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Using the Sony reader app on an Android Tablet?

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message 1: by Jaylia3 (new)

Jaylia3 | 2 comments I have a Sony 350 e-reader which I absolutely love. I am considering adding an Android tablet to my electronics collections. I love the 350 in part because it is so small and portable, but what I am looking for in a tablet is something that can also read my Sony books in a bigger format and with the pictures in color. I'd also probably add a Kindle, Aldiko and Google book apps. I have the Sony reader app on my Android phone and it works beautifully, but does anyone have any experience about how it would format on the larger screen of a tablet? Or any other advice about using a table as an e-reader for magazines and newspapers? For me, a tablet would primarily be for web searches, email and a bigger e-reader. Any advice?

message 2: by Sheilah (new)

Sheilah | 7 comments I have a Sony 505 and just purchased (used) a Velocity Micro Cruz T-103 tablet that has been rooted and is now android. I bought it that way, wouldn't have a clue as to how to do that myself. I'm having a bit of trouble (read that as tearing my hair out) learning how to use it. It has a 7" screen and is in color with a touch screen. I think I will love it once I figure out how to get my books from Calibre onto the tablet.

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