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Magdalena (Maggie) Nightingale (MagdalenaNightingale) | 836 comments Mod
Please remember, make things long and detailed. And only ONE power*, not used by anyone else, and the character MUST be approved by a mod. Mods don't have to have their characters approved, though.

Note: for now, there is no limit on the number of characters you can make. Subject to change, though.

WEAKNESS: ('cause nobody's perfect)




*Note: To clear things up, I'll go into a little more detail on this concept. Your character CAN have more than one power; however, you have to make sure it makes sense. A character can have flight and firebreathing capabilities if they're part dragon, but not if you don't tell us this. Just give us a good reason, and we'll usually accept it.

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Magdalena (Maggie) Nightingale (MagdalenaNightingale) | 836 comments Mod
Name: Tanner Smithy

Age: 15

Gender: male

Power: Tanner can transform himself into a cat. While there, he can communicate with animals.

Weakness: Unlike most cats, Tanner can deal with water (but he still tries to avoid it as best he can), but has a thing about being enclosed or restrained. He can't take it. If enclosed for too long, he reverts to a cat state, and won't return to human until released.

Also, he can't speak as a human when he's a cat.


Tanner is a tall, lanky, blond teen with grey eyes. He can usually be found wearing jean shorts and a T-shirt, a smile on his face. He's particularly fond of animals, and in his cat form he's a light grey tabby.

Tanner is mostly friendly, but wary of new people, and can lash out at an unexpected surprise. Jumpy and cautious, he'd rather defend himself first before finding out who wanted his attention.

Personality/History: Tanner usually stays away from others, but some catlike characteristics seep into his personality, like excessive curiosity, great climbing abilities, and impeccable balance. Tanner ran away from home once his foster father and mother found out about his power. He had never liked them anyways, but their calling the press to expose him was the last straw . . .

Other: Tanner hopes to find his real parents someday.

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Lauren Name: Angelina
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Power: Can shoot laser beams out of her eyes
Weakness: She always has to wear sun glasses because other wise her laser's will shoot out. She's never learned how to control it.


Personality/History: Angelina is a very shy girl, but sometimes she can be outgoing and excited. You really never know how she's going to act. She lived with her aunt who'd sent her to boarding school and when she woke up her room was messed up from her laser vision, which she had know idea about at the time. the boarding school kicked her out and when she found out about her power she ran away from home and that's when she found this place.

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Name: Ariana "Ari" (ARE-ee) Hall

Age: 15
DOB: 10 May

Gender: Female

Power: What she draws, she can take out of the painting/drawing/etc., or go into, if it's scenery or something like that. Except her power doesn't work for everything, like food and water. She can draw food, and she can draw water, they just won't come off the page, nor will they be edible/drinkable if she's in the painting. For instance, if she's painted a creek, she can go into that painting and swim in it, just not drink from it. Furthermore, whenever Ariana "gives life" to one of her drawings to bring it into reality, it sucks energy from her, depending on the size (there's another element to it that she's not quite aware of, which is that when bringing things to reality, unless she has a specific personality in mind for said drawing, often times they remain emotionless for a few weeks until they can discover a personality for themselves. This process often leads to a rebellious period, which is why Ariana rarely draws living creatures). Also, if she's in a painting and someone covers it with anything, then she won't be able to come out.

Weakness: She's a perfectionist, meaning that she has to make her paintings perfect before doing anything else (including eating and sleeping. She tends to be very fatigued after completing a large piece due to the fact that often times she'll spend quite a bit of time in the painting perfecting every detail, whether or not it's visible from the outside perspective.

Appearance: Wavy blonde locks fall in neat curls just past Ariana's shoulders. A soft smile accompanies bright, blue eyes. Her long limbs accompany her slightly below average height. She has freckles across her cheekbones and nose, though they're usually covered with makeup.

Whenever she finishes a large project, one can expect her to look completely exhausted: from unkempt hair, to bags around her eyes from staying up late to get as much done as she could, and then waking up early to continue said project.

Personality/History: Little ten-year-old Ariana always loved her parents. They were supportive with her talents, encouraged her to create, and most certainly funded it. However, the schoolchildren weren't like her parents. They ridiculed her for drawing during recess instead of playing whatever ridiculous game they wanted to play. They mocked her for being physically inept. They would take her sketchbook away and tear the pages.

Of course, one day, the last string inside her was stretched to its breaking point. They tried taking her sketch book away again. She'd just read about griffins in a class the day before, and so she had decided to draw one. Of course, unaware of her powers, Ariana set the griffin loose, and it had attacked the other children, causing them to run away in fright. The little drawing--looking quite real; after all, it was three-dimensional, unlike her drawing on the page--turned towards a rather terrified and confused Ariana. Uncertainly, she reached out to touch it, and it returned to her notebook, leaving the girl even more confused. Her classmates returned with teachers, who had a nice long conference with her parents.

From there, everything cascaded down. Little Ariana was expelled from her elementary school, and her parents frowned down at her, disappointment prominent in the way they looked at her. The last little string in her broke, and so she ran away with only her sketchbook and pencil, eventually found herself at the Haven.

Now, Ariana is much more laid-back. She is a kind, helpful individual, who will do very nearly anything for a friend. However, she is still self conscious about how she is seen in public. Her childhood had taught her that how you look on the outside, is how people see you, and how they will judge you. Although she is still caught drawing and painting and whatnot in her spare time, she will put away the sketchbook if a friend were to ask her to go do something with them (albeit, a bit regretfully).

Other: Any references you may or may not make are most likely intentional.

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Magdalena (Maggie) Nightingale (MagdalenaNightingale) | 836 comments Mod
Name: Patricia (Trish) Guilder

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Power: Trish's power is mainly one that causes her nothing but misery. At age ten, she started seeing things. Something like people's auras. She has developed those first smears of color into definite shapes and forms, enabling her to see a sort of bubble around people. The only aura she can't see is her own. Auras say a lot about a person, and she very rarely sees two that are alike. Their shape and color, even the way they move or cling to their owner--like glue or like a shadow--gives her insight into their personality.

Trish's power also enables her to pinpoint energy signatures around her, and if she tapped into those they might provide some surprising new ways of working her world.

Weakness: Although it started out small, Trish's powers now include large animals and even plants, like trees. This can get to be overwhelming, as she can't block any of it out. When people use their powers around her, she can get so overwhelmed that her brain shuts itself down in a sort of hibernation. If she can't learn to focus on only a few auras at a time, Trish could very well eventually turn into a human vegetable.

Appearance: Trish is small, yet wiry thin with a long blonde braid down her back. She walks with a purpose, and is usually hard to miss. The atmosphere around her is always sunny and carefree, as if she tries to mask all her emotion in bursts of ingenuine happiness, no matter what she's feeling. Her electric green eyes have a thoughtful, pointed stare, which can make some people uncomfortable. All in all, she pulls off a very warm and friendly persona.

Personality/History: Trish often feels overwhelmed by energy around her. That being said, however, she seems full of life and energy herself, always happy and trying to remain optimistic. She came from a fairly normal family, but after they discovered her freaky sight, they panicked. After seeing multiple doctors and therapists, and remaining close-mouthed through all the procedures and sessions, her family resorted to trying to put her in an asylum. That was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Trish ran away that night, disgusted and hurt, feeling betrayed by her own family.

Angus (Ozzy Zig needs a gig) Richardson (tap3w3rm) | 2 comments Lemme know if you need anything else.

NAME: Jake
AGE: 19
POWER: Incredible vision. He can see clearly over flat terrain for over 4 miles and count the buttons on someones shirt. His incredibly vision makes him incredibly skilled with ranged weaponry, he has a powerful 60 lb compound bow with a dozen broad head arrows, 4 throwing knives and a semi-automatic Barret 50. Cal sniper rifle.

His vision is actually so good that he can see on the infrared spectrum. This lets him see even underground if living organisms give off a heat source. It is so acute that he can actually get a very generalized idea of the state of mood one is in just by looking at them in a darkish room.
WEAKNESS: He has to wear sunglasses because he is vulnerable to bright flashes of light, which make him go blind and suffer intense pain. Also he cant watch tv, because all the little screens are broken up by his incredible vision.

APPEARANCE: He is tall, about 6' 5". He has short, cropped black hair and blue eyes. He generally wears blue jeans and black combat boots with a white t shirt or wife beater.

PERSONALITY/HISTORY: Jake is friendly but very professional. He knows when to kid and joke around and when to be serious. Other than that he is a huge fan of practical jokes. After getting denied access to the military because he is diabetic, then he went off on a hunting trip and somehow managed to stumble upon haven.


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Lauren Name: Marty
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Power: Marty and walk through walls, he sorta of makes himself clear looking and then slides through anything he wants. He hasn't learned to control it yet to where he can pick things up without them slipping and breaking.
Weakness: Whenever Marty is climbing a tree or is just hanging out outside, if he get's scared then he slips through anything he was sitting or standing on, sometimes he slips part way through the dirt.

Appearance: Marty has sandy blonde hair with a tinge of brown in it. He has sparkly blues eyes that make him look sweet, there are slight tinges of gold and green in his eyes, making them sparkle. He has medium tan skin, and he always wears skinny jeans. His favorite color is green so he's almost always in a green shirt of some kind.

Personality/History: Marty is a very bubbly young man, and he loves hanging out with his friends. He first discovered his power when he was 14 years old, and in the worst place possible, too. He was being held at the police station for shop lifting until his mom came to get him, he was sitting in the room when he dozed off against the back side of the room. He slipped out of the wall and woke up laying outside. The police were looking for him and his mom reported a missing child, he ran away because his step dad always talked bad to him and he knew everyone would think he was a freak.

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Kat (SugarAddict) | 2128 comments NAME: Elena State
AGE: Fourteen
GENDER: Female
POWER: The power of her voice. Some people say violence is not the answer, we should work things out with words. Well, Elena does, literally. When she sings, people obey her every command.
WEAKNESS: There are certain hymns that make people do different things, and just one note allteration can go make someone kill themselves and there is no way to alternate it after it is done.

APPEARANCE: Elena has dark brown hair, almost hitting light tones of black. Her hair takes form in loose curls (that are straightened), that frame her brown eyes and dark lashes. She has naturally pink lips and tan skin. Elena is tall and slim, which helps when she's running track.
Dramatic eye make up and dark purple highlights add to the appearance.
PERSONALITY/HISTORY: Elena was always that girl in school that at first glance you thought she was quiet, but in the middle of the school year when she got comfortable with her peers you'd realize how different she was. She doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, but is still a little cautious about her actions to sustain her image. You'd realize that she's really tough, but with a dash of oddness to that mix. You'd get to know her and you'd realize she's really fun to be around and actually hilarious. But you'd also have an inkling that she's holding back, and is uncomfortable around really skinny. That she's self conscious, and that she's hiding something and sometimes has random mood swings. When you get to know her, she's outgoing and ridiculously loud.

When Elena turned nine she joined chorus. The sang "Jingle Bells" and she really wanted the DS back then, and when she got home from the concert she found the DS and a bunch of games. Confused but happy, she continued choir. Soon enough, she was singing in her room Fly With Me by the Jonas Brothers. When her brother jumped off their roof and hurt himself. Not suspecting it was her fault, she returned singing, and sang a old song her grandmother has taught her. Her mother began weeping uncontrollably, Elena learned quickly what was happening. She's always dreaded her powers ever since she accidentally compelled her friend to run out in the street, and he got hit by a car and died.

