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Maggie-Now was a very interesting book from Betty Smith who is most known for her book 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.' Personally, Maggie-Now is my favorite. It tells the story of a few generations highlighting on major events. Patrick, called Patsy, was a young man going out with Margaret Rose but could not marry because his mother forbid him to marry and leave her alone just as her other children had done. Margaret Rose' brother Big Red heard of Patsy not marrying his sister and beat him up. Patsy then ran away from the conflict to start a new life. Patsy soon found out Maggie Rose married someone else and had children. I believe this major event caused Patsy to become bitter for the rest of his life and was known to be a pessimist and always grouchy. He married a plain woman named Mary. Mary loved him but Patsy was indifferent. They had a baby and Mary named their baby girl Magrgaret after the Margaret that he fell in love with before he met Mary. Mary had trouble with the birth and was told another baby could kill her. She loved children and decided to try for another. She gave birth to Dennis but died after giving birth. Patsy realized he did love her and felt shameful for spending years making her believe she was not loved. Margaret, called Maggie-Now was old enough to care for the baby and was a great mother. There was talk that she was too young to have given birth and people thought badly of her when in fact Dennis was not her own. Maggie-Now met a traveler named Claude. They fell in love and got married. She was not fortunate to have her own child with him but took in foster children and was very content because being a mother was her true talent. Claude was a very sketchy guy. He left his wife when the winds became cold and would come back when spring was near. Maggie-Now had no idea why and would cry for weeks. For years this routine took place. When he came back she asked no questions for she was too happy to have him back but she knew he would leave again when the winds became cold. Claude died of a heart attack and left his wife alone with her married brother and no children of her own.

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