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message 1: by Becky, AwesomeOne (new)

Becky (MissFooFoo) | 4248 comments Mod
Have your say!

message 2: by Sarah, The Random Nerd (new)

Sarah (agentsd) | 11810 comments Mod
We should all just talk about our feelings.

Unfortunately, the world doesn't work that way where everyone can discuss their differences in a civil manner. So there's war.

If only everyone wasn't so power-hungry... Obviously, no one likes war.

However, I like Battle: LA. That's a movie, though. ;)

message 3: by Becky, AwesomeOne (new)

Becky (MissFooFoo) | 4248 comments Mod
I think war is horrific!

message 4: by Sarah, The Random Nerd (new)

Sarah (agentsd) | 11810 comments Mod
Yeah. :(

Val (TheAngryTurtle) War is pointless and just to get money, oil, workers, and to "save" people from their culture. War is very childish and is like a kid hitting another for having his own crayons or something.

message 6: by Sarah, The Random Nerd (new)

Sarah (agentsd) | 11810 comments Mod
So true...

Val (TheAngryTurtle) Yay :)

I'm liking you more Sarah!

message 8: by Becky, AwesomeOne (new)

Becky (MissFooFoo) | 4248 comments Mod
War is not needed!

Gabby (Gabby123) | 853 comments Despite what the governments might think, war is such a brutish and stupid solution to our problems. Why should we fight and have thousands of our people die? And for what? A stupid argument over oil or something?

message 10: by Becky, AwesomeOne (new)

Becky (MissFooFoo) | 4248 comments Mod
I know!

bobby joe (bobe1234) | 26 comments I think the United States should really start to focus on problems here rather than in other places because true fact

United states is lowest in Reading, Math, Science, History, Language, and common sense skills but highest in Self Confidence.

We should leave the middle east alone and try to work out our problems with education, health care, Gay rights, Border control, national debt (most of these problems are DUE TO WARS!)

bobby joe (bobe1234) | 26 comments except maybe Gay rights yeah...

Gabby (Gabby123) | 853 comments And I think Australia needs a better government. I mean, all of our polititions are just corrupt and stupid! Well, maybe not all of them, but honestly, they don't seem to be doing a very good job of running our country. I mean, our premier (head of state), built a football field...in the middle of the recession. Why??????

message 14: by Becky, AwesomeOne (new)

Becky (MissFooFoo) | 4248 comments Mod
I HATE JULIA GILLARD! Her accent is enough to drive anybody CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny | 30 comments I support homosexual right. There's nothing wrong of homosexuality, though - do not mistake me, I am NOT one of them.

War is indeed foolish. The leaders gain most benefit from wars, while people spill their own blood fighting for them.
I think rather than US focusing on other country's problem, the country has to solve the problems by itself. After all, it's the country's problems, not US's.

By the way, I dislike some of Julia Gillard's policies. Ane although I'm not an Australian, I do believe the government need to be changed. The health care still has lots to be improved, and the education system, too, especially Queensland's. But really, this is not up to me.

Gabby (Gabby123) | 853 comments Yes, you are completely right, our government really needs to step up, because the efforts they're making at the moment? Not enough

message 17: by Becky, AwesomeOne (new)

Becky (MissFooFoo) | 4248 comments Mod
I still hate Julia Gillard... anybody agree???

Gabby (Gabby123) | 853 comments Definitely. She's just so...ANNOYING!

Jenny | 30 comments I disapporve the flood ivey. But are we really talking about war or the administration?

Gabby (Gabby123) | 853 comments I think both!

message 21: by Becky, AwesomeOne (new)

Becky (MissFooFoo) | 4248 comments Mod
Me too!

message 22: by Becky, AwesomeOne (new)

Becky (MissFooFoo) | 4248 comments Mod
War is horrid!

Maria I hate war!!
what makes me sick about that word is the fact that my 7th grade friend LAUGHS AT WAR she says things like "Hey Maria wouldn't it do so funny if we started a war and blew up the world?"

Jenny | 529 comments I agree with all of you lovelies, but without war, who knows what today might look like? I'm not an expert with this war stuff or whatever, but I'm pretty sure that people fought over land so maybe without all the wars, the land would be owned by different people. Maybe where we live now would be a completely different place. I know wars are bloody and evil and all that, but what if we were all slaves...just a thought.

Frances (franswims) | 3421 comments I agree... Who knows what would've happened to where I live if the American Revolution hadn't happened!

Treasure Ducky (Ducky113) | 2639 comments War is what happens when someone gets mad at someone else who doesn't agree with them. War is what happens when someone tries to assert their authority and the only way they can make an impression is if they use force.

message 27: by Becky, AwesomeOne (new)

Becky (MissFooFoo) | 4248 comments Mod
I'm glad I live in a country where I'm not afraid of any war or fighting starting

Ɓʟαcє (detonator) | 5482 comments I think war is just really stupid. Sure, you get to hash out your violent problems, but you just kill a lot of people and "win". But at what cost?

message 29: by Becky, AwesomeOne (new)

Becky (MissFooFoo) | 4248 comments Mod
So many people lose their lives.

Jessica (Goldenfurpro) (Goldenfurproductions) | 4901 comments You might be killing people on the other team, but people on your team are dying too.

Ɓʟαcє (detonator) | 5482 comments Exactly.

Frances (franswims) | 3421 comments I think that most war is preventable however in some situations it is used correctly. I think that usually war is used after peaceful protest and negotiating fails.

Ɓʟαcє (detonator) | 5482 comments True.

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