OTHER: She loves to run track, the burning in her legs, the pumping of adrenaline, the stitch in her side. It all makes her forget about everything else, and when she's running- Nothing can catch her and bring her down.

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Lauren Name: Celia
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Power: Telekinesis. She can control objects with her mind.
Weakness: If she's distracted, sometimes things go wrong and she breaks something or makes someone float on accident.

Appearance: She has electric blue eyes with dots of green in them. She also has long arms and legs.

Personality/History: When Celia was the age of 7 her little sister, her parents and her were in a car crash, they all died and Celia was put into a children's home. That's when she started realizing she had the power to move things. Celia is a friendly girl, but after the car accident she changed, and seems to be miserable always. When she was 12 and still in the children's home, for nobody wanted a child who was miserable- she ran away and that's when she found Haven Lake.

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Kat (SugarAddict) | 2128 comments NAME: Bryan Clever (Oh, the irony)
AGE: 16
POWER: Flying Spontaneously combusting Bryan has control over wind temperature, power, and intensity. Though like anything, the more concentrated or the more he changes it's natural strength, the more it sucks up his energy. Some simple things like creating a slight breeze or making the air warm don't affect him very much, but making a tornado or taking 90 degree weather and turning it to freezing could seriously affect him. It's easier for him to use his powers when focused, and when stuck in sticky situations it's hard for him to congure up anything if panicked.
WEAKNESS: Well up there I said that he can't usually do anything drastic when panicked... I'll just say that he's allergic to strawberries. :)

APPEARANCE: Well, you might know that the name Bryan is originated from Ireland. So he takes on those features, firey red hair, pale skin. When he was younger he was scrawny, but then he hit *giggle* puberty and grew into his looks. He has a messy mop of hair and blue-greenish eyes. He's tall and muscular, results of working out, and always gets sunburned.

PERSONALITY/HISTORY: Bryan is a cheerful kid, that always wants to help and brighten your spirits. He always cracks a joke and usually can't take anything seriously, except when he's in his mood. When something really upsets him, he's not his usual self. He's dark and angry, in other words- don't put him in that mood. But otherwise, he likes to joke are and is light about most issues and most of all is just fun to be around. He has a dirty mouth, and doesn't like losing but everybody has their faults. Also- Bryan intends well but he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. He usually doesn't gossip, but sometimes he'll let little things slip to his friends. .

Bryan grew up in an orphanage when he was younger, so it was no surprise when he ran away at fourteen. He always knew there was something different about him. It wasn't that kids resented him or that he found himself playing with voodoo dolls off in the corner. It was that none of the other kids could make their sheets warm, and when he brought it up to the orphan mother she just laughed, used to his regular jokes and called him a silly goose. So he shrugged it off and moved on, having a happy life making the other children laugh by getting in trouble but even the head authority couldn't stay mad at him with his adorable dimples and happy attitude. He was never a sad kid, but he always wished he knew if his parents had powers.

OTHER: He is friends with Jess.

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Mande-- | 25 comments NAME:Amanda
GENDER: Female
POWER: Fire- can do anything with it.
WEAKNESS: Water, too much will kill her.
PERSONALITY/HISTORY: Amanda lives in a big noisy house with 12 children, her being the oldest, and 2 almost-loving parents. Her parents rely on her for all sorts of things, like..well...everything. They're always too wrapped up in work and so, she puts her very little allowance and work money into her brothers and sisters, not even a dime for herself. She hides in the shadows, always trying to be better for her parents..things aren't the same between her, her mom and her dad because well..when she was 14 she was supposed to pick up her 4 year old brother from daycare with her best friend who was 16..the thing was..they were all wasted. So Amanda decided to drive. But it was icy and dark out, as sshe pulled up, she didn't see Ben and the car was sliding..you know what happened next...for 1 year she locked herself in her room, drowning in her own tears, thats when she discovered her power. But she kept it to herself.

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Name: Nathaniel O'Brien
Age: 17
Gender: M
Power: Illusions - fear. The individual need not share their fears with Nathaniel for him to know them. His power allows him to grasp a very basic understanding of what they fear and distort their reality based on said fear. His power extends beyond mere sensation. He can alter perception of the environment (e.g. someone with agoraphobia suddenly feeling panicky in a place they felt was safe) and induce anxiety as a result.

Weakness: Nathaniel has kept his power secret not only because of the stigma attached to it (thanks to a particular individual), but also because by being aware that his illusions are false, they fail to work. In the same way a magic trick becomes less magical when one understands the mechanism behind it, when someone becomes aware of and stops believing in the illusion, it deteriorates.

Appearance: Medium-length, dark brown hair sits flat on his head, roughly framing his round face and brown eyes. Standing at an average five feet and six inches with a slightly lanky physique, Nathaniel is not one to stand out in a crowd. His kind smiles are easily overlooked. He usually dresses in a light colored shirt and dark blue or black jeans.

Personality: There is no denying Nathaniel’s charm. With a pleasant disposition and an easy smile, it’s rare to see him upset by anything. His gentle words and good ears encourage trust and openness. He’s good at keeping secrets. Despite his friendliness, he hasn’t (and silently refuses to) called anyone a friend.

It is an easy facade to maintain, the amiability, especially with a power that can stimulate immediate trust, though rarely has he needed to use his power. His acting proves sufficient enough.

History: Nathaniel grew up with a relatively normal life with fairly well-off parents who loved him and fostered any interest he had with the utmost care. Theatre, singing, violin, etc. If they could afford it, he was in it.

Nathaniel grew out of most of his interests. Only theatre stayed throughout middle school and high school. While in school, his hobbies granted him a group of kids who detested him for them, though he remained well-liked by the rest of his classmates.

In his sophomore year of high school, while walking home from school, he was attacked and mugged. When he was pushed aside, his backpack shouldered by his attacker, Nathaniel felt like he was falling. His attacker might have gotten away had he not collapsed on the ground, screaming and grasping the air. When police arrived, they detained the man and a jury deemed him insane. When his friends found out, he was called lucky. When the government heard, they found Nathaniel and explained to him and his parents that he had been the cause and that with a proper training, no further, potential incidents would occur. Convinced, his parents sent him off. He saw his parents occasionally, wrote to them often.

Nathaniel mastered his powers quickly through rigorous training and testing and discipline. Unlike other cases, they found him early, before he could learn the flaws with their system. They taught him the pros and cons of powers, how to control his own, how to be ready for the world, who to listen to or face punishment. They told him that there were others like him, but they had run from their parents before they could be recruited and were never found. They told him they wanted to form a community for these others to understand themselves like Nathaniel did himself instead of being confused by a world that could not yet accept them.

One year later, they told him they found where may of these others-with-powers had collected: a place called Haven Lake. They had only a vague idea of what it was, where it was. They offered Nathaniel and a few others the jobs of investigating. Eagerly, he agreed.

He has been at Haven for nearly a year.


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Lauren Real Name: John Harper
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Power: Shape-shifter. John can turn into any shape he wants, if it's another human, animal or an appliance.
Weakness: John can only shape shift into each thing for a certain amount of time. He doesn't get that long.

Appearance: He has long legs and arms, that are dark tan. His arms and face are covered with freckles which make his grey eyes pop. He has dark mousy brown hair with light highlights of blonde in it. He usually wears skinny jeans with a colored t-shirt. His favorite color is blue so he always wears his bright blue sneakers. He has a bionic leg as his left leg from a car accident that had to have his leg amputated.
Personality: John is very outgoing and spunky. He likes to be noticed and is not shy to speak up. Sometimes he can get rowdy, but he is very high spirited and never gives up. John doesn't like to stay indoors and play video games like other boys his age do. He likes to be outdoors with the dogs or sketching some birds. He loves to sketch and is quiet good at it.
History: John grew up in a small town of Smallville. He walked to the grocery store once a week for his mom, who was at work all day. His father walked out on them both so his mom works two jobs. They were left scraping for money and when John made a not so good decision to go out with his friends they were in a car accident and John had to have his leg amputated. He now has a bionic leg for his left leg. He can run pretty well and hardly anyone notices. He always wears jeans even in the hottest of weather, because he's afraid someone will think he's a freak.
Bf/Gf/Crush: Open

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Name: CeceliA Hart
Age: 7
Gender: F
Power: When Cecelia sings, it's like hearing an angel. Or a siren, which would be a bit more relevant, for when you hear her unbelievable singing, you forget everything for as long as you hear her. Her song doesn't control you. It merely makes you forget who you are, where you're at, everything. It makes you feel peaceful. Like everything's okay. It can serve as a de-stresser.

Weakness: One: her power doesn't work if you can't hear her, so if you plug your ears, it won't work on you. Two: she's incredibly shy, so if she feels intimidated, she'll stop singing immediately.

Appearance: Little Cecelia has wavy blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She's obviously short in comparison to the rest of the inhabitants, but is average for her age.

Personality/History: The newest resident to the Haven, Cecelia is a very timid girl. Her parents were going through a divorce just before she decided to run away. They'd been fighting a lot, lately. She would sing songs at night--to herself--they would hear, and it would calm them down. But when she finished, they resumed arguing. Over what, she didn't quite know, since they would usually send her off to bed.

But when the arguing became too much, they decided to divorce, and then began to fight for custody. Scared, Cecelia ran away with her little teddy bear, not knowing what to expect.

And while she went to school, she was always a quiet little girl who tried her best in class. She had exactly two friends with whom all her time went into while at school. Jessica and Rachel, both now horribly confused as to where their friend went, and who are of Cecelia's greatest worries aside from her parents.

Now at the Haven, Cecelia is horribly confused and terrified. She isn't used to all the people quite yet (the older kids at the private school she used to go to scared her a bit), and is untalkative.

Teddy bear:

His name is Teddy. Don't judge. She's a child.

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Rudyards | 2024 comments Mod
((I just hope this is okay))
Name: Garret King

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Power: Garret can switch with another personality he likes to call 'Hyde'. When Hyde is in control, he is ruthless and only judges his actions by efficiency. His body is pushed to its limits and he can move faster, regenerate faster and hit harder. Hyde's animal-like mind also makes mind control and telepathy useless in this form.

Weakness: Hyde is unhappy only being allowed to run free occasionally. Thus, Garret and Hyde are not on good terms and Hyde is constantly trying to win control. Garret can't afford to over use his power, otherwise he would end up being one with Hyde. Because of Hyde's constant pushing, Garret will sometimes switch when he is under enough stress.

Apperance: If you saw Garret, you would never guess that he could flip cars as Hyde. He is a smallish looking boy with brown hair. He has been compared to a mouse before, and will be later. He has a slight overbite and hazel eyes that usually are staring at the ground.

