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Elizabeth Hopefully there are other people on this site that love the Pellinor books as much as I do!!

Anyway, to business: The Singing is coming out soon (as in March 2009 soon) and I wanted to know if any other people who like/love/live on the Pellinor books have anything that they would like to say about the upcoming final book (i.e., theories, ideas, things that you would like to see happen, etc.) I hope that you all have great ideas!

Amanda Is it in fact going to be the final book? Are we sure about that?

Also, while I hope this one moves along a little bit more than The Crow. I liked the book, but there were points where it just dragged.

It will be nice to get the two threads of the story back together.

Tien It's definitely the final book (I've got & read it)

Sarah hopefully its about Maerad not Hem, i mean i like Hem but id perfer to hear about Maerad

Brooke Anderson if you cant wait until may next year I found out its possible to buy it off of right now. At least I know I can't wait that long =).

Riley I got the book off Amazon and I'm reading it now. It's really good so far.

Elizabeth I just finished it. Epic. Awesome. I don't want to spoil anything!!

Brooke Anderson I finished reading it also it was really good but there were one or two things that I wanted to happen differently but it was by far the best series I have ever read

Wendy I saw on Barnes& that it's scheduled for Feb 24th. I hope that's true because I'm ready to catch up with Cadvan and Maerad!

Melissa Tufo I read the first two books a long time ago, and have still yet to read the third one (I was a little put off when I heard it was about Hem, as I was probably a little too eager to read more about Maerad and Cadvan XD), but I'm going to re-read and read them all at some point to prepare myself for the fourth. I actually have forgotten quite a lot about the story, so I'm sure it'll be fun reminding myself of why I loved it so much when I first read it :)

Amanda I just finished it over the weekend, and it was thoroughly satisfying! Very enjoyable series, which I will eventually re-read, as it is good enough to merit repeating every so often :) I agree with Brooke above in that there were a couple things I wanted to play out differently (no spoilers here!), but overall, definitely two-thumbs up!!

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Meme I loved all of these books and have read them several times. I am currently rereading the naming :)

Niels great books, loved them.

06lindseyl I just finished the singing yesterday for the 2nd time and i absolutly LOVE, the series, i talk about it so much that most of my friends have started reading the series so they will know what i am talking about.

Jeanette I love these books so, so, so much. I don't particularly like the ending of the last one, however, because I kind of expected Maerad and Cadvan to go somewhere with their relationship. I MEAN, HE KISSED HER FACE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. A man shouldn't do that if he doesn't intend to ask a girl to be his wife. ._.

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