am enjoying this series so much. I have laughed until tears are going down my face, but so hooked that as soon as I finish reading one book I have to grab the next one. I am on book #12 now.

i really want Steph and Ranger to end up together but you can tell its not going to happen and she's going to end up with Morelli. But it is defiantly time to end the series, JE should just relize that she's dragging on with her writing and the characters are going nowhere! i mean its the longest series ever!

im only just finished book 10 but i personly don't like Morelli, but i do love Ranger, plus he's never judged or wanted to change Stephanie.

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