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Jennifer Smith | 3 comments So, I just finished the Twilight series. I enjoyed the books, but not as much as Mortal Instruments. Has anyone else read them, and if so, what did you think?

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* I like the Twilight books. But I think I like the Mortal Instruments better ... they're more fast paced, and I think the characters are a little more interesting.

 *Euphoria* (LadyKati) I have read both series. I like both. Actually, I became a little obsessed with Edward and Bella, after I read them, but the Shadowhunters helped cure my obsession. I found out about The Mortal Instruments through Stephanie Meyer chose City of Bones as one of her book club recommendations for the site. There is a forum there devoted to The Mortal Instruments. That being said. I am in love with the characters from Cassandra's books. I feel that they have more depth than any of Stephenie's characters (although I do love them as well, and if Midnight Sun is ever finished then the characters may show more depth through Edward's insights.)

I really like the Shadowhunters concept. I also like that the books tell one story. Meaning there is one bad guy throught out the series, Valentine. He reminds me of that other character with the "V" name. Okay I'll say it Voldemort. I feel that all of the Twilight saga could almost be stand alone books. They would just need a little bit of revisions. Where as The Mortal Instruments can not.

Anyways, in short, I liked them both and am counting down until I find out about the truth about Jace and Clary. I may find The Mortal Instruments to be a little bit more intriging than Twilight. The verdict is still out.

Sorry it is so long.

Dais | 35 comments I am a huge twilight fan and i've only read city of bones. i really want to read city of ashes. i loved city of bones i finished it in one day and THATS A LONG BOOK lol. city of bones attracts my attention more than twilight did, but i fell in love with the charaters of twilight first so yeah. if they were to make a movie for this series though i would so totally go watch it.

DemonKitty003 (VampirePrincess) | 16 comments The Mortal Instruments series!!!!! love it!!! lol i like Twilight but i couldn't stand Bella. She really got me yelling at the book like ever 5 SECONDS!!! ugh but i like the Cullen family^^ there my favorite type of family of vampires lol. So yea Mortal Instruments i would have to say. Not counting my other vampire series that i have read :P got to love vampire lol^^

Ana | 9 comments The Mortal Instruments without a doubt. I enjoyed Twilight but nearly as much as these.

Jenny (pinklilly) thats a hard choice to make they are both awesome books

Alicia | 47 comments No i would have to go with the Mortal Insturments... i started reading Twilight and couldn't even get through the first half of the book. When books start getting boring half way through the book then i just put it down. The book needs to be interesting all the way through. Unlike Twilight, City of Bones and City of Ashes kept me reading and i became obsessed thinking about the book almost all the time. During school i tried reading my book through classes but didn't really succeed. The answer is deffinetally Mortal Instruments!!!!!!!! DUH!!

Jennifer Smith | 3 comments I'm with you guys. I found Bella to be just too whiny. Clary is way tougher. I think all the Mortal Instruments characters are more believable. The story lines in both kept me interested, but I think Twilight tends to drag sometimes. And the Clary/Jace conundrum is definitely a hook that keeps you interested! It's funny how that relationship almost feels incestuous, even though hopefully it won't be; and the Bella/Edward relationship feels almost inappropriate because of the age difference, even though physically they're the same age.

Alicia | 47 comments EXACTLY!!!!

Leesa (LUVLEE) | 4 comments Okay I have to speak up here. Sorry I haven't even introduced myself yet, but I will.-I promise right after this.

Alicia -if you got totally obsessed over COB and COA, than you definitely need to give TWILIGHT another try. I promise you girl, you won't regret it. I looooooved TWILIGHT. I still get obsessed, every time I watch a new movie clip. Ahhhhhh! I litereally go crazy!

In my opinion Twilight and CoB/CoA are neck to neck. I loooooove Jace and Clary. I looooooove how Cassandra Clare writes too. She keeps the action going from beginning to end. I can't wait until March, when we all find out how it ends. Jace and Clary all the way!

Alicia | 47 comments ok i'll try it again... but i'm not sure i'll like it any more then CoB and CoA...

Leesa (LUVLEE) | 4 comments Oh good Alicia, you won't regret it. Just make sure you go into it with an open mind. If you tell yourself you're not going to like it, than you won't. So keep that in mind.

Let me know when you finish and don't give up on it. Finish it, please.

Alicia | 47 comments ok i just need to finish the book i'm on and then i'll read that one...

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* I think it really depends on your taste. Some ppl love Twilight, others find it boring. idk. i love it, but i see how some ppl could find it dull.

Alicia | 47 comments yeah... but i'm re-trying...i 'm on like page 179 now so... yeah

Alicia | 47 comments hey... Leesa... i finished reading Twilight... it took me a while but that's b/c i've been busy... so it was alright... it helped a bit knowing what the characters looked like i guess but if you got that anxious and excited over the Twilight movie imagine how it would be if City Of Bones had a movie too... now that would be really COOL!!!

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omg i read twight and well i like both but maybe i like The Mortal Instruments a little more than twilight pus the ruien the movie

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* my friend told me that there's a mortal instruments movie in, like, england or something???