Personality: Garret tries his best to make friends, but since he came to Haven, he has lost his ability to trust anyone. He likes the simpler joys of life, but especially food. If not for his high speed metabolism, he would be obese. Garret has had a lot to deal with in his life, but he has repressed most of those memories. He has had his heart broken several times and the mental scars to prove it. Currently Hyde has enough control that he can talk to Garret. Hyde enjoys pointing out the stupid things that Garret does. Even though Hyde hates Garret, he hates to see him make a fool of himself and tells Garret what not to talk about, which most of the time is his history and the violent things he has done, as well as the mental issues he currently has.

History: Garret has always been a loner, but early on in his childhood, he had no friends, except for an imaginary one called "Hank" who he would talk to all the time. It was this Hank that eventually became Garret's second personality Hyde. He was picked on most of elementary school, but early in high-shool he broke two ribs of a bully who was picking on him. He was shipped off to Scoate Military Academy and rarely visited by his parents. At a certain point he just snapped. He blacked out and woke up on the streets. Only later would he know that Hyde wrecked the school, nearly killing some of the faculty and breaking out several of the students. He knew he couldn't go back to his parents or relatives. So he headed off to a lake house where he had once stayed as a kid, figuring he could live off the land as a hermit. He found his way to Haven Lake, where he has now been for half a year. He hopes to make a great friend, maybe even a girl friend, but he is worried about trusting anyone.

Roomates with Tyson

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Kat (SugarAddict) | 2128 comments NAME: Ember Anne Richards
AGE: 16
GENDER: Female
POWER: The ability to clone. She can clone anything, anyone, even herself.

The clone is just temporary, in technical terms. If it is inanimate, something like food she has to make a deposit of energy to sustain it. Judging by the size and power of this object, it will feed away at the deposit and when it is finished it will disappear. If it is living, like a person, it will constantly feed off of her energy. And it is very hard to control two bodies, and even though they might look like someone they’re really just like blank people. She has to control them and if they are alive too long they will gain consciousness. Then they will live until the life is literally sucked out of her. Luckily, Ember has pretty good control over these powers.

APPEARANCE: Ember has pouty, blush pink lips that corners often turn down to succeed in getting what she wants. Her eyes are big and blue, that help with the puppy dog look. Her skin tone is that lightly tanned color, and in the winter it’s a nice creamy color. She’s tall, and curvy. Not the definition of skinny, but she makes her body work in what she puts it in. The cascading rich mahogany locks falling to her middle back are often tied up in a ponytail. (Lyndsy Fonseca)

Growing up, her father was in the military and her only parent. As he was stationed in different places, she traveled as an army brat. Her mother was in the airforce, and she died when stationed in Iraq when Ember was five. She’s been around the world, with a turtle father who is kind and curious but crushed and quiet ever since her mother’s death. He retracted into his ‘shell’ as Ember calls it. She learned quickly not to rely on anyone for help. Ember now does everything on her own, and has promised her mother not to let anyone hurt her the way so many have in the past.
Ember has a attention demanding persona. She has vibrantly strong views, and though her confidence is a good thing, sometimes she forgets to turn it down a knotch. The way she’s perceived by others is that she doesn’t give two coins about what you think, and never backs down. That’s partially true. She’s a strong girl, that can stand on her own two feet. But sometimes she finds herself putting the rest of it on as an act, to prove she doesn’t need anyone. This can sometimes make her feel like a loner. But she has friends, because her attitude also is party-girl. Though secretive and seductive she also likes to have fun, and won’t let anything get in her way from doing that. If she knocks on your door at one A.M planning some prank on the neighborhood sissy, you listen like a good boy and follow. Because that’s just the kind of rep. she has.

Hey, I was wondering if anyone would want to be Ember’s BFF? Just for plot depthening…
Also, I was wondering if

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) NAME: Victoria Norris
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
POWER: Water Manipulation. She can make water do whatever she wants; boil, freeze,change shape, etc. If something has moisture she can affect it.
WEAKNESS: Her power is not completely controlled and depending on what she does, can drain her of energy.

APPEARANCE: http://www.haircolorsideas.com/wp-con...
Victoria is tall and athletically built with long black hair.

PERSONALITY/HISTORY: Victoria is really outgoing and charismatic but she wasn’t always like that. When she was fifteen, her mom was killed during a bank robbery. After that her father became distant and her older brother committed suicide. That was when she discovered her power. She was basically angry with the world and she ran away from home at the age of sixteen. Since then, she has been on the run and has slowly learned to control her power. She has accepted her life and is no longer depressed and reckless. However, in really stressful or difficult situations, her darker side shows. She finds it hard to completely trust people which makes it hard for her to be open with others.

OTHER: She just arrived and nobody really knows her yet.

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Whimsicality (onawhim) | 3522 comments Mod
Name Florence ‘Flo’ Allegra Bianchi-Lynch. She goes by Flo Lynch.

Age 16, born March 14th


Power/Weakness There’s something in the manner of this girl that compels people to be completely and utterly honest around her. This honesty isn’t only limited to lying – if she looks one in the eye, they will reveal any surprise they’ve been planning, any disguise – overall anything that isn’t the truth. In order to gauge more than conversation without lies (disguise, etc), she must be looking the person she wishes to interrogate in the eye and will them to. She’s only recently developed this limit on her power by herself – when she was younger the only thing she could do to stop the babble of nonstop, honest conversation, was to walk away.
Not only is it impossible to lie around Flo, it’s impossible for her to lie herself. Of course, it renders her a completely honest person, but it is dangerous. No information is safe around her, and this horrible truth is depressing to the girl. It’s hard to figure out sometimes, whether this power is a blessing or a curse.

Personality and History Born to an Italian mother and an Irish father (Lucia and Ian respectively), Flo’s parents were enchanted by the sweetly smiling blue-eyed baby. That is, of course, until her powers began to develop – this happened within half a year, by the time she could talk. Her parents began having abrupt marital and legal issues: they were each having separate affairs; Ian was embezzling money from Lucia’s father’s bank company, for which he worked for. The illusion of a happy family came crashing down around the poor baby’s head. Soon enough her newly divorced parents realized that they couldn’t lie at all when their child was in the room. This honesty revolting, they sent away the now four-year-old Flo to a boarding school in Scotland. As a result she has a faint twinge of a Scottish accent.

The children there were at first attracted by her charming features and elfin smile, but because of her powers, she became an unwilling tattle-tale and was bullied on and neglected, excluded from any activity. This behaviour continued until she was thirteen years old when her physics teacher, interested by her uncanny genius (she solves math and science problems with a nearly frightening ease) called her to his lab in London to take some tests. During the winter break, tests were done on her brain. They were innocent at first, but an abnormally high amount of activity in a certain area of her cerebral cortex alerted her teacher, Mr. Kinston, to her power.
Suddenly Flo was pulled out of boarding school and kidnapped by Kinston, where a number of unspeakably terrifying tests were done on the poor girl. Electrocution and various other methods of torture were inflicted on her to see how high her brain activity got. She lived like this for nearly two years. When she turned fifteen, the laboratory experimenting on her declared bankruptcy and had no money for their experiments anymore. She was to be transported to a second testing area but escaped in the process. Living as a street rat for nearly a year, Florence (who hadn’t spoken for an entire year out of trauma) was finally brought to Haven just shy of her sixteenth birthday. She is therefore new at Haven, her powers newly adjusting.

Although a very sweet girl, Florence’s formerly secure and naive view on humanity has been completely and utterly shaken. This naive side of her still surfaces sometimes. Otherwise she has become a very shy and soft-spoken girl who naturally detests herself and her curse of a power. She has an inkling that when her powers progress, they may lead to a certain telepathic mind-reading power, and is so reluctant to hone them. Even though her honesty powers give her the truth of every situation (or what, at least, the person thinks is the truth) Flo generally has trust issues, but she succumbs to sudden bouts of naiveté.

Appearance Soft, slightly curling chocolate-brown hair, streaked honey-blonde in some places because of exposure to the sun, falls to Flo’s mid-back. With a face that simply sparkles with innocence when smiling. Her pointed chin, slanted eyes and even slightly pointed ear tips, give her an elfin mischief. Eyes of a strange exact balance between blue, grey, and green, they change colour often according to lighting. Flo is frail for now, rather underweight from starvation, and doesn’t have much of a high cardio, though with exercise she’ll show she has a surprising, wiry strength. She’s rather tall – five foot ten – but doesn’t have the weight to fill out her slender little curves like she used to. Flo’s never worn make-up in her life and doesn’t much like the concept of it.

Something she'd wear:

Other Since her time at the laboratory, Flo’s terrified of electricity and stays as far away from outlets as she can. She’s happiest by the water. When she falls to depression she likes to turn on the tap and just hang her head by the sink, listening to the running water.
She’s also uncannily quick at solving math problems and knows a lot of physics, but detests doing them ever since her kidnapping.

*Ember - Roommate and friend.
*Trace - Musical companion.
*Jess - It's complicated.

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Jo (Penname8) | 3172 comments Mod
Name: Graciela Suárez Altagracia (Changeling)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Power/Weakness: She can influence someone else to think she is someone else. Her ability is purely mental--it's not shapeshifting. It's very convincing, and it works better with trustful and loyal people. All she has to do is do one quirk from that particular person, and, voilá, there was never a girl. Only a friend. Her mimicry includes any clothes and accesories she desires.
With distrustful people it is extremely hard to do. She has to do the quirk over and over and over until they admit it's their acquaintance in front of them.


She has straight black hair that has become stringy over her years of captivity, promptly straight that reach her forearms. Her set-apart brown warm eyes are dark. She is slightly tan, of course, as a result from living in Venezuela nearly her whole life. Her sly expression doesn't compliment what is inside, because Graciela is much more honest than she looks. She is thin, "string bean" kind of thin. She is short for her age, and you could mistake her for a thirteen-year-old.

Personality/History: Graciela was born in Caracas as the daughter of a wealthy businessman who divorced his wife (Nela's mother) just two days after Graciela was born. Julián Suárez knew the girl would someday be very influencing, and right he was. She was extremely smart and good with math and finances, just like her father, and as she grew older, her beauty became obvious. She was sent to a prestigious school in the city. She had never gone through the violence most people suffered, being a chavista herself.

When she was eleven, her father gave economical aid to the SEBIN (or the Bolivarian Intelligence Service) and became tangled with politics so much, people began to notice how Gracelia was making everybody thinks she was someone else. She was promptly kidnapped by the very agency her father was helping at her twelfth birthday party. Since then, she's been sent to help the army, to deceive politics (first willingly, then under pain of torture), until they decided to test her and realized similar children were appearing in various countries, and disappearing. Thus, they sent her to Haven Lake.

From Gracie's point of view, she was popular, sweet and smart at her school, were she learn mimic people at age nine. One day, as she gave in a project, she winked at her teacher just as the headmistress would have, and suddenly the teacher was unusually courteous to her. Since then, she only used her disguise when it was absolutely neccesary. She was chavista, as her father taught her. Then, when she was kidnapped, she remained loyal to her country although she began to question her motives. Her superiors started to use torture as a motivator, especially poison. Ever since, she doesn't have firm beliefs of most things. When she was sent to Haven Lake, she thought she was free, except the goverment was still keeping track of her.

Other: She is particulary outstanding in determining honesty, although it's not supernatural.

