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message 1: by Yum-Yum the Warrior, The one who likes the guys she can't have (CHRIS COLFER) (new)

Yum-Yum the Warrior | 329 comments Mod
Anyone's signed up yet? What do you think it'll be?

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) I've signed up. I thought it was going to be an awesome RPG, but it turns out it's going to be a bit like a wikipedia for Harry Potter. J.K's going to put in character histories or something, revealing stuff never-before-seen.

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What is it??

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) *Sara* I'm back! wrote: "What is it??"

Go to

J.K Rowling wanted the whole Harry Potter film series to be all wrapped up before writing anything new. And, of course, us Harry Potter fans would not be able to do well with that. So she made Pottermore. There should be a nice Youtube video of her's explaining it. And then, I don't think any of her writing will come out for at least another year or two.

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Alright thanks

Wait! Shebis writting another HP book!?!?!?

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Yes, but probably not from Harry's view. I think she'll continue to right the information books, like Magical Beasts and Where To Find Them Was published, and she's written a few others.

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Oh yea I rember those book, the Tales of Beatle the Bard qnd the quidditch one

Did I spell 'quidditch' right

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Omg! Like have it be from maybe James Potter's point of view or one of his friends?

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) That would be cool. But she would have to do a TON of referencing.

I've always wondered exactly what Snape was thinking, so maybe him.
Or, she could do it the way other people write books. One chapter from "bob's" point of view, another chapter from "Greg's" point of view. She could do Wormtail, Padfoot, Moony, Prongs, and Snape. I think thats a bit too many people, though.

message 10: by Yum-Yum the Warrior, The one who likes the guys she can't have (CHRIS COLFER) (new)

Yum-Yum the Warrior | 329 comments Mod
Prongs, Moony and Snape.

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Lol that would be........

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Yum-Yum the Warrior wrote: "Prongs, Moony and Snape."

Yes, I like that group. Because I have to see what transforming is like from Lupin's point of view. Then, maybe when he's in werewolf form, the font of the text can be different!

But, if they have to shorten it, it would have to be Prongs and Snape, and then just Prongs. Mostly because we've seen a good amount of Snape's past, and not much from Prong's.

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Prongs is....who again?

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Right sorry i totally forgot

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What if they it the books from Sirus Black's point of view!?

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Yea! We don't know much about Sirus just his brother was a Death Eater, he ran away at one point. Imangine that from his point of view!?!?!?!?

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) I'd rather know more about James, but yes, that would be cool. When he ran away, he went to James' house. He was 16, I think. So, if it was from James' view, we would still have some cool stuff on Sirius.

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