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Sam (Sayomay) | 5 comments I dont know if this is the right place or not but the time I was starstruck was a few years ago when I saw this boy. Just looking at him sent shivers down my body. I was totally starstruck. Everyday I would look for him and I would always get that same feeling.
I finally had the courage to talk to him, and we started hanging out. To my utter joy he told me that he had a big crush on me. I was on cloud 9! But not too long he pressured me for sex and then ignored me when I didnt comply. When I finally did though he stopped being sweet and wanted sex all the time. I later found out that he was seeing a LOT of other girls.
Least to say it hurt a lot. But I have healed and moved on. That conculeds the tale of me being starstruck and it ending pretty bad.

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