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Melodious Euphony NAME: Deirdra
AGE: 15
POWER: She can control Pandinus Imperator. The black emperor scorpion.
WEAKNESS: She can only control that specific species of scorpion.

APPEARANCE: http://eclipsy.deviantart.com/art/Dee...

A story, as told by Deidra:

I could remember clearly and distinctly what was happening, even though it was years ago.
"Dee, you have to get out of the house, call your friends." (as if I had any)
"Call Uncle Dermot. Go stay with him until this is over."
This comment bothered me more than the last.
They hadn't spoken in years, Momma and Dermot.
"I'll give you a signal when it's time for you to go."
I nodded and whipped out my cellphone. Brrrrring... brrrring...
There was a click, and a husky voice answered.
I gave a sigh.
"Seamus, I'm coming over to your house. You know what's happening."
I could almost imagine him. "Okay. we'll be waiting."
He hung up as the echoes of fists on skin grew louder, and the sharp cries of pain continued. I stuffed my phone in my pocket and dutifully went towards the door, awaiting my chance to escape. My mother let out a scream, the signal so I thought, and opened the door.
No sound was too small for my father's ears to catch though.
In what seemed like no time at all he had me in his vice-like grip.
"What do you think you're doing, chickadee."
I shuddered at his calm demeanor as the air was slowly being stolen from my lungs.
"Going to friend's house."
I choked out. Each breath was getting more and more difficult.
He sneered. "You have no friends, and for your lie, you will pay."
I saw his fist rise in the air like it had so many times before.
This time though, something was different. His face started to turn red. then blue.
He grabbed his throat and clawed at imaginary constraints.
I was frightened. So scared as I saw the blood pooling in the doorway of the kitchen.
My father's eyes rolled back in his head and he crumpled to the ground.
I ran to the kitchen and knelt next to my mother's disheveled body.
She opened her eyes and smiled at me.
"I give you my love as you make your way into this world.
Why did she have to.... realization must've shown on my face.
"No Dee, there's nothing we can do. Too much blood has been lost."
Tears rolled down my face as I looked upon my dying mother.
"I love you Momma."
She smiled one last smile.
"I love you too. Now run, little girl."


She's not in the palm of anyone's hand. It's not her name they ever mention. They will never understand. She's her. She doesn't know what it means. She's ripping at the seams, but she still continues to be. She's an odd creation.
If she's restless, she can't help it. She loves her life, but is constantly being haunted by the nightmares that plague her. She really is a mess, but always bottles it up. She gives off a happy impression, but that's not true.


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Name Mathias (Matt) Tenger

Age 18, born June 23rd

Gender Male

Power/Weakness Mathias is a sort of telekinetic. It began with him being able to control objects at a young age – move them very quickly or very slowly across table surfaces. With his extended time at Haven, however, his powers have become very powerful indeed. He can now manipulate energy - the buoyancy of water, the lift of air, as well as control objects no matter what speed they are moving at. This gives him the ability to perform dangerous stunts. Examples of this are falling off of buildings and manipulating the air lift to make him fall slowly - even soften the ground (but to a certain degree) so the fall doesn’t hurt; walk on water; stop a bullet in mid-air.
He is now working on opening wormholes through space, though this is a very erratic and dangerous ability. It is manipulating light energy so he can move faster than it. Mathias’ wormholes open only when his energy is at its full, for it depletes him almost completely, and he has no control over where his wormholes take him. He also can’t control the energy of people – only matter and objects. Mathias gets tired easily if he has to hold his power for a long time as it works best in split-second instances.

Personality and History Having been raised by his father, Sven Tanger, who worked in a gas station and was an illegal immigrant from Switzerland, Mathias has a first-to-survive trait that still surfaces even in the safety of Haven. Sven soon realized that his son was different: a very fast reaction rate, extremely impulsive. One night he woke to a scraping in the nursery which turned out to be Mathias’ crib moving about the room, all on its own. He took the child to a priest to perform an exorcism. Mathias ran away at the age of eleven as his father was an alcoholic with anger management issues, something Mathias has half-inherited. Thankfully, a mysterious but kindly elderly woman took him to her home – Haven – and he’s grown up honing his abilities ever since.
Although Mathias isn’t book smart, he always had an incredible reaction rate – less than 0.1 of a second, nearly inhuman. This gives him the ability to be clever and sly, never missing a beat when talking to someone, never thinking twice about doing something before he does. Never thinking at all, really, and this is much of a weakness: his motto is act first, ask questions later (or not at all). He’s a daredevil by nature and this is enhanced by the stunts he can do. He’s touched with a small case of arrogance; he’s been at Haven the longest, and he pretends to be completely confident in his power, although he truly isn’t.
Mathias makes friends with stunning ease; most are attracted to his confidence and sure-fire ways. He’s witty, confident, a prankster and always just a touch cocky: your quintessential badboy.

Appearance Strong, rugged features – a straight Roman nose, chiselled cheekbones, sculpted chin. His eyes are a luminous blue, bright and deep-set. Since shaving his head at age 12, he’s paid careful attention to his hair, growing it long on top but shorter on the sides, then combing it forward, like a modern version of a 1960’s English hipster. Straight eyebrows set above his eyes give him a look that seems like he’s always brooding, but when he smiles, it’s like a sunrise. And then his mouth contrasts against the rugged features. It’s full, pretty, even, and he’s horribly aware of this, always thinning his lips to look more aggressive. Tall – at last measurement, he was six foot four, though he’s still growing - with a fit body, he likes to keep in shape by running and lifting weights. He’s also an avid basketball player. Mathias has three piercings in his left ear (not shown in pictures): three joined hoops on his cartilage, a stud in the inner part of the ear, and a hoop in the earlobe.

Other As well as vigorous physical activity, Mathias enjoys playing sudden and unplanned pranks on people, which suits his dry, quick humour. He’s known to be quite a bad-ass at camp, always doing insane stunts, turning his powers on at the last possible second.

For the LOLs.


*Jess - Roommate.
*Sydnee - Saved her from the FBI when she was younger; neither know who exactly the other is. See Character Origins.
*Ella - He treats her much like his younger sister.

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Kat (SugarAddict) | 2128 comments Name: Trace Kindl
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Power: The ability to bring characters from TV shows and books to life.
Weakness: Once in reality, they don't usually want to go back.
Personality/History: Trace is a calm boy, that avoids conflict and really just likes to be with a close circle of friends. He's friendly, but not extremely popular. A lot of the time you won't notice him in crowds, he sort of blends in. If you get to know him, he's actually a fun loving guy who's really into music.
Trace was a troubled child, he never fully understood he was causing these phenomenons. At read aloud in the second grade, suddenly Captain Underpants flew through the window. In fifth grade during independent reading, when a small speaking mouse named Desperaux Tilling scattered across his shoes. He was a bright, friendly boy but after a while he caught on. When he tried to inform his middle class parents they dismissed him. When he showed them they denied it. But after a while they couldn't deny it anymore when Gregor the Overlander walked through the living room. It was really just a cry for attention. The young Trace was stuck with a nanny in a big house with all the toys and gadgets he wanted, but the only love he could find was from a stuffed teddy bear. Since then he has grown, and despite his down to earth, loving attitude he really just likes to rely on himself.
Trace has tan features, from italian roots. He used to be lanky and scrawny, but since he hit the big P, his shoulders have broadened and his features grew more defined. His dark hair and thick eyebrows often acquire dirty blonde highlights from excess sun. He has very lush lips, and sparkling grey blue eyes from his father's side. He has gracefull hands that often have blisters on the fingertips from continuous sturmming.
Other: Loves guitar.
(On the link if you click the arrows there are lots of pictures of him.)

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Magdalena (Maggie) Nightingale (MagdalenaNightingale) | 836 comments Mod
Name: Daniel McLean

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Although he was born blind, Daniel likes to think that God did not leave Daniel out in His plan (as you can tell, he is very religious). Daniel, named after the famous Biblical figure who strode into the lion’s den unafraid, lives up to his name. His power is to use sound as his own device. Living in a world of darkness seems to have created in Daniel the ability to hear things at long distances with absolute clarity. He can even use sound waves in the offensive—in a sense, he shoves people away with the brute force of it.

Although he can use sound waves to block attackers, Daniel cannot use them to pick out a target and shoot at them. He can only create a wave, or sonic burst. His blindness is also a weakness, as he (obviously) can’t see anything. Any really loud noises hurt his ears, of course, and have left him near-deaf on more than one occasion.

Daniel might appear small for his age, but he makes up for stature and lack of sight with a big attitude and witty remarks. He seems to always have an answer for everything, since words and sound make up his world. His hair is a dark, thick black that falls over his eyes often—but why should he care? He often wears mismatched outfits and socks, but it’s sort of his style now.
((Just imagine Nico DiAngelo at sixteen.))

Daniel was born blind. His parents are perfectly normal, healthy adults. Devastated, they tried to get help. Nothing worked. His mother, out of options, decided to take Daniel to church practically every day, praying to God to help her son, restore his sight, something. Now sixteen, Daniel still tries to go to Mass at least once a week. He still has some of his mother’s religious fervor, and carries a set of rosary beads around with him, and his father’s watch. His dad had died when Daniel was just six years old, but watches were a sort of joke between the two. It is Daniel’s most prized possession.

Of course, at school he was teased about his religious views, and how he could be counted on to be at Mass every Sunday, but since he went to a special school for the blind and deaf, no one there really had much to tease him about. His looks? No. Attitude? Yes. Daniel was sent to the principal’s many a time for backsass and overall crabbiness. He took it gracefully, however, and when one day he was asked to leave, he knew it was the right path for him.

When the call came to him, a soft whisper, Daniel knew that he had to go. Haven Lake, although he didn’t know it as that, called to him night and day after he really started realizing his sonic powers at age fourteen. Out of school, he told his mother he had to go. A normal mother might be frightened for her son, but Heather McLean saw it as a sign from God. He would help her poor Daniel to be strong. So she let him go, and he arrived at Haven Lake a year ago.

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Magdalena (Maggie) Nightingale (MagdalenaNightingale) | 836 comments Mod
Characters from HungerGamesAddict, Max, Nina, Speak Now, and Taylor have been deleted. Reason: No longer a member.

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Desiree *Primrose* NAME: Nina Conard
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
POWER: She can dematerialize and materialize somewhere else, Teleporting pretty much
WEAKNESS: In her power: She can only travel a mile radius. In herself: She'll give in easily when it comes to someone she loves.
APPEARANCE:[image error]
PERSONALITY/HISTORY: Nina likes to be unique and stand out. Her family was a very rich and traditional family, who hated her desire to be strange, had her life "perfect" live planed out for her before she was born. When she was six, she put purple paint in her hair and personalized her school uniform with rips, patches, and glitter. Afterward her parents kept close watch on her, making sure she didn't ruin their plans. When Nina was thirteen, she found a passion for music. Secretly wrote songs, learned instruments, and worked on her voice. She made a huge plan to runaway after high school and become a singer and songwriter. That's when she discovered her powers. Her parents thought she was a freak and refused to take care of her. From ages 14-16 she lived with her aunt, who let her wear and act whatever she felt like, but still didn't feel happy. Nina left on the day before her 17th birthday and found Heaven Lake.


