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message 1: by Amy-chan (new)

Amy-chan | 246 comments Make your ninja charrie here!

weapon of choice:

(did i miss anything?)

message 2: by Anarchy_Chaos!(Tyson), The Anime Freak! (new)

Anarchy_Chaos!(Tyson) | 267 comments Mod
Name: Sub-Zero
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Personality: Dark, Cruel, Hateful, Powerful, Strong, Smart, Athlectice, Fierce in battle, Quick, Cunning, Sly
Appearance: sub-zero Pictures, Images and Photos
Crush: Sure
skills: Can control the element of ice
Other: He is head of the of a secret ice clan
Weapon of choice: His Kori blade

Bubble_Joy!(Angie) | 19 comments Name: Naomi Misora
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Personality: Gentle, Caring, Brave, Strong, Nice, Sweet, Smart
Appearance: anime warrior Pictures, Images and Photos
Crush: Open
Skills: She is an amazing swords woman. She can use many different styles of Jutsu
Other: She is a lead ninja in the military. She doesn't give up unless that is the only choice
Weapon of choice: She uses her katana, but she can throw Kunai with deadly accuracy

message 4: by Amy-chan (new)

Amy-chan | 246 comments Name: kagemusha

Age: 17 (a young ninja...)

Gender: female

Personality: quiet, doesn`t really need to talk most of the time because she travels alone. strong and powerful, at formal or for planned battles she dresses as a man to appear stronger and more oposing

Appearance: ummm, the middle girl, and she has no creepy girl followers like in the picture

Crush: open

skills: a wonderfull shuriken thrower, is good with long distance weapons (such as a bow and arrow) and up close (katana, samurai sword)

Other: a travelling ninja, she trained in a far away village and has travelled for the majority of her life

weapon of choice: katana, shuriken, samurai sword, bow and arrows etc...

message 5: by Anarchy_Chaos!(Tyson), The Anime Freak! (new)

Anarchy_Chaos!(Tyson) | 267 comments Mod
Very nice Chara!! :)

message 6: by Amy-chan (new)

Amy-chan | 246 comments thanks, now i just need to figure out how to add her to the rp

message 7: by Nba Fan 2000 (new)

Nba Fan 2000 | 9 comments my favourite ninja is sasuke

message 8: by Sam (last edited Jul 18, 2011 10:53AM) (new)

Sam Name:Sky Nightblossm
Age:5((lol jkjk))19
Appearance:Curly dark blue hair.Silvery blue eyes.Blue kimono with a night pattern on it.She usually weres a moon shaped clip in her hair.on her back is an elegant but deadly bow and arrow.
Crush:none yet
skills:She is a master of bow and arrows and any long-range weapons.She also knows some ninjitsu.
Other:She can kill you from a 300ft range.Her eyes can paralize you.She can talk to you through thoughts.
weapon of choice: bow and arrow

message 9: by Lionlord (new)

Lionlord | 14 comments Make your ninja charrie here!

Name: James
Gender: male
Personality: harsh, smart, likes to control people and toy with there emotions.
Crush: open
skills: wield fire, ninjutsu.
weapon of choice:katana,shuriken.

message 10: by Thomara (new)

Thomara Briscoe Name: Kiisa Gail
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: She's nice and soft hearted, but can be cruel at times.
Crush: Open
skills:She's a master swards man and can use up two six blades at the same time
Other: She works with an assassin group for now but she hopes to leave soon.
weapon of choice: Her twin swords. One is made from black metal and the other is made from white metal.

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