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Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 379 comments Mod
***SPOILER WARNING***: These book club discussion questions on The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1) by James Dashner contain details about the book. Finish the book before reading on.

The Maze Runner discussion question questions
1.The Maze Runner is often compared by critics to The Hunger Games. What similarities did you see between the two books? How were they different? Which book did you prefer?

2.The author gives readers information about life in the Glade very slowly and in small bits, keeping readers in the dark for much of the book. Why do you think Dashner chose to tell the story this way? Were you frustrated by the lack of information?

3.Why did the Creators to wipe the boys’ memories before sending them to the Glade?

4.Residents of the Glade developed their own, unique way of speaking over time. Why did they develop their own words to describe everyday objects and experiences? Did the Gladers’ language affect your reading of the book? How?

5.The residents of the Glade are teenage boys and they have no adult supervision, but they spend their days diligently working in their assigned areas. Why are they so responsible?

6.Why were there only boys in the Glade until Teresa arrived? Why did the Creators add Teresa to the group?

7.What was Thomas’ connection to Teresa?

8.The Runners continued to explore the Maze every day, despite the fact that they hadn’t found a way out in over two years. Why did they keep running the maze and making maps?

9.Describe the Grievers. What purpose did they serve in the Maze?

10.What happens during the Changing? How are the victims different once they’ve been through the Changing?

11.What did Gally see during his Changing?

12.Do you think the memories the Grievers’ victims recover during the Changing are true? Why or why not?

13.What were the Creators hoping to accomplish with the experiment? Were their actions justified by the circumstances caused by the Flares?

14.Who were the people who rescued the Gladers from the Creators? Were they good or evil?

15.Are you planning to read the sequel? Why or why not?

message 2: by Steph (new)

Steph | 13 comments 1. While I was reading Maze Runner, it did remind me of Hunger Games. I see it as the male version of Hunger Games. I liked Hunger Games better. Maybe HG's lead being a female is the reason why.
It also felt like HG because it focused on a group of teenagers "surviving" in an environment that was completely created. There were the Creators who watched and took notes, almost like they enjoyed torturing the kids. The kids had to do "super-human" things to stay alive.

2. Yes, there were times I wanted to know. I was Thomas, needed all questions answered and more. However, I think me (the reader) experienced Thomas situation a little more. We could identify with his frustration when things weren't answered and his curiosity.

3. Great question

4. The language did not effect my experience in a negative way. It was part of the book. I think they developed their lingo to make the place theirs.

5. They are responsible, because they are intelligent. Most kids want to be told what to do. They like order. The leaders of the Glade created that atmosphere with daily routines.

6. Another great question. She was a catalyst.

7. Maybe bro and sis or lovers. Since they are so young, I'm thinking bro and sis.

8. Hope. Once you give up, there is no reason to live.

9. I think the grievers injected the Clank (?). Or, they were there for fear.

10. The serum that they are giving during the changing causes them to remember and/or see the future. I think it's a side effect of the medicine. It may also be a way for the Creators to "see" into their brains.

11. I think he saw what the world was like outside of the Maze. He also saw how things would pan out.

12. The memories are true.

13. Well, I'm not 100% sure what they were trying to do. It seemed like they were looking for a cure, maybe. That part is a little fuzzy to me. There were comments that made it seem like they were being tortured more than probably necessary. So, no, I do not think they were justified. They were treating them like rats in an experiment. If they didn't kill them off, then I would have felt like it was just.

14. I will keep my comments to myself since I've already started reading Torch, the 2nd book.

15. Yes, because I read the first 2 chapters (smart of them to put it in the back) and I'm hooked. Don't know if I would've read it if it wasn't there.

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