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Shelly If this series can TRULY hang in there with the BDB, I'm ALL for it!! That is my favorite series! I am now on Raziel, just getting started so I can't wait to get further on in the series-sounds great and thanks for the recommendation!

Nookmom (Courtney) I LOVED Raziel. The book was fantastic and I couldn't wait to read the second one. However I did not like Demon. I have no problem with dark/bad hero's, especially since Zsadist is my favorite in the BDB. But I just felt Azazel's story did not have the power and depth of Raziel's. I can not tell you exactly why I disliked the book as much as I did without spoiling the story. All I can say is there was a specific part that just made me want to scream and actually hoped for the book to not have a happy ending.

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Melissa N This one was seriously shocking... but when I finished it, I still wanted to reread Raziel and then reread Demon. I'm looking forward to Michael's story next year. Just sad that I have to wait SO LONG!

Beth I kinda felt Demon was just a repeat of Raziel with different characters...I don't know...a lot of sex, but this time between Azazel and Rachel (Lilith) and not a whole lot of depth in the story line department. I was kind of disappointed.

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