Tell me if I didn't do something right

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 562 comments NAME: Sydnee Bauer (Grimm)
Spunky, studious and spirited . . .

AGE: 16, born 21 June 1995

GENDER: Female

An embarrassing "spell" in progress

Little did Sydnee know that when she found her buried ancestral tome of Grimms' Fairy Tales that her bloodline would activate a near-forgotten family power -- magic. Each chapter has a single "recipe" for a spell tied into the direct fairy tale in the tome. After a great deal of study to translate the original German and magic text, Sydnee is able to recite the incantation and cast the spell. It took her a week to uncover the Cinderella spell "Drab to Fab" which transforms her drab appearance to a stunning and beautiful one much similar to the Fairy Godmother spell for Cinderella! And just like the story, at midnight, the spell fades away. But when she tried to translate an unfamiliar story like The True Bride, she botched the incantation and temporarily turned herself into the old woman from the story. Most spells last only 24 hours or until she repeats the incantation backwards and correctly to reverse its effects.

Sydnee hasn't learned that many spells given there are 211 chapters in Grimms' Fairy Tales. And she's felt a vibration when she touched other ancient fairy tale or story collection tomes but was too frightened by its foreign sensations. It is possible if forced to get past her fears (which will require a good conflict role-play over time) to discover the "recipes" to those stories. Her more powerful spells frighten Sydnee, too, so she usually has to be strongly convinced to cast them especially if by casting goes against her near rigid moral compass. For example, she once used Puss in Boots' "Wink Wink" to win at cards but wound up making more enemies of her friends from winning too much. She felt bad by winning unfairly and swore not to abuse/misuse that spell again.

Known Spells (Might add more later! There are 211 stories)
* Cinderella's "Drab to Fab" - beauty transformation
* Little Red Cap's "Big Bad Wolf" - summon a big bad wolf companion
* Hansel & Gretel's "Sugar Sugar" - candy materialization
* Rapunzel's "Let Down Your Hair" - prehensile hair (she can whip it!)
* Puss in Boots' "Wink Wink" - exceedingly lucky or charismatic
* Rumpelstiltskin's "Say My Name" - causes her target to fly into a rage and storm off like the imp from the story but she needs to know her target's name

Ugly Duckling -> Swan
Soft waves gently frame about a smooth olive-skinned face. The combination with her cinnamon and honey eyes contrasts exotically against her complexion and sun-kissed streaked amber hair. Those expressive eyes bare her soul with her heart usually worn on her sleeve. Brows lift to a near sharp point, a mimicry to a Vulcan. A tiny beauty mark rests near her coral brushed lips, drawing the eyes toward their pertness. Despite her slender figure, a healthy measure of curves add to her budding beauty and her modelesque height emphasizes her long, sculpted legs.

Sydnee is a romantic at heart, believing in happily ever afters but is realistic enough to know to achieve a HEA may require great risks and grim consequences. Look at what happened to Cinderella's Stepsisters! A cautious attitude has been taken to protect herself from the disasters she had only read about. She also believes and trusts friends quickly, thinking the best out of them, and wholly refers to their advice in social engagements; her gullibility in this has been abused by her friends but often it's for her own sake to live a little. Sydnee is unaccustomed to be on the receiving end of compliments about her beauty after having been an ugly duckling most of her life; these comments unnerve her and she'll typically excuse herself from the situation. Her nose does get stuck in dusty tomes when she's escaping life by a trip to the library. Old folk tales are far more amusing than a SNL sketch; a Grimm Fairy Tale has a darker lesson than any Degrassi episode. That isn't to say Sydnee doesn't know how to have a good time. In smaller social groups, she is known to do the Cabbage Patch or other embarrassing dance steps or sing karaoke. And it's once said she was coaxed into bungee jumping but you won't hear it from her. She likes her privacy, mainly due to her magic power (see history for more details).

Once upon a time. . .

There was a carefree child who had it all - a loving mother and father, riches beyond care and a fantastic future ahead. Sydnee barely recalls that life. The old woman at the house, Grandmere to her, said over time those memories will resurface. At twelve, Sydnee easily accepted the old woman's words and went to explore this new Haven. Friends were eventually made but interactions unraveled mysteries about her past. Why did she scream when lightning struck? Why was she so cautious around men in black? Why does a birthday cake send her running from the room? What happened to cause these reactions? Sydnee speculates her past is much like Cinderella's or Snow White's with a terrible tragedy causing her separation from her family and led to the development of her mousey appearance and attitude. Friends helped along the way to build that backbone and her family's tome slowly revealed brief and distant memories - something to do with her twelfth birthday and government officials in black. She hasn't told anyone about these newly recovered memories in fear that her friends will label her as a freak. Her personal goal is to finish puzzling out her past in order to decide on her future. And in the meantime, Sydnee will try to make a comfortable present for herself and try not to fall into any rabbit holes.

* Mathias - This boy's reputation proceeds him; Sydnee has been fortunate to avoid getting suckered into his schemes. Trouble seems to be his middle name. Despite the negative rep, her girlfriends speak highly if him - namely, about his "handsome" physical assets and the dark-romantic opportunity to reform him. Syd would like it more if her friends would speak less of someone who would get them tossed in jail for a misnomer.
* Josh (Empath) - Their roles reverse frequently that Syd remains uncertain where they stand. The truth is James worked hard since they both arrived in Haven to build her trust and has clarified the haze from some of her mysterious memories. She feels guilty for "hurting" him during their first few months at the House. A memory of the men in black suits coming for her caused the then twelve year old Syd to wake up screaming in terror and projected an intense pain at James who was just new to his empath abilities. Rumors were that doctor came to tend to James; Syd never asked for the truth and mainly hide to avoid harming him again. The nightmares have subsided since her control has developed but she remains cautious whenever in his presence.

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 96 comments Name: Radia Burks

Age: 9

Gender: Female

Power: Radia has the power to turn invisible along with anything she's touching. For example, when she disapears so do her clothes and maybe a purse she had been carrying.

Weakness: Radia doesn't believe in herself or her powers. She's been brought up to think that her power is a thing of the devil, something that should stay hidden.
She also has no control over her power. Whenever she's embarassed or frightened, she becomes invisible.

Apperance: Radia has a very petite and skinny frame. her bones jut out at angular positions, making her look malnutritioned and sickly. Long, dark brown hair flows down to the small of her back. She tends to leave it down as a sort of comfort blanket. Radia has grown her bangs to cover one eye. An olive colored eye peers out, long lashes framing them. She tries to keep her face a mask, so no one can tell what she's thinking, but her eyes normally give away her true feeling. Her skin is normally a pale tan. But whenever she goes out in the sun for more than ten minutes, Radia instantly becomes darker (probably as a result of her Mexican blood).

On the rare occasion she laughs

Personality: Radia is extremely shy. She has no idea how to communicate with others, having lived in a shell her whole life. She is easy to scare, tears only held back by a thin layer. Only someone with a very gentle touch could bring the girl out.
Radia is also very heasitant to trust. It will take a lot of power to be put on her "good side". She avoids anyone on the "bad side", shrinking away from their presence. However, once you gain her trust, you are a friend for life. She will feircely defend you, no matter what others say.
Her downfall would probably be her unquenching curiosity. She hates asking the questions, seeing as it puts her in the spotlight, but she can't help it. Ever since she left her house, everything has amazed and facinated her. She's full of questions, just heasitant to put them forward.

History: Radia comes from a very conservative, Christian family. The family discovered her powers when she was only a year old. An overly enthusastic aunt came to visit and she was scared of his behavior. When he reached to give her a hug, she was frightened and became invisible. From then on, the family believed that their daughter was cursed. They never let her out of the house for fear the neighbors would witness one of her "dissapearing acts".
The only break in her cut-off life was when her grandmother stopped by twice a year. The grandma didn't believe that Radia's power was a curse, but something to be cherrished.

Moonstonesandbooks | 317 comments Name: Ashley-Olivia Fitzroy

Age: 9

Gender: Female

Power: She is able to age herself up to ten years forward, and unage herself up to the age of two.

Weakness: One of her weaknesses is the limits on how much she can age herself. Another weakness is even though she looks older, for example, 17, her brain would still be a 9-year old’s brain.


Stick-straight blonde hair with veins of tawny colored hair reaches her shoulders, and is often either in pigtails or adorned with a hair thingamajig. Her burnt sienna colored eyes are one of her most powerful weapons. With them, she has often led people into thinking that she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Her other petite features, such as her coral pink lips and her nearly straight nose, add to her cuteness factor that people seem to instinctively like. Usually, she is seen wearing long, pastel colored dresses decorated with myriad bows and ribbons. Ashley-Olivia’s current appearance is due to her current ‘role’ that she is playing at Haven: a lollipop-sucking, Barbie-doll playing, little angel. Had she been able to dress the way she liked, she would have had layered, shorter hair with bangs, and she would have worn jeans and t-shirts.

Precocious. If there was just was one word to describe Ashley-Olivia, that’s what it would it would be. When she was just four years old, Ashley Olivia was first introduced to the world of chess. Two years later, she became a chess-prodigy, and started competing nationally. Her parents made her believe that the way that things were going at the time was going to lead to a bright and happy future. They told her that the world was full of special people, like her, and that she just needed to be a sweet girl, so that the world would love her. During this high point in her life, she had discovered her power, and was starting to use it a lot. However, she only practiced in the safety of her home. She didn’t want anyone to find out, in fear of the world not loving her. When she was invited to go to the White House for a competition, she got extremely excited and begged her parents to go alone. After the competition, she started exploring the building, and found a small, seemingly empty room. She started practicing her powers and she got discovered by the FBI. From there, they tried sweet-talking her into joining, by comparing it to a game of chess. She was going to be trained and be a powerful person, they said, just like the Queen in chess. They also told her of a wonderful sister that she never knew that she had, and also told her that she needed some help. The last step in convincing her to join was by telling her that she was going to a special academy. At the time, she still was rather sweet and just a bit naïve, so she agreed. When she finally returned home, the FBI lied to her parents, saying that she had received a scholarship to a far-away elite school for prodigies. Her parents agreed, and then she was sent away. When she arrived at the training center, the FBI told her that she was going to a special school of science and medicine. They have told her that ever since she joined, and doesn’t really know that she’s helping the FBI. She believes that she is a doctor, of sorts, and by sending people to ‘Tuckfield Academy of Medicine, Health, and Science’, she will help them out. They made her start wearing frilly, little girl dresses, and told her to talk about ‘glitter, unicorns, and rainbows’. This annoys her greatly, but she really wants to ‘help’ her sister that has often been mentioned to her, so she puts up with it. Due to being around FBI agents so long, Ashley-Olivia has lost her innocent view on certain things, such as dreams coming true and the world accepting her, and now has accepted the FBI mentality: all special people must: 1) help out the ‘Tuckfield Academy’ for the good of science and medicine, 2)have their powers removed if they don’t accept or wish to become normal. She doesn’t really question or disobey the motives of the FBI (except for the girly girl part). They have also trained her in how to make disguises, so that people don’t really recognize her when she ages. This combined with the general tendency of people to trust young, innocent looking children makes her a better spy than most would think. Before the agents sent her off, they told her that as a young medical recruit, she must not really reveal much about her real self. They told her to tell the others that she was tired of being bullied at school because of her powers, and that she eventually stumbled upon Haven Lake. They also told her that she has to really believe it. When she asked why, they told her that not all people like to help out medicine or other types of science.

