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there's one on fb called hunger games training days but wont work till september

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I don't know bout that but I do know that there are games elsewhere online.

Mariam of the Yemen (JacemineWayland) i know of 2 games but they were kind of boring, where r the games u know of?

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face books hunger games trainin days wont work until september what r the games u've played ps cant wait till the video game/s come out will be awsome

Shay well on scholastic they have the tribute trials, but its just like a quiz

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oh ive played that 1 yeah its stupid it said something good about every thing i said and then said i only had a 75 percent chance of living wonder how katniss lives with the horrors poor rue

Bridget (Americanxgirlxluvrx386) | 157 comments i keep trying to find games for the Hunger Games, but without sucess. i really want to try the one on fb in september though.

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What is the one on FB? I don't have one. And just type in "Hunger games,games" into the Google search box. You'll fund the quiz like game. On the one with all the pictures everywhere, I can't win! I think the most I got was a 92% I died.

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on fb type in hunger games training days and it wont work till september

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What is HG training days though?

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its about how u pick your district each one has its own advantage and u train get your score and eventually go into the arena that changes each time

Annie (AnnieIsCool13) | 24 comments Oh, the quiz one was boring.

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Amelia | 4 comments Yes at like or something.. I died. Hoorahh Hoorahh.

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Barbara or EndlesslySparkly | 1067 comments Mod
Faith wrote: "Will some of you guys join/cheeck out my group?

Thanks!! :D"

yo Faith we have a specific folder to advertise in,us mods wud appreciate it if u posted these in that folder instead than in various topics of ours.this will be the only warning if they continue then they will all be deleted.

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Florencia | 45 comments Someone post this in another group. I's a game where you can choose your tribute from the harry potter's books. It's a hunger games-harry potter mix. It's called The Potter games

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Laura  | 778 comments Mod
I've done the Potter Games--they're okay, but what I'm really wishing for is some kind of brief, one-shot videogame with 3-d graphics. That would be awesome.

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yeah like at a bookstore a simulater would b awsome

Madeline | 18 comments this games okay i guess

i died a lot... then i figured it out... then i forgot:(

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Barbara or EndlesslySparkly | 1067 comments Mod
Madeline wrote: "this games okay i guess

i died a lot... then i figured it out... then i forgot:("

just tried them,a alligator bit my wrists off,how predictable ehh?

Madeline | 18 comments lol i just got a knife in my back :((

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Barbara or EndlesslySparkly | 1067 comments Mod
lets see them compete in my HG roleplay games,we be boxin'!i mean come on,i made a spider goat on fire that had telekinesis...yep.

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ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the potter games werent bad

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i no rite

Tobias' Heart aka Ali  (TobiasHeart) | 61 comments yeah i like them but i stay with THG

Will *RAXICORICOEXPIALIDOCIOUS* | 1012 comments We have one here on Goodreads Hunger Games Roleplay!

Holly (Hollyyy) | 5 comments Well there's one on the hunger games offical site, i played it and won i was well happy hehe
there's the link do trial by fire i think.

Tobias' Heart aka Ali  (TobiasHeart) | 61 comments i died like 4 time in a row

Tobias' Heart aka Ali  (TobiasHeart) | 61 comments now at the kinda 9th time i won!!!!

Amma | 8 comments Has anyone else signed up for :D?
I guess it's one of those vague pottermore-type things but whatever, I'm in District 8... not bad ^^*.

Tobias' Heart aka Ali  (TobiasHeart) | 61 comments what's panemoctober?

Amma | 8 comments Something vague. I guess I'd just check out the site. After you register you get put in a district...

And take directly from the site:

"Panem October is an entirely-free, six-month, interactive, collaborative alternate-reality game based on the first of the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, launched in October 2011 in anticipation for the release of the upcoming Hunger Games film by Lionsgate.

This alternate-reality game blends fiction with reality by using multiple platforms to tell the story: such as using emails, text messages and phone numbers. As the users progress through the story, they will be introduced to new mediums and ways to experience the game.

The timeline for PanemOctober has been speculated through various blogs and social media outlets. We are confirming that the 74th Hunger Games will begin on March 23, 2012. Our goal is to keep the fans busy until the release of the upcoming film.

Users can expect to be incredibly busy from the beginning of October to the end of March. Every fan should be a part of PanemOctober, and look forward to working together – up until the very end.

This website is in no way affiliated with Scholastic, Lionsgate Films, Suzanne Collins or any Hunger Games-related affiliates. No copyright infringement is intended and any corporate onlookers should consider this free advertising for their product.

This game was created by the fans, for the fans."

Tobias' Heart aka Ali  (TobiasHeart) | 61 comments wow that's omg awesome

Amma | 8 comments Is it not ^^! Like, an actual on going thing~

Amma | 8 comments District 8 :D

Tobias' Heart aka Ali  (TobiasHeart) | 61 comments hey guys watch this

it so hilarious and dumb, lov the part where peeta appears

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theres a website called the capitle its not really a game though

Annie (AnnieIsCool13) | 24 comments The Potter Games were pretty fun!

Tobias' Heart aka Ali  (TobiasHeart) | 61 comments yeah i didn't finished any of the games i started

Hannah Cluver (smilestargirl13) | 96 comments Scholastic has a quizish thing that 's pretty fun

Tobias' Heart aka Ali  (TobiasHeart) | 61 comments oh and i won one games of hg

Annie (AnnieIsCool13) | 24 comments Hmmm... I didn't really enjoy the Scholastic Game.

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Bridget (Americanxgirlxluvrx386) | 157 comments Want a cool HG game?
Go to

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Yep. Panem October. I got Twelve there and I did a happy dance :)

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There are currently only two online The Hunger Games games. They can be found on this site:

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