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The One That I Want

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message 51: by Shanna (new)

Shanna | 8 comments No don't apologize I love getting recommendations. I haven't read any of those books. I tend to like my books "light and fluffy" I've read some Sarah Dessen/ Elizabeth Scott and didn't love it bc i don't really like reading about "issues". I want to just escape into a happy world. They sound cute. Reading the description for Crush Control made me laugh I'll have to check it out!

message 52: by Fred (new)

Fred (Flybrariman) | 37 comments I know what you mean about the issues thing, but sometimes I do like those, I have to admit. Crush Control will def be a good one for you, I think. Since you said you like recommendations, here's a couple more: Did you read Spoiled by Heather Cocks (there's a co-author, but can't remember her name), it's cute and funny, little drama but not the focus. Another book I really liked but didn't seem to catch on was called "Are You Going To Kiss Me Now?" It's about a girl who enters a 17 Magazine contest and wins a trip with a bunch of celebrities. When they crash on a desert island lots of hilarity and drama ensues. Its by Sloane Tanen. I liked some Elizabeth Scott - Perfect You, and Something, Maybe, but I get what you mean on the issues. Ok, one last one - Relatively Honest, by Molly Ringle. Hard to describe, it's a romance basically, from the guys point of view, but there's a bit of a twist that makes it a little off-beat. Ok, so nice to talk with you, have a great week, and happy Goodreads-ing!

message 53: by Lena ♫ ♪ , Jennifer's Personal Cheerleader (new)

Lena ♫ ♪  (Addicted2Novels) | 73 comments Mod
@Shana LOL, that's so funny that they thought you were just being coy and assuming you were just talking about a book you want instead of the title being The One That I Want.

I emailed B&N last week and still haven't heard back from them. I think Cindy said she had no problem downloading the preview (which is roughly 30 something pages), but still can't download the book. I'm still receiving the same error message as well. It will not download to my phone, nook, computer, life, etc.

I emailed Jen the issues we're having and sent her the link to this thread. She said she'll email the publicist and apologizes for all the issues. I feel so bad for her. When a book comes out, authors get totally hyped up and want to know what people think. They shouldn't have to deal with issues like readers not being able to download the book.

message 54: by Fred (new)

Fred (Flybrariman) | 37 comments Hey guys, I got a tweet from Jen that the prob was resolved, but I still couldn't download it. I chatted with B&N cust. service and they couldn't either, as per the following:

Melrose: You're welcome Fred. The book is already purchased but it is not download ding also. I am on the process of archiving it.

2:12:01 PM : Fred LeBaron: I think there's still a problem, although the author said B&N told her editor it was fixed. Sorry

2:12:36 PM : Melrose: Not a problem. We will forward this concern to our content team also so they can do a follow-up with the publisher of the book.

2:13:01 PM : Melrose: It is still not downloading after unarchiving.

2:13:20 PM : Fred LeBaron: that would be great, i know the publisher (simon & schuster) has been involved, they're the ones saying it's been fixed

2:14:01 PM : Melrose: It may take up to 14 days before we get any response from them regarding the problem.

2:14:23 PM : Fred LeBaron: sheesh. frustrating, especially since they charged my card back on 12/6

message 55: by Lena ♫ ♪ , Jennifer's Personal Cheerleader (new)

Lena ♫ ♪  (Addicted2Novels) | 73 comments Mod
UGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I freaking hate this!

message 56: by Princess Bookie (new)

Princess Bookie (babigurl1884) | 14 comments They had me try that archiving thing too, didn't work. I think its safe to say it probably won't be able until the 20th, the original release date. I am hoping the other one I ordered for that date, will also be available. it was a simonpulse comedy, it was the new niki burnham.

message 58: by Fred (new)

Fred (Flybrariman) | 37 comments That does sound good - the ole "fake girlfriend" gag - never gets old!

message 59: by Lena ♫ ♪ , Jennifer's Personal Cheerleader (new)

Lena ♫ ♪  (Addicted2Novels) | 73 comments Mod
That does sound cute! I like how all the S&S RomCom books are only being issued via eBooks. LET'S SAVE SOME TREES!

message 60: by Fred (new)

Fred (Flybrariman) | 37 comments I totes like the idea, except for that pesky downloading issue. But it is a good idea, in general. Hey, I finished Her & Me & You, it was actually pretty good, not quite as dark as Nothing Like You. Def kind of weird, though. Also short.

message 61: by Shanna (new)

Shanna | 8 comments I read under one of the comments that someone was able to dl the preview. So I tried it and got it no problem. You would really think if the preview doesn't have a problem the entire book wouldn't either. craziness!
This also goes for the fact that customer service told me the book wouldn't work for nook color (which still doesn't make any sense to me) but i would assume once this glitch is worked out it actually will work for my nook color considering i can read the preview.

message 62: by Fred (new)

Fred (Flybrariman) | 37 comments Makes sense!

message 63: by Princess Bookie (new)

Princess Bookie (babigurl1884) | 14 comments Ok seriously guys I am getting so sad. Fred, remember that new ebook I was excited for about Niki Burnham that comes out today? Now its totally gone off the amazon and barnes and noble website. what the heck? So in other words both ebooks I ordered are unatainable. Makes me not want to preorder any books again. so sad.

message 64: by Lena ♫ ♪ , Jennifer's Personal Cheerleader (new)

Lena ♫ ♪  (Addicted2Novels) | 73 comments Mod
OH NOES CINDY!!! That's awful. I wonder what happened. Did you try calling customer service?

message 65: by Princess Bookie (new)

Princess Bookie (babigurl1884) | 14 comments no, I'm not gonna waste my time on it. Last time I spent over 200 minutes on that phone with them and I only have 450 minutes a month on my cell phone so not even going to bother.

message 66: by Princess Bookie (new)

Princess Bookie (babigurl1884) | 14 comments Total: Between being put on hold and how they transferred me to different people. not even gonna try.....

message 67: by Princess Bookie (new)

Princess Bookie (babigurl1884) | 14 comments well, I just realized its the same book as, Shot Through The Heart, guess they renamed and gave a new description. (for untitled niki burnham romcom)

message 68: by Fred (new)

Fred (Flybrariman) | 37 comments Sheesh. I finally did get The One that I Want to download today, I resynced my Nook accout on my android tab and it finally worked. I hope your luck gets better with this Cindy!

message 69: by Lena ♫ ♪ , Jennifer's Personal Cheerleader (new)

Lena ♫ ♪  (Addicted2Novels) | 73 comments Mod
SOOOOO, who has read The One That I Want?!

I cheated. I called B&N and had them refund me, then I bought it through iTunes for my iPad. It downloaded instantly, lol. I hate reading books off the iPad (the light gives me a headache), but I'll do anything for Jen. ;-)

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