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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (TheSignPainter) | 9078 comments Mod
Name: Aisling (ASH-lin(g). The g is there but isn't really heard.)

Age: "I don't know; I've lost track." (approx. a little over 100)

Gender: F

Power: She cannot die. 

Weakness: Aisling does feel physical pain. More so when she should have died. For instance if someone were to attempt to drown her, she would feel her lungs burn from lack of oxygen, and instead of breaking down like a normal persons and staying like that, they reform, and during that reformation, there's a lot of pain. 
On top of that, Aisling is very protective of what few things she owns that remains from her original home.

Appearance: Aisling has very straight, very long and very  light blonde hair, along with a pale complexion, and faded grey eyes. She seems to resemble an old photograph. She's a thin "child," never feeling the need to eat, and only does so because of the pains in her stomach which get rather annoying.

History:  Contrary to popular belief, Aisling is not tired of living. She does not wish to die, though she did when her family grew old and passed away. Instead, she seeks out knowledge, very basically blocking emotion from her "life".

Originally from Ireland, Aisling grew up in the early 1900's. She and her family migrated to America when she was seven, hence her slight Irish accent. From there, she attended a normal school, and growing up normally. Until one day, her class took a field trip up to a museum. The bus was struck by a driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel, resulting in a freak accident which killed everyone in the crash, except Aisling, who was horribly injured, but intact. Investigators said she should have died, for the driver impacted the bus right where she was sitting. She and her family refused interviews on the subject, and her parents pulled her out of school, deeming it too unsafe for their daughter to continue to attend. 

Over time, her parents realized that she was not aging properly. Her appearance was exactly the same as when the accident occurred. They called numerous specialists in, though none had an answer. And so they dropped the problem altogether, simply allowing their daughter to age without really aging at all. They warned her, and everyone else associated with them, to not say a word. 

Time moved on still, and Aisling looked far too young to be accepted into any job, despite meeting the requirements. So she stayed at home, doing household chores, and never complained. Her parents grew old. Her mother went first at some point during the Great Depression. Her father just a year later. Aisling lived on. No one knew exactly what happened to her. After her father died, no one could find her, too. So they thought she died as well. And the world forgot about her for quite some time. Only after even more time passed did she draw attention to an elderly couple walking passed the alley she had been in, resting by the side of a brick building, looking like she was starving, which she was, but she did not care for she did not need to satisfy the pains her stomach brought. But they persuaded her to come with them to their home, where they fed her despite her objections. 

The elderly couple asked her where her parents were, and Aisling said that they had died a long time ago. They asked her when, she said in the middle of the winter of 1934 and 35. They asked her how old she was, she said she stopped counting, long long ago. 

The elderly couple began taking in more and more people who also had strange abilities. She stayed far from them. They were all bigger than her, seemingly older. She didn't want trouble. She saw them come and go, leave to become people in the world. To go to college and work for a living instead of being completely dependent on the couple like she would forever be. She wonders sometimes, what it will be like when they too will pass away. 

Personality: Aisling is a quiet person, normally. She prefers a life of solitude rather than interacting with others. However, being very protective of what she owns from her (continuous) childhood, she can become rather rude to strangers, and does not enjoy unwelcomed company.

Other: She lives in part of the attic.

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Kat (SugarAddict) | 2128 comments NAME: Juliet Resenzi
AGE: 16
POWER: The ability to animate anything. A broom can walk, a computer can talk.
WEAKNESS: It's hard to control, if you've ever seen Fantasia you get the idea. ;P
APPEARANCE: Juliet has dark brown hair that is usually tied back into a bun or a fish tail braid. She has lightly tanned skin, and brown eyes that match her dark lashes. An award winning smile to go along with her long legs and arms, as well as her mature look. High cheek bones and a natural blush set off the sparkle in her eye, the shape slightly squinted. Beam's nose is wide at the bottom, with a small bridge setting off the button nose look and her chin is the perfect V shape.
She has long, toned limbs and is average height and figure.

PERSONALITY: Juliet is a generally optimistic girl, but she has her moments. She loves to smile, one of her greatest pleasures. But if you dig deeper, you see a whole another girl. But for now- The surface.

Juliet is a good-hearted girl that you can like easily. Jokes and laughs come easy to her, and she's just a people person. In some ways she's still innocent, believing there's good in everyone. Sometimes you might question the pureness of her mind though, because don't you worry- there's a dirty side in there. Though sometimes she can be a over protective and passionate about certain subjects, it's easy to get along with her. But be careful- She has a fire burning soul and you can burn your fingers. But you can also warm your hands if you position yourself the right way.

HISTORY: Juliet and Jonas grew up without a father, their mother a struggling low life in working class. The lived on the south side of Chicago, walking to their over-crowded school together and trying to scrounge up some change for their mom. She was a problem child, giggling and over talkitive. But also there were strange phenomenons, books dancing around the class room, pencils bouncing on the erasers with no help. The teachers never caught her, but often children would tattle. At first it was dissmissed as childish antics, but after a while of these reports suspicion arose.

Their mother cherished them so, the love like a pulsing heart beat. They pitied their mother, she worked as hard as she could for them but it was never enough. One day, she collapsed from exauhstion and just never had enough strength to get up. Or at least that's how their neighboor explained it. At the time they were eight, and didn't know better. They were sent to their cold grandmother, who never liked their father and when he died neglected her mother. She wasn't happy to have the twins. So they left, Jonas's plan. And by the faint glow of the moon light they found themselves, scared, cold and hungry at the Haven.

OTHER: Jonas's twin. Touchy on her past.

Jonas will be posted in an hour or so

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Kat (SugarAddict) | 2128 comments Yay!

NAME: Jonas Resenzi
AGE: 16
POWER: The ability to suck the life out of anything. The battery life of your phone, or the luminesce of a light. Or a person. He doesn't gain this energy, it sort of just becomes nothing.
WEAKNESS: Jonas is a scared boy, he is wary of his power. He uses it only when in danger (or practicing control) Once life is gone, it cannot be restored. Even though his sister could make it seem so, it would never be truly alive.
APPEARANCE: Jonas has a mess of dark hair that matches his dark eyes, his skin is slightly tanner than Julie's. He's tall and strong from physical work, and has thin lips. His features are soft, the round of his chin and the tip of his nose. There are cauleses on his hands from work and defined muscles on his arms and abs. His hair reached his ears, and is mostly straight or wavy. Sometimes in the humidity it becomes curly though.
PERSONALITY: Jonas, like his sister, shares passion. Though he has anger issues. You do not mess with his family, especially Juliet. He's not afraid to strike. Though if you look pass the dark, brooding violent boy you find someone who really just is scared of the world.

Even though Jonas has a scary reputation, it's easy to over come that. You just have to watch what you say. He never meant to have that reputation, but now a lot of people steer clear of him so he embraces it. But really, he never meant to hurt anyone (more on that later). He enjoys being solemn, he leaves the sociality to his twin. He doesn't talk much, and just busies himself through out the day working out, listening to angry music or practicing his ability. His reputation is what he hides behind, and he has no problem being a coward.

HISTORY: Ditto Juliet:

When Jonas was placed in a class without Juliet second grade year, he had no one to protect him. Usually, when kids would try to pick on him Juliet would stop them. One day a bully started to poke him, trying to make him talk. Suddenly the lights flickered, and the room went dark. Some kids scream, until the teacher found an emergency flashlight. All the light bulbs went out, it took an hour for them to reconnect. This was the first sign.

A few months later, when Juliet was home sick, Jonas was surrounded by a circle of kids. He panicked, they were singing a song. "Jonas and Katie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G..." He felt terrible for Katie. Who would want to kiss him? Suddenly the students dropped to the floor. Terrified, fearing what he did he faked fell too. Luckily, he wasn't powerful enough to kill them. Only put them into a light sleep.

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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (TheSignPainter) | 9078 comments Mod
Name: Daniel "Danny" Desmond Auditore da Firenze

Age: 15

Gender: M

Power: Puppet Master. He can control the motor functions of an object or person. The extent of his powers relies on how much he can move his hands. So if he can only move them slightly, then the effect will be small (ie: mouth won't talk, arms won't move correctly), and if he can move them greatly, then the effect will be big (ie: control over nearly all the movements of the object's/person's body).

Weakness: If he can't move his hands, he can't do anything to anything.

Appearance: Daniel has dark brown hair, and light brown eyes. He wears a sort of goofy-looking smile most of the time. He has a pale complexion and is of average height.

Personality/History: Growing up with mainly his brother as a guardian, Daniel was a bit more sheltered as a boy. Though as the two boys grew older, William began developing some rather odd traits. At first, of course, Daniel had no idea, but as time went by, William's odd ability became more apparent. A touch of envy stirred and grew in the young boy as his brother went higher in the social ladder of their school.

After school one day, a very tired eleven-year-old Daniel came home with a slightly more energetic William, who had been constantly teasing him, and ignoring his protests to quiet. At some point, it grew unbearable for Daniel and his clenched his fist, hoping for only his brother to be silent, if only for a few minutes. And it was quiet. Magic, it seemed. Daniel turned to look up at his brother, who was acting as if his mouth could not move. He was making incomprehensible noises, though nothing as annoying as before. Well look at that. He had a power.

A year passed. William approached him one day, saying that they needed to leave for whatever reason. As they hastily threw together what few things they could carry, they left the beat up apartment complex, and feebly attempted to make a living. Weeks later, they found themselves at a mansion where an old couple invited them in.

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Rudyards | 2024 comments Mod
Name: Erio Boros

Age: 15

Power: Known as "The Dance Macabre" Erio can temporarily bring spirits back from the dead to do a variety of things. These spirits can be asked basic questions and they are able to answer with any knowledge they had when they were alive. These spirits will also defend Erio and will follow any basic orders to the best of their capability.

Weakness: Erio can't have met the spirit he is bringing back, making him unable to raise anyone he has known or see die. Additionally, Erio must utter a short verse in order to summon spirits. When he is saying this, it is very obvious he is doing something supernatural, giving people the chance to hit him and disrupt his spell. Finally, the spirits of the dead can't move more than 5 yards away from Erio.

Appearance: Erio is a tired looking boy, with droopy black hair that often covers his eyes, which are dark as night. His skin always looks clammy and his lips almost always are chapped. This aside, Erio usually wears bright clothing, or at least avoids black. His smiles are rare, but always have a certain warmth to them. He looks significantly younger than he actually is.

Personality: Erio knows that his dark power and looks make him often viewed as gothic. He hates this however, and will react with anger if he is called a goth or emo. He suffers from insomnia, which often contributes to his sleepy look. He considers his power more of a curse than a blessing, as he cannot bring back anyone he loves, only those he does not know. He realizes his power can bring happiness, but usually refuses to raise spirits of people's relatives; the spirits are rarely more than a shadow of the person, and typically just make people feel worse about their loss. Because of this, he usually makes people painfully aware of his powers problems before he uses them for the person.

