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You are ONLY allowed to claim animals from this list. Please copy and paste their ability into the character sheet while elaborating on their personality.

Name of Animal: Ability; Physical Trait. Personality.

* Means that the animal has been taken.

*Cheetah: Super Speed; spotted tail and ears. Quick, rash thinker.
*Tiger: Superhuman Senses/Silent Movement; striped tail and ears. A very passionate and outgoing leader-like person.
*Panther: Heightened Agility; black tail and ears. Lonely in demeanour and attitude.
Cat (house variety): Phasing; brown tail and ears. Subtle, mysterious and usually slick.
*Lion: Superhuman Breath; hair wild like a mane. Fearless and Brave.
*Bat: Echolocation; Bat wings. Extremely skittish but is usually sent to scout ahead.
*Fox: Pheromone Manipulation; red ears and bushy tail. Coy, Clever and Sly.
*Eagle: Levitation; large brown wings with white shoulders. Fierce, Indifferent.
*Raven: Umbrakinesis; Black wings. A tactful, quiet person; vicious when riled.
Mockingbird: Voice Mimicry; Tawny and White wings. Outgoing and Sociable.
Bear: Super Strength; claws for fingers. Quiet but protective. If female, a very maternal figure.
*Wolf: Summoning; bushy grey tail and wolf ears. Quiet but commanding, Alpha dominance.
*Dog (house variety): Superhuman Tracking; sandy ears and curled tail. Unbelievably loyal to those they like.
*Owl: Omnipotence; light, honey colored wings. Is very timid but has great wisdom.
Boar: Power Augmentation; coarse skin and dense nails. Extremely testy and aggressive.
*Snake: Poison Generation; venomous fangs (retractable). Manipulative person that tends to challenge leaders.
*Monkey: Sonic Scream; golden tail. Loud and Energetic, sometimes a bit air-headed.
*Swan: Air Manipulation; White wings. Graceful with a soft voice, usually plotting something.
Gorilla: Invulnerability; Large, burly figure. Silent, but when enraged cannot be stopped.
Hawk: Superhuman Vision; deep brown wings. A very curious character, prefers to be alone.

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The Rebellion of Kingdom Animalia [Advanced RP]

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