Alicia | 47 comments WHY DON'T THEY FREAKIN' BRING IT HERE!!!! UGH...

 *Euphoria* (LadyKati) It might not be the same thing though.

Alicia | 47 comments true... but still...

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ya they should the movie gots to be awsome but then again they might ruin it like other movies that have books to it but i wish i could see the movie

Alicia | 47 comments yea... me too... *sigh* haha

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the movie gots to mausome and ya thats a big sigh i can't see it i wish i could

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* hmm. nothing about it on imdb.

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oh i will keep trying and i know i will tell u

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Sophie Riggsby (SophieRiggsby) I read Ladykati's post and it said everything and more for me. I loved Twilight, well, mostly Edward who is one of those once-in-a-lifetime characters for an author. Stephenie Meyer developed him well.

But, MI's characters are well developed almost from the get-go. I mean even the supporting characters, Magnus comes to mind, are fully fleshed out.

And yes, I agree with Ladykati on the one nemesis - Valentine - throughout the trilogy. It does bring to mind that other V-villian from the movies. One who was also a father. And based on that very movie's plot, the term "sister kiss" was developed (at least I think that's where the term originated). I like that Cassandra gives a nod to that alongside her Shakespearean, mythological and other literary references.

But for with Twilight, I've discovered you either lovelovelove it or just think it's alright.

And just to add that yes, I agree a COB/COA movie would be very cool indeed.

 *Euphoria* (LadyKati)


"It does bring to mind that other V-villian from the movies. One who was also a father. And based on that very movie's plot, the term "sister kiss" was developed (at least I think that's where the term originated)."

What charater are you talking about? I have never heard the term "sister kiss", please enlighten me.

Sophie Riggsby (SophieRiggsby) Darth Vader for the V.

And Luke and Laura's kiss in Star Wars IV is refered to as a "Sister Kiss". The big oops, from George Lucas because it was obvious he hadn't decided that they were siblings until after the first film was completed.

Alicia | 47 comments wow... that's interesting... i didn't know that.. haha

Sophie Riggsby (SophieRiggsby) I just figured that was a nod from Cassandra to Lucas. I'm hoping it's an OOOPS...but an intentional one.

Alicia | 47 comments haha

 *Euphoria* (LadyKati) that V thank you. I love vader. I didn't know that was considered the sister kiss but it mmakes sense.

Rees Oh people do not make me choose between them. Because I do have another love (V.A) ;)
But since I am here, I guess I better voice out my opinion.
They both have excellent qualities, ones that I'm sure many can agree with. However, The mortal instruments do involve around other things besides Vampires and true, requited love. In saying that, for those twilight fans out there I am not siding with either. I am just being a realist. The Mortal Instruments are more realistic, not perfection and destiny at its best. What I mean is, IMAGINE if Edward fell inlove with Bella and turns out they are "apparently" blood related. How would the story fare then.

All in all... Mortal instruments.. YOU KICK ASS ;)

Sophie Riggsby (SophieRiggsby) Nicely put poor Edward would need that complication on top of everything else he's trying to handle!!

Both stand on their own merits. I do prefer CC's writing style, however, just a smidge more.

Rees LOL thank you Sophie. (:

A tiny smidge indeed.

Sophie Riggsby (SophieRiggsby) Can't give up my Twi-Mom status completely...*grins*.

Rees LOL oh! you're part of twi-moms.!
Very cool Sophie ;)

Sophie Riggsby (SophieRiggsby) My cover has been disclosed *retreats quietly to her dark corner of the world* LOLz.

Rees Well yes, LOL
hurry off then. Your secret is safe ;)

I was re-reading COB yesterday and reliving Jace's arrogance and rudeness. sigh. it's very sexy.

Sophie Riggsby (SophieRiggsby) Have you tried the audiobook?? It's awesome. I've been listening to COB...and yes, his arrogance, rudeness, self-absorption...a very sexy combination...because we all know he's suffering as well.

Rees No I haven't actually!
Send me the link! (:

Sophie Riggsby (SophieRiggsby) It's on iTunes...but I borrowed the CDs from the that I am.

 *Euphoria* (LadyKati) Sophie wrote: "It's on iTunes...but I borrowed the CDs from the that I am."

I am the same Sophie. The library is great.

Sophie Riggsby (SophieRiggsby) I love it because I can then synch up to my iPhone and listen that way. I know, I am just getting into audiobooks. Sad, but true. I like my tactile hardcovers.

Amy | 10 comments Sophie, good idea. I will need to do that. :) More Jace and Clary till Mar 24th!!

Sophie Riggsby (SophieRiggsby) I know...the audiobooks are a nice way to help with the wait. And the narrator is really good.

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I like them both. But the difference is I only completely loved Twilight (out of that series and not saying I didnt like the rest) while I love both of the City of books. In some places Twilight is disconnected while the the City of books just sort of flow.
Sorry if that makes no sense, couldnt think of a better way to phrase it.

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