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message 1: by Lenore (new)

Lenore Wolfe | 64 comments Mod
I need Indie authors who would like to list their books on my sites for free. Here are the sites. Please send your book and book teaser, trailer codes, if you have them, a pic of you, or author logo, your author bio and all links to sites where you want readers to find you. I will also be blogging about some of your books, but not all, due to time, on these sites corresponding blogspot sites:) But I will list them all, according to the genre site they fall under:)

Also, if you send me the links to your blogs, I'm working on listing these:)


All Genre

All Warrior Themes

I'm also working on 2 other sites


an all para site/ sci-fi/fantasy

so go ahead and send for these as well:)

Please send these to their corresponding email address. For the sites I'm working on, please send them to Triquetra Press:) Link back to me if you can. This benefits us all:)

message 2: by Stephanie (last edited Jul 29, 2011 12:26PM) (new)

Stephanie Judice (StephanieJudice) Hi, Lenore. Thank you for this opportunity. However, where exactly do we send our info. Here? Or, by email? I'm a bit confused with so many links. Thanks.

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