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message 9: by Steven, Slayer of Books (new)

Steven (TBones) | 248 comments Mod
Finished Morpheus Road The Light and really looking forward to book 2. Knowing that there are 3 titles to this series, and not knowing yet where the next 2 are going, might there be plans to have spin offs from this series eventually? Maybe side stories about certain characters?

message 8: by Steven, Slayer of Books (new)

Steven (TBones) | 248 comments Mod
well it's always good to have style and I will have to see about Are You Afraid of the Dark on DVD maybe. Not to say anything bad about R.L.Stine, cause we enjoy his books, but the Goosebumps shows quality doesn't seem that great to me and I saw the quality you brought to the Tower of Terror movie and thought it would be nice to see that in a Goosebumps show as well.
I am just about done reading Morpheus Road The Light which is really gonna tick my wife off cause I will have to bug her about funds for The Dark now :O) It's that or I am going to start the Pendragon series next.
I do hope I start seeing more names popping in here soon. Maybe I'll get my son signed up and in here too.

DJ MacHale (DJMacHale) | 3 comments Nah, "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" is more my style.

message 6: by Steven, Slayer of Books (new)

Steven (TBones) | 248 comments Mod
Ya know that's even more interesting since Robin Williams played Teddy Roosevelt in Night At The dude we really have an eye for this stuff huh :o)
Oh hey my son and I discussed it, you need to direct a few Goosebumps episodes. Especially the story we read together about the creepy snowmen, which we thought one must have been Darth Vader in disguise cause he kept telling the kid he was his father...what a cool man huh :o)

DJ MacHale (DJMacHale) | 3 comments Would love to check out that house.

Was the guy in TofT you're referring to wearing glasses and a proud smile? If so, then he was an extra. I grabbed a lot of reaction shots to that "yes" moment, and loved his shot. He kind of reminded me of Teddy Roosevelt. Since he was an extra, I never spoke to him so who knows? Maybe it WAS Robin Williams and he snuck in for the day!

message 4: by Steven, Slayer of Books (new)

Steven (TBones) | 248 comments Mod
Wow, there's a guy in the audience at the end of Tower of Terror after the singer gal says yes to marrying the Clark Gable looking guy, and this guy looked like he could have been Robin Williams. Either way the movie waas great and I'd like to watch more films that you've worked on now.
No you're not wrong about Superman. It really would be more action packed and fun if he was just a regular Joe. As for me I am more of a Batman fan anyway. Like the Joker says, he's got such wonderful toys :o)
Oh and the thing I thought I should let you know about for the next time you plan an Oregon/Washington book tour is, now this could be creepier than a clown, there is an old haunted asylum up near the Tacoma area in Washington that was actually on Ghost Hunters. Well, the guy who owned it wanted them to prove it wasn't haunted so he could keep kids out of there. Well they said there was no way they could say that. They said it was very/totally haunted. The guy does person tours of the place now so things don't get damaged in there. Basically it's the real House On Haunted Hill :O) Thought you might be interested.

DJ MacHale (DJMacHale) | 3 comments Not sure who you're referring to in Tower of Terror, Steven...which I guess is another way of saying: No, Robin Williams wasn't in the movie.

And am I wrong? If the science were to make sense, Superman wouldn't be musclebound! The guy never gets a true workout!

message 2: by Steven, Slayer of Books (new)

Steven (TBones) | 248 comments Mod
I know this is a weird first question and has nothing to do with the book Morpheus Road, which by the way is very fun so far, but in Tower of Terror there is a guy near the end that looks a lot like Robin Williams, is he in this movie? My DVD copy doesn't have a run of credits at the end...weird huh.
Oh and agree a wimpy looking Superman would be an interesting comic. There would probably be more action since there's always some bully trying to pick on the wimpy kid right :o)

message 1: by Steven, Slayer of Books (new)

Steven (TBones) | 248 comments Mod
Ladies & Gentlemen and children of all ages, I'd like you to put your hands together and give it up for Mr.....D.J.MacHale!!!! ...and please keep the creepy clowns at a distance....or better yet stash them at home under your beds :O)

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