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Pola Nice question! I think that it was done on purpose because at some point Frederick is told that Anne received a marriage proposal from Mary's, her sister's, husband and she refused.. So I think that Anne acted liked that driven by her love for Frederick..

Katie The impression that I got was that while both believed that they had lost the other forever, neither could bring themselves to love another or to marry for anything but love, at least up to this point (it does seem that at least Frederick is trying, and perhaps succeeding, to convince himself that he must marry anyway). While this is not *directly* choosing not to marry because of their love for one another, it is *indirectly* doing so, because it is the fact that they are still in love with one another that is making it impossible for them to fall in love with anyone else, even if they are not always aware of it or thinking about it at that moment.

Leslie Their love for each other is definately why neither married. Sigh.

Andrea Elizabeth wrote: "I've recently been discussing a point about Persuasion and I would like your input:

Were Anne and Frederick faithful to one another purposely or only by chance?

The reason I ask is that I per..."

I think both arguments hold their validity. However, I like to think that the first is the reason they remained faithful to one another. I never doubted Anne, because she could have had someone else (Charles or even Mr. Eliot) if she had so wished. Frederick also could have met a charming French girl while overseas and married her, but obviously his experience with Anne resurfaced from time to time and maybe made him think twice. He even admits to wanting to return to her after he got back from the war, but pride stopped him.

Veronica Steiger-Gaboury I agree that I think they were faithful because they couldn't love another, their love for one another was still too raw. But I'm currently rereading it, so I'll dig deeper as I read. ;)

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