History: Erio's father was an undertaker, exposing the boy to death at a young age. His mother died of cancer when he was young, hardly older than 7. He only remembers a few moments with her. Both his father and mother were only children, so the funeral wasn't very large. Erio grew up, not particularly good at anything in school. He had a few friends, but had trouble feeling for any of them. When he was 13, he began to suffer from insomnia. Late at night, when the rest of the neighborhood was asleep, he would see phantoms, people walking near his window that would look familiar. One night, it came to him. All of those people had been buried by his father.

The scream was loud enough to wake the dead. And of course it did. His father rushed into his room to see dancing ghosts, singing an odd chant.

The Reaper has brought us to a new home
This boy has brought us back once more
All of us will leave, none will stay
Yet all to dance the Macabre

It made the news and Erio was sent to Haven within the week.


*Friends with Moya, is always willing to help her. She made him understand his power was a gift and not a curse.
((I'm going to keep tweaking this character, I'm not sure that he is perfect yet.))

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NAME: Emily
AGE: 15
POWER: Water Bender
WEAKNESS: She can not go near fire, due to her power. She has never touched it, but imagines something bad would happen.

APPEARANCE: Emily has light skin with really dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. She usually dresses in blue. http://media.photobucket.com/image/wa...

PERSONALITY/HISTORY: Her mom died when she was young, so she grew up with her dad. One day, on accident, her dad found out about her power. Her dad freaked out and kicked her out of the house. She was looking to live on her own, when she came across the Haven.
She hates people who love themsleves, but thinks it's important to have confidence in yourself. She enjoys making friends and having a good time. She loves swimming and learning more about her ability. Sometimes she can be somewhat of a troublemaker.

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 562 comments NAME: Jacob Davis (Weaver)

AGE: 18, born 31 May 1993


POWER/WEAKNESS: Dream Manipulation
Dream Angel or Your Worst Nightmare?
Jacob has the ability to control, modify, supress, fabricate, influence, manifest, sense and observe dreams through entering the "astral plane" of a sleeping person. If can choose whether or not the sleeping person can see him or even participate in the dream and afterwards surpress or erase that portion of the dream all together. Through this ability, he has accidentally unlocked people's hidden powers or even communed with the dead. Frighteningly enough, he can bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming, entrap people in REM, cause a dreaming-psychic attack which harms the sleeping person's physical body and even promote spiritual/emotional healing within dreams. Experience has taught him how to transport through a person's dream to that sleeping person's physical location, induce a waking person into slumber or even invite other sleeping people to share in one person's dream. He is the weaver of dreams and for all this power, he can dangerously slip up and cause greater harm than intended. If he's unfamiliar with the person, he can misjudge the person's willpower and cause the person to fall into a coma. And he can only use this power on sleeping people. If you're awake, he's basically powerless. Perspicuity, a power in which one is immune to all psychic penetration, is the one main power which cancels his own and he's found out and forced out of that person's dream. By spending too much time in Dreamtime, his physical body can deteroiate and lead to death; he does require waking for food and exercise. During his early stages of using his power, he forgot to wake after a week and woke in the hospital with an IV in his arm. The other disadavantage is certain superpowered people's dreams unknowingly can cause him to wake in pain, having shared an empathic link to the fear; Jacob does not know the cause or reasoning for the backlash or why certain people can. For now it seems entirely random or may be caused by his own mental barriers for self-perservation.

Daydreaming in the Loft
Windswept wavy hair of golden brown wildly wisps about his head; this freshly woken look added with the jagged scar on his upper left cheek slates this tanned boy in the surfer-hottie category. His suede eyes oft are sparked with mischief and knowing, as though he was clued into an intimate joke. A five o'clock shadow lingers, a trim usually forgotten in favor of activites. Muscles ripple beneath cotton shirts on his tall, lanky and wiry frame as a sign of his athleticism.

Jacob can be Janus-faced between reality and Dreamtime. When awake, he can easily become impatient and irritated with people compared to Dreamtime, he can easily cause who he wishes to come true. When he was younger, this abrasive attitude didn't lend to friendships quickly but over time, he's learned to somewhat keep the attitude in check. To prevent boredom, Jacob will leap into physical and daring activities like snowboarding, bungee jumping, fencing and a bit of swimming. He's a fan of rugby ever since a former roommate blindsided him in a tackle; the resulting wrist break endeared him to the rough sport and he's since fully embraced the activity. Despite all this, he would rather play in Dreamtime. For example, why read books when he can live the experience? He has great joy plucking friends out of their dreams to come play in his field of dreams and acts a bit like Peter Pan or Puck then. But if you get on his bad side, the claws come out -- figuratively. This Freddy Krueger will haunt your dreams and cause the person to get delirious, uncertain of knowing what's real or fantasy.

Jacob and his sister were adopted by a loving couple; his father, Julian, was an American ambassador stationed in France where he met his wife, Vivian, an aspiring opera singer. The family would travel the globe together, seeking new worlds and possibilities. Jacob's cultural awareness, suffice to say, exploded with this nurturing. But happiness cannot last forever. Julian became jealous of Vivian's male companions who'd appear at all hours of the night and Vivian disliked how his job would take him away for weeks at a time. Jacob overheard his parents bickering after his sister snuck into his room for comfort; the two huddled together and tried to dream away the nightmare. When his eyes opened, the two were in Australia surrounded by a tribe of indigenous people painted with white streaks and handprints. They said he was a Dream Weaver, one of the Dreamtime Totem Spiritual Beings, who had come to answer their prayers. Jacob looked down at his sister, Cosette, in shock. They were welcomed into the tribe, many women took a fancy to caring off the little doll Cosette while Jacob gained lessons from the men. They lived that way for a couple of years and during that time, Jacob would visit his adoptive parents' dreams to see how they fared and discovered they were working for a secret operation who sought control over people with superpowers.

Fearful of what may happen to Cosette, he woke and shared the story with the men in the tribe. A ritual was needed, they said. And during the middle of the purge, Cosette disappeared. Jacob left the tribe to find where his sister went. He went all over the world, chasing down cooling leads, popping into a dream here and there until he caught sight of her. The grandparents said Cosette was here, in Haven, and to come to them. And so, he leapt into their dream and appeared at the house where he's lived ever since in the hopes of relocating his long lost little sister. That was a year ago and the subject remains closed; he brutually shuts everyone out from discussing Cosette.

* Cosette - Jacob has been searching for his little sister ever since that Dreamtime ritual. One minute her hand clutched his tightly while the aboriginals gave praise to the Dreaming Totem Spirit and the next, vanished without a trace. Her disappearance led him to Haven, a place which locals swear to have heard her mystical singing echoing during the night of the full moon. She was the epitome of a porcelain doll, well kept and favored by her parents.

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Fawn((Molly stoll! Connor Stoll's wife)) | 3 comments Name: Ever
Gender: female
Powers: She can turn into a wolf. This requires lots of energy.
Weakness: Is very weak when she changes back into her normal form.
Appearance: Ever is about 5'9, with long blonde hair and brilliant green eyes. http://www.renegadesims.com/RenegadeR... , always wears a sweater.
Personality: Ever is more of the shy type. She doesn't really talk to people. She doesn't want to make friends. Ever is actually Goth. When she makes friends(which is rare). She can be very kind, and nice. She is very fierce and protecting. She would give her life for her friends.
History: Her parents, sister, and pets all died in a car crash, she was the only one to survive. Afterwards her Aunt and Uncle took her in. he made the mistake about telling them about her powers. They thought she was crazy. They called the FBI, the FBI was chasing her, and she was a wanted person in almost every state until she escaped to here
Crush: Cale
Other: Has a pet owl named Niccolò.

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*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 386 comments Name: Roza Zhanna Inavov
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female

Power: Ability to control the temperature in a room; it usually is controlled by her highest emotion

Appeareance: Short but anything but stout, Roza stands at a measly 5"3. Her dark brown hair that is so dark that it looks black has a horrible case of natural-teasing, or a natural bedhead. every morning it's a war between hair and hair straightener. The shorter it's cut, the more frizz her hair develops. That's why Roza has her hair down to the last one of her ribs, but can go longer once her hair is controlled.

Her complexion is ice-looking, giving her already stone-hard face and even tougher look. Those cold, hard gray eyes seem to be able to see right through a person, but can also be like pools of melted lead, hiding under thick lashes, that's if she gives you the chance,which is unlikely.





Personality/History: Just like the looks she gives off, Roza is one tough cookie. Her head, her heart, her thoughts, are heavily protected by a snarky attitude and barbed tongue. Rarely is a person given the chance- or are they able to- make roza smile, and give off a bright smile hidden behind plush lips.

Roza likes staying in the dark, likes to sit and observe rahter than jump into conversation with a bubbly, enthusiastic attitude. Her biggest accomplishment is to be seen and not heard. But sometimes, she can snap, too. One thing that Roza hates the most is abuse. Just read her history. She also hates being pushed around and ordered around. It's not wise to try, either. She doesn't just rely on her power to fight back. Little girls learn a lot of fighting moves on the streets; Roza being one of them.

Roza lived in a large city called Moscow with her mother and after a few years, her step-father. When it was just her and her mother, things were fine. Thhey weren't great, but they were good enough. At 12, Roza wanted to get a job to help with the money problem they were having. But Roza's mother had anoter idea; a man nto hold down the house. Roza's mother was head-over-heels, and they soon wed not six months after dating. The wedding was beatiful, graceful, and full of happiness. The nightmare started after the Honeymoon.

Roza was 12, and about to be 13 by then when her stepfather got a little mad at her. She had forgotten to do the dishes that day, but only because the washer had been acting up, and she kept on checking on it. He screamed and yelled, and threw things, and when Roza started yelling back, that's when things really started to fire up. Literally.

It got so hot in that small, mismatched furniture living room that the curtains caught on fire. That was crossing the line. The man struck Roza with such force that her chapped cheek started to bleed. No matter how many times she said it was an accident, or she didn't know how it happened, it only made things worse. She went to sleep bruised, bloody, and tear-stained. When her mother came home, no one spoke a word about the whooping.

Thiswent on for months before Roza finally put her foot down. She screamed and threw things too, and now ducked the harsh blows she used to be too afraid to delfect. Now a traumatic thirteen-year-old girl with a temper. Roza fought back vicously, but refused to hurt him. She escaped this fight with only a few aching spots on her body. That's when she jumped out her bedroom window with nothing but an overniht bag filled with some food, and one outfit. She's been at Haven Lake ever since.

Other: When Roza had to travelto the U.S. (that's where HAven LAke is, right?), she didn't exactly get a ticket. Money was tight for her, and there was a big crowd. With her tiny frame and dark clothes, she wasn't seen by anybody,not even when she hid on the boat. So that's another reason she's running from the FBI. An illegal immigrant with superpowers. But that's her biggest secret. No one here knows about just how bad she's in with this.


Silver. Not the fake stuff, or the color, but the real stuff. Roza has a pretty good hold of her power now, but sometimes when her temper flares, it can get out of hand. That's why she always wears a silver and white gold bracelet. It's only 50% silver, but it's almost always enough.

