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In Death casting?

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Abby Fick Watched Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory" video last night and it hit me - she is Mavis. I have no idea who should play Eve or Roarke, but Gaga would be perfect casting in that supporting role.

Cindi Good call, Abby! Especially her air jumps/shoes. I like Castle's Stana Katic (especially when her hair was short) for Eve but I've never been able to find an actor gorgeous enough to be Roarke ... wouldn't that be an accomplishment to put on an actor's resume?

Becky Hi, Abby and Cindi! Lady Gaga would be the perfect Mavis, but she needs to bounce more. I'm waiting to see the shoes with the fish in the heels. Cindi, Stana Katic would be a perfect Eve! Before you two mentioned this I would NEVER have tried to think of the perfect Roarke. He's stuck in my mind and I can't find anybody that looks like him. I think we need to look toward Ireland to find him. :)

Abby Fick Just Googled Katic since I didn't know who she was - you're right, perfect!

Carol Lady Gaga certainly has the style to play Mavis. I agree, there is no current leading man gorgeous enough to play Rourke. Rourke also has long hair and not every goodlooking man can pull off that look. Ireland is the natural place to look for someone new.

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JC Actually I think they attempted to make Stana Katic Eve Dallas-like. At first on Castle, her hair looked like weed-whacker was at it. I was very glad when they got her a new stylist.

I don't think I would want a movie made out of the In-Death series, Hollywood rarely gets a book turned movie right.

Carol I think you are right. We are never going to agree on an actor to play Rourke. And what exacty does the future NY look like? I'm sure we all havv our own opinion.
And I don't think Nora's novels have translated well to the movies. I loved the novel Angel Falls, watched the movie on TV about a week later and could not believe how badly it came across on the TV. I was so disappointed.

Rachael Mcdonnell Great books :) I read JD Robb more than I read Nora Roberts...I love the futuristic New York. Laddy Gaga would be great but she does need more peppiness....but I do also agree that Movies/TV do not always do justice to books.

Carol I want an Auto Chef, a droid maid, and a car that can go vertical over traffic. What do you like about futuristic NY?

Cindi Oh, I forgot about the future NYC problem! I agree an AutoChef needs to happen now vs. the future, Carol! Nora's novels always seem to be made on the cheap and I am pretty sick of seeing Heather Locklear cast in them (in anything, actually. Her face doesn't move . . . ). Anyway, I want to still keep the Rourke search going, guys, just for the opportunity to look at some cute Irish types :))

Carol It would be interesting to see what a real production company could do with one of Nora's novels. I loved "The Search." Maybe it would turn out better than Angel Falls did. Heather Locklear was terrible in that.
If we need a committee to go to Ireland and audition good looking Irish actors, I could try and make time in my schedule for that! (just don't tell my husband) :-)

Christine What about Gerard butler for Roarke? He had that very nice Irish accent in P.S. I Love You.

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Dee too! I like butler, but he isn't how I imagine rourke...but i haven't seen anyone who I think fits the bill either

Christine He would have to grow out his hair a little bit. But I think it would be doable.

message 15: by Dee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dee he's too old...I thought rourke was in his mid-30 to late 30's...Butler is in his 40's now...he does have the accent though...I don't think anyone could live up to what I (or others imagine him to be) - its like the casting on the Stephanie Plum movie

Cindi Don't laugh at this suggestion: imagine Hugh Jackman with longer hair, slicker than Wolverine, with Gerard's accent? I wish I could post photos (I've tried!) as there is one I have in mind *slurp* And there are so many other good roles (Charles? Dr. Mira? SOMMERSET???).

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Ceej Roarke=Bradley Cooper if he can make the accent

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Ger Hey ladies,
I have always thought Stana Katic is Eve! And I agree with Cindi, for me it's always been Hugh Jackman.
My other picks would be:
Michael Vartan for Webster
Helen Mirren for Mira
Zooey Deschanel for Peabody
Rebecca Romijin for Nadin Furst

Would be great to have a series but I don't think it would be possible to please everyone. I know I have exactly how it is supposed to be in my head, I think I would be disappointed if they deviated from it!

Christine Good call on Helen Mirren for Mira

Laura I can't get Emily Deschanel out of my head for Eve. She'd have to cut her hair, of course. I think she's perfect.

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Abby Fick OH MY GOD, YES!!! Can Gandy act? Do I care? Yum...

Cindi Wow! That's ... GOOD, Tracy! I like it!

Liberty Personally, I could see Robert Downey, Jr. as Roarke. He's pulled off a Brit accent in the Sherlock Holmes movies pretty well, and he has the intelligence to play the part.

Stana Katic is currently my top pick for Eve. I haven't seen early Castle (just picked up on the show in the last season) but she's got the looks.

Zooey Deschanel... now that's a name I hadn't thought of as Peabody, but she'd be good. So would her sister, but Emily has a bit more of a leading quality to her rather than a supporting role. *shrugs* But, that's just me.

Liberty Oh, and with CGI, I think the right production company can accomplish futuristic NY. Industrial Light and Magic anyone?

Cindi Well, since I started "Fantasy in Death" today, I need my Roarke resolved! I can't quite see RD Jr as our man due to height and, well, looks. He's more manly and Roarke is more beautifully handsome, I think. More "Remington Steel".

Just saw RD Jr in Sherlock Holmes and he did a great Brit, didn't he, Liberty?

Liberty Okay, you got me there. But, I think if they kept him cleaned up, he could be in the running.

