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Hey. I know, Camaryn, you were going to make a topic like this. But I decided to do it.

Anyway, this is where you emo teens can be yourselves and can express your problems, but no one will make fun of you.

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I hope the discussion title is alright. I couldn't come up with a better title.

K. Shizz™  {Turkish Delight}  ℂ⋆  (KShizz) Does it have to be emo only?

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I guess not even though that was the reason why the topic was made.

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I have a feeling no one else is going to post. I guess the most active people on here aren't emo or just not emo anymore.

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Oh well.

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Can't do anything about it. Just leave it open for people.

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Well what I meant that is was open for people to like if someone had a eating disorder here you go you can talk with someone that understands what your going's like group therapy that you don't have to pay for!!!

Hailey | 2523 comments That's pretty smart, Camaryn. :)

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Yep...coming from...someone...around...the age...of 10...not exactly 10 older but I'm not telling exactly how old I am. But I am older then 10. And emo. And may have an eating disorder.

Anony-miss a-non-y-miss | 357 comments I'm anemic, so sometimes I have trouble eating too. It REALLY sucks during my period, because I always feel like I'm going to be sick. But I don't have an eating disorder, and I will eat a ton during the winter.

I just had surgery yesterday, so now I have four holes in my mouth. Waking up from it was NOT fun ..

I'm openly bisexual. I dislike how a lot of people use the term freely. It's *okay* to say that you're "experimenting" or "questioning" or unsure about the type of people you like, yet it seems like people want to slap a label on everything. Now a lot of people think being bisexual is either a joke, for looking "trendy," or doesn't exist .. *sigh* :-/

I've also been Goth for about three years. You can ask me questions about that, too.

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Do you like being goth?

Anony-miss a-non-y-miss | 357 comments Yes. People bully me about it from time to time, but what they say is very unoriginal. I'm the the first one to be called "monster girl" or "freak" :-P

Or one time, three boys stood behind me when I was getting some spiral notebooks out of my locker and they all pointed and scoffed "gothic!" at me. It's like calling a banana a banana. Yeah .. I don't get it either. I thought to myself, "Well, congratulations Sherlock Holmes .. I'm a Goth, now what?" :-P

Hailey | 2523 comments Some people really have to get lives, and stay out of others.

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Hailey wrote: "Some people really have to get lives, and stay out of others."

@Hailey: True.
@Tenebris: Well, I think being gothic is cool. At one point, I wanted to be gothic also.

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments Tenebris in lux: i get bullied all the time.. i mean that literally i got bullied from the age of..... lets see.... 7. to now. and still im out of school but that does'nt stop people when i go out.

M'n'm | 4325 comments thats so sad, screw all those mother fuckers :(

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments I know, what can i do~? i mean im now 16.. so its been going on for years and i hate it...

M'n'm | 4325 comments well u can always move off when u get old enuf and start over sumwhere else

Anony-miss a-non-y-miss | 357 comments Most of those people aren't happy with themselves, or their ego is way too big for anyone's good. Just remember that most of the time people will try to bring you down if you are already above them.

Today was my first day of school and the same girls that threatened to beat me up came across me in the hallways and burst out laughing and pointing at me. Really .. I don't find this hurtful, just more or less annoying. And I still wish they never came into my life. But I've realized that they weren't good enough for me. And even if they also call me "fat ass" repeatedly, it doesn't really get to me. I'm not super insecure, although I did make the mistake of giving them attention ("i don't care about your opinion"). try not to feed the fire.

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments ^^ thats really good, im totally the ooposite if they call me names... i tend to let it go straight to my heart... sometimes i just get really annoyed and just oh well.. another day at school... i,ve left school but the memories never leave... sounds sad but you'll know that these things tend to stick with you rather than good memories.. :/

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M'n'm wrote: "well u can always move off when u get old enuf and start over sumwhere else"

M'n'm: How do you know she won't be bullied somewhere else?
Emm: You should stand up to them. If you don't, you may live your life like this.

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Emm wrote: "^^ thats really good, im totally the ooposite if they call me names... i tend to let it go straight to my heart... sometimes i just get really annoyed and just oh well.. another day at school... i,..."

Of course. It's same with me. I tend to remember the things I least want to remember.

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments Yeah, i have stood up to them before and it was awful... these 6th formers... 2 years older than me.. they were trying to push me down the corridor.. and we were coming up towards the stair case, i turned around and pushed this boy as hard as i could... he just laugh.. and threw something at me... :/ Yeah all i remember of school is getting bullied.. :( how depressing is that.

Anony-miss a-non-y-miss | 357 comments Ouch! Sometimes, when I stood up for myself, it made the situation worse .. :-/ But I knew I had to do it. And I don't punch. I usually just say something like "didn't need your opinion" or "I don't care" or something witty, maybe. Usually the people who bully me don't have the time to listen to sarcastic remarks on my part.

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments Yeah... sometimes... its more the case of if you stand up for yourself your more liekly just going to get laughed at... ;/ so on my last 2 years at skl i,ve learnt just to ignore them.. its much eaiser, they give up after 2-3 remarks.. :( Still i listen to what they say and still find it affensive.. it annoys me

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I guess that works- ignoring them- but their remarks being offensive.... Don't listen to them. It doesn't matter what they think.

I have been bullied. I am able to ignore to them, but of course my self-consienceness keeps me from standing up to them.

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments Yeah, i dont care anymore.. the only agro i get now is just staring... but i'll have to wait and see.. once im in college, if there will be bullies there or not.

Yeah, u kinder learn how to..

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What was the last part?

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments I said yeah, u kinder learn how to..

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Oh. So what's college supposed to be like?

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments What you mean? its basically the place we go after school... to get more qualifications... :)

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I can't imagine college- let alone high school.

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments Its quite different to your education and ours... how long do u stay in school for? up to wat age?

Rebecca High school till 17/18 then University or College if you choose it or apprenticeships

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You mean middle school? 3 years. Up to about age 14.

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments Simular then, pretty much the same.. we tend to leave 16/17. and go to college or start work. ... as i was saying before i dont know if people at college will be any different.. if they will say things or not.

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It's interesting. I've never heard of going to college at age 16/17. Except for my dad who skipped eighth grade.

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments Yeah, we're pretty young when we go to college, and theres the other option of 6th form, have you heard of that?

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No. What is it?

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments Its like college, you get to stay for another year or 2 years at your school, and do A levels and its basically the same as college just the fact that you can stay in school instead of going somewhere new.

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Why is it called that?

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments I dont no... something made up i guess

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How's summer? Nothing much is going on.

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments Lets say englands getting the worst summer in the centry... :/ No sun nothing to do!.... Hell

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I heard something about a riot in England on the television. What's going on?

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments Oh yeah that was like a week or so ago... Mainly in london and kent area's where i live... it got real close to me.. Really bad.

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What happened to cause it?

Emm (Emmatebby) | 56 comments its all to do with our goverment, and how there leaving us kids to live with no money... and the police dont treat us right, they killed this boy .. and his family started it =... more and more people joined.. untill it was just out of control

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Violence is never a way to right what someone else did.

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