Her wrist bracelet;


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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 562 comments NAME: Moya Doyle (Shaman)

AGE: 21, born 25 May 1990

GENDER: Female

POWER/WEAKNESS: Biological Manipulation
A Priestess of ancient healing . . .

Moya is capable of controlling the biological structure of any organic matter including her own body. She is still inexperienced in the use of her powers, and the limits of her abilities are unknown. She must be in close proximity to whomever she heals, but can heal through clothing.

Initially, Moya could only heal cuts and wounds until an agent of Psychic Bestowal abilities inserted the knowledge of anatomy, biology, and genetics into her mind. This key unlocked her abilities further for she could further understand the capabilities of her biological manipulation. She can cause cells to augment to induce advanced or declined biological healing, induce diseases like cancer, harm others such as causing painful boils and welts, induce appearance alteration like hair and iris color change or freckle breakout, evoke sensuality, and even increase physiological maturity.

But she is incapable of bringing the dead to life or save those with immortality or enhanced regeneration for both of their biologies are far too complex than her knowledge. With certain diseases and damage, healing takes numerous sessions as it takes time for DNA to alter its original state. And if disturbed during her healing ritual, the distraction could redirect the damage and pain from the patient and onto herself; this feedback could alter her own body and brain chemistry. This becomes a hazard for herself since she's proven to be very difficult to be treated medically. Her own biology has altered so much by her control, often her DNA rebooting when she passes into a coma from exerting her powers too much.

In the beginning . . .

Luscious curly tresses of red contrasts against her pale, alabaster skin. A touch of rouge brightens her cheeks and apple red lipstick stains her pert, tiny and full lips which are usually held in a smile. Crystalline aqua, oceanic and garden mists, expressive displays this Irish woman's thoughts - often flashing between humor and exasperation. Her slender hands display the calluses of an ancient healer, equipped to handle a surgical blade or play a harp. Together with her height of near five foot nine, she could easily pass off as a model but hides it behind her simple sweaters, jeans and boots.

This healer left her bedside manners at the door; typically the teens who walks into her doors is too self-centered and callous that she responds with equal abrasiveness and severity. There have been some who draw out her playful fae-like self and she responds favorably by healing these individuals through a more tender ritual. It isn't as though she walks with a stick up her backside but more that she gets impatient with teens who refuse to listen to her remedies and prescriptions. Sure, many may be ancient and archaic but Moya has trusted these remedies more than modern medicine. And other times, it's easier to do that than exhaust herself by using her powers to heal every boo-boo from a teen who is too stupid to know when to quit. She also is a practicing Shaman, who uses crystals with her healing rituals.

She loves to laugh and a lot and is extremely maternal to those she trusts or sees in need of nurturing. Knitting is a favorite pastime between watching soaps and dramas. This good old girl likes to cry happy tears now and again. And teens may happen to know she's a pool shark; that innocent look fools newcomers but the long-timers know she's very deadly with a pool stick. Not to mention, her upper cut punch is a bruiser when fighting against her in the ring. She's a natural boxer.

Moya grew up in a small farming community in Ireland. The specific whereabouts aren't useful and she speaks little about her family there except to say they raised her well. She spent most of her time in the local pubs, playing pool and darts, or boxing her mates. When it came to decide on her major in college, she spoke about dreams of becoming a prominent doctor. Too many locals were dying since they weren't close enough to the nearest hospital. If she got educated, she could come back and tend to them. All was peachy keen until her graduation.

The suits showed up at her door and offered her a deal she couldn't refuse. They'd pay for her education in exchange for a little field work. How wrong she was then to believe them. The next year was spent being experimented on while she experimented on other teens they've captured. The suits wanted to know what caused this genetic mutation and how could they enhance others to become super-agents. They went further and started to force her into designing biological weapons.

Somehow in the midst of this harsh existence, she fell in love with one of her patients - Miles O'Brien. He was a cheeky sort and a bully to boot. Their first meeting, he socked her good on the eye and she thanked him for the lovely gift. Over time they created their own silent communication and shared love letters between visits. The suits experimented on Miles, causing him to be permanently forced into anti-radiation suit in order to walk about the base; they had someway unlocked his radioactive abilities but Miles was incapable of containing them. She promised she'd find a way to heal him.

Operation Bane went on scheduled. Miles was dispatched to London with orders to release a radioactive explosion near Parliament and thereby sink the government. It was to be the first of many operations to come. Moya managed to get her hands on the guards, sending each into a cationic state, before racing out of the base. When she finally reached Miles just seconds, he apologized and exploded.

The suits think she's dead. The grandparents saved her through a dimensional rift. Haven, they said, could be her new home. Moya decided this place was as good as any and hoped in time she could heal the guilt of her past.

* Miles O'Brien - This atomic manipulator was charged with setting London on fire. Knowing how his biology had dramatically altered and unstable, Moya disobeyed orders to chase after Miles. The resulting explosion led the authorities to believe both died in the warehouse. She carries his DNA code in a special stone, hidden away to prevent scientists from inserting his powers into another unsuspecting teenager.
* Erio - When this downtrodden entered her infirmary, Moya lent a friendly ear regarding his troubles. She taught him how to see his "curse" in a new light, which could help those mourning find closure. Knowing he could therapeutically heal others seemed to put Erio in better spirits. He keeps visiting and she decided if he was going to hang around, better to teach him darts than to lounge around moping.

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Whimsicality (onawhim) | 3522 comments Mod
Name Solange Vogel

Age 17, born December 21

Gender Female

Power/Weakness Astral Projection: able to dismiss her spirit from her body. Able to separate her consciousness from her corporeal mass – while her physical presence goes under a trance, Solange concentrates her consciousness into a spiritual form which allows her to travel anywhere on the Astral Plane, changing shape and form as she pleases. This gives her supreme levels of insight as well as allowing her to explore more aspects of everyone’s personality. She can drop by on dreams and daydreams but not change them. Her powers in the Astral Plane are merely those of observation. This gives her the objective power of being able to enter someone else’s physical body and even possess them. Upon contact her powers extend to others as well. This is to say that if she touches someone, she can dispel their consciousness with hers so the two travel together in the plane.
Solange’s physical body is completely vulnerable while she is travelling in her astral form, unless she chooses to divide her concentration and have some of her consciousness left in her physical body while the rest is travelling on the Plane. This weakens her greatly, however, and divides her concentration. If her body is harmed or even killed while she is in her spirit form, the only way for her to survive is to take control of someone else’s body and dispel their consciousness.

Appearance Small in stature, Solange takes over in her mysterious demeanour completely. Her mouth is in a permanent pout, usually coloured in with fire-engine-red lipstick, her long, streaked blonde hair arranged messily and carelessly in disarray. Limbs birchlike, long and frail, she seems as if she’ll float away at any moment. Her head is tilted contemplatively nearly all the time. She’s never to be seen outside without oversized sunglasses on of some sort – these hide dreamy blue eyes and tangled blonde lashes. Nails coloured in all sorts of neon colours, with clothes that could make the cover of several magazines (hippie-chic), Solange looks for all the world a glamour girl.

Personality Friends with no one and everyone. Solange is content to come and go as she pleases, an independent soul. Converse with her and her dreamy French-accented voice will show that she is much more intelligent than she appears to be. She thinks of things that one who has not experienced Astral Projection would never dream of – spiritual philosophies, new methods of thinking, the vastness of space. She’s a walking mystery, shrouded in enigma. Always on a different level than the inhabitants at Haven, it’s a mystery as to what she’s thinking though she insists she is open about it. Great deals of courage and insight would be needed to become close to the girl.

History Born in Nice, France, Solange lived with her grandmere Auguste (a domineering, powerful woman) who was the editor of a fashion magazine after her parents lost custody of her at age two. Living alone in the massive house, styled after Versailles, did not seem to bother or faze Solange in the slightest. As a child she never cried or threw temper tantrums; always very quiet and observant, she was perfectly behaved and Auguste felt quite capable of leaving the child alone at home when at work or running errands.
This all came to an abrupt end when Auguste returned home after a two-week vacation to find that twelve-year-old Solange was not, in fact, at home. When she demanded to know where her granddaughter had vanished to, the servants replied that they had thought her with her grandmother. After an extensive search throughout the city, they found Solange’s comatose body in the basement of a deserted apartment building in Paris. Brought to the hospital, she regained consciousness two days later and, much to her grandmother’s frustration, refused to explain why or how she had gotten to be there. A tracker bracelet was attached to the girl for her own safety.
From then on Solange kept disappearing from home at random intervals – found ingesting illegal substances (to ‘experiment’, she explained, to her horror-struck grandmother); sleeping in stranger’s beds; simply wandering around in the countryside. Eventually Auguste decided that a visit to a therapist would not be out of the question. Solange calmly explained to the doctor that she had had strange out-of-body experiences and had even ‘possessed’ a thirty-year-old man by accident.
“Not to worry,” the fourteen-year-old girl said, her expression as serene as the face of a calm lake, “it can be attained through a high level of meditation, according to the Buddhist monks. It’s perfectly normal.”
After numerous sessions, the doctor realized what exactly Solange’s problem was. The therapist reported this strange occurrence to a contact who worked for the DST (Département de la Sûreté Territoriale, French equivalent of the FBI), who was in turn was put in touch with Auguste. Extremely worried for her daughter’s welfare, the woman was ensured that Solange would be ‘cured’ of her ‘hallucinatory’ occurrences as well as put into military camp for discipline that the girl surely lacked. For two months Solange was enrolled in a military youth program, before, thanks to her Astral powers, she found out what exactly waited for her at the end of the semester. Not wanting to wait around for a trap, Solange ordered all of her possessions to be transported to Haven (a place she encountered in her astral form, while inhabiting the body of a DST agent) thus having lived there for two years.


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*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 386 comments Name: Aswin Balachandra Wood (known to everyone as Jack)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Power: Jack has the ability to see and talk to those who have recently died, or those who have not moved on. He cannot summon or banish them, since they are free moving spirits, and can only merely talk to them.

Weakness: Sometimes Jack too many ghosts appear before him, and they swarm around him. If you see him waving his arms around, just slap him, and the ghosts will go away.

His other weakness is chocolate. He can't eat or touch chocolate, or he won't be able to talk to ghosts.

Jack has a very muscular form. He spends many hours a day just working out. You can usually see him wearing a cut t-shirt, or just shirtless. He has his hair cropped short, but just long enough to put gel through and style the way he likes it. His face is one of a true Indian's. High cheekbones settle alogside a large nose, which he has happily started to grow into. Hidden under thick, dark lashes are equally dark eyes. These eyes are wide, and so dark that they look as black as a beetle. When angered, these dark, endless eyes can form a black fire that is highly dangerous. Surprisingly, all of Jack's muscle doesn't make him bulky. His tall figure and muscle cancle each other out perfectly, creating a tall and lean boy with a golden tan.




Pesonality: Jack loves to be the center of attention, but unlike most people, has a charming way of getting it. He's not cocky or selfish a lot of the time, but can be a little too friendly at times. Jack is a very curious person, who loves exploring and creating trouble.

Jack does have his solemn(?) moments, though. He tends to help people forget (and sometimes does forget himself) that he has heard and seen so much of life from deceased friends that he's met. Sometimes, he just want to take a break from