But, there are some scenes where it's not so much Roarke's handsomeness that comes to mind, but his manliness. Especially when he's fighting alongside Eve. And, I think if they chose one of those books to make into a movie (or messed around with "Naked in Death" enough to make him fight alongside her at the end), RD Jr would probably be a good choice. He can definitely do action (and tolerate the CGI crap--look at Iron Man!)

Cindi I was almost finished with FID and Scott Elrod popped into my mind. From Men in Trees? I wish I knew how to embed a photo, he's got the most wonderful big blue eyes and the rest of him is pretty wonderful too ;) I also need a Charles visual ...

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Lida This is going to be difficult... but though I like Robert Downey Jr, I dont see him as the sleek, handsome Roarke. i agree with Tracy about David Gandy, think he would be perfect... if he can act the role. :D
And with these actors I also agree:
Michael Vartan for Webster
Helen Mirren for Mira
Zooey Deschanel for Peabody
Rebecca Romijin for Nadin Furst;

And for Summerset I think Jonathan Hyde would be perfect!
But I kinda got stuck when thinking about actors for McNab, Whitney and Tibble???

message 29: by Liberty (last edited Jul 15, 2011 05:22AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Liberty McNab.... how about the actor who plays Hodgins on "Bones"? T.J. Thyne? He'd have to shave the beard off, but I think he has the drive--and the sciency-weirdness to pull it off.

Nancy Boone How about the guy that played the Highlander on the TV show. Gorgeous and he has that nice long hair.

message 31: by Cher (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cher Adrian Paul? I think he might be too old now. But back in the day...oh boy!!

Alexa I think Sonia Katic may be too classically pretty to play Eve. I always pictured her as more interesting looking. I see someone more like Rose Byrne playing her.

Nancy Boone Cheri wrote: "Adrian Paul? I think he might be too old now. But back in the day...oh boy!!"

He may be as I don't remember when the series was actually filmed. But oh my he was gorgeous.

message 34: by Michelle (last edited Sep 07, 2011 10:09AM) (new) - added it

Michelle Wardhaugh Here's another name from too long ago: Michael Praed. British. He's still hot, but not in his 30's anymore. Ah, that reminds me. MP was the hottest Robin Hood ever, but the BBC did a newer Robin Hood TV series with some lovely men. Richard Amitage has the looks for Roarke. He was Gisborne in the new series, and he's Thorin in the upcoming Hobbit.

Anne OK David Gandy does it for me! I can just picture Roarke in that body. As for Eve, I haven't nailed down a picture of her in my head yet. She's a bit of a mystery in my mind.

Garima Ooh I like David Gandy as Roarke and Stana Katic as Eve, thought they are different in my head. Don't think I have yet seen anyone to match the head fantasies yet.

message 37: by Cher (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cher David Gandy has my vote also :)

Tracey Smith OK, just finished reading Naked in Death (In Death, #1) by J.D. Robb haven't read any of the others so my image of Roarke may not be as defined as some of yours. Have any of you watched the USA show White Collar? The lead character Neal is suave, polished, black hair, blue eyes, 30's. I think he'd fit the bill

Liberty Took a look at images of this David Gandy character... have to agree... he's got the right looks if he grew his hair out.

message 40: by Cher (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cher Found another hottie for role of Roarke.
Yummy guy and speaking of Lady Gaga, this guy is her new boyfriend.

Selinaangellynn1993 omg roarke should be played by george cloony according to my mother lol I think eve should be played by lauran graham lol

message 42: by Cher (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cher George is ok any way I can get him, but I don't want him on a full-time basis. He's too much of a control freak. We would mix like oil and water.

Liberty Clooney's too old. Now, maybe 20 years ago, he'd be fine, but he's not 30 anymore... Doesn't even LOOK 30 anymore.

Donna Nancy wrote: "How about the guy that played the Highlander on the TV show. Gorgeous and he has that nice long hair."

I had that thought exactly. Adrian would have made a great Rourke. I also thought if Mariska Hargatay was a bit taller, she would have made a great Eve. She's even got the chin dimple.

message 45: by Cher (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cher The hubby suggested Emma Stone for Eve, but I haven't really paid much attention to her work. I couldn't even tell you what movies she has acted in, lol. I don't keep up with the younger stars unless they hit the big time.

Donna Cheri wrote: "The hubby suggested Emma Stone for Eve, but I haven't really paid much attention to her work. I couldn't even tell you what movies she has acted in, lol. I don't keep up with the younger stars unle..."

If you notice Cheri, all the actors I suggest are pretty much from days gone by. I don't really watch TV these days, and very rarely do I go to the movies so I don't know who's hot and who's not.

message 47: by Cher (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cher Me also, especially the younger actors, lol. I will see a new face and ask the kids, *Who the hell is that*? Then it turns into *Mom, you don't know anything*! geez...thanks.

Donna Cheri wrote: "Me also, especially the younger actors, lol. I will see a new face and ask the kids, *Who the hell is that*? Then it turns into *Mom, you don't know anything*! geez...thanks."


Wayward Child I`ve thought about it, and I have several options for all characters, except for Roarke. There`s just no one good enough or charismatic and charming, not to mention - hadsome enough to take on a role like that.

Robin Murphy Ahh, alas, my favorite Irish actor is Liam Neeson...unfortunately too old, but would fit the bill for the height, blue eyes, and strong irish temper, but subdued when needed. And clearly the strong male role for the "love" scenes, lol. Btw, loving this discussion

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