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i recently started reading this book, and not many people that i know have read it.did you like it???

Lexie Laffan Olivia wrote: "i recently started reading this book, and not many people that i know have read it.did you like it???"

I have re-read this book over 50 times,
it never gets old. I too use to have the same problem as Callie, and sumtimes still do. but like her I got help. it is such a great book, and I think alot of people could relate to this booka nd the character Callie, or one of her friends.

Ricky This book really comes out with a "punch" Huh? Page 11-12 already. :]

Emily I loved this book !!

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I read it in middle school, years before I began to deal with the issue of self-injury myself. I think back to this book, and while vaguely remembering its details, it still sticks out in my mind as a great book.

Misty Very good book!

message 7: by D. (new) - rated it 5 stars

D. Biswas I just read it two weeks ago. Was blown away!

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Anna Munson I just read it Yesterday and loved it. I can understand why Callie would give the silent treatment. I had my best friend go through the same problem that Callie went through and I saved her life.

Patty That book was stupid. Nuff said.

Caroline I liked it.

Sarah really liked this book. it was kind of short and the writing was tepid, but it turned out to be good.

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Brie I loved the book and i've never mentioned i've read it to anyone. It was very simple to read and i liked not having to overly think everything it. I read it around the time i was reading Wuthering Heights, MockingJay and The Godbox. I obviously had a lot of plots on my mind and this was easy to keep up with and not get lost in. Maybe not overly realistic and deep but yet still a good read that doesn't stray to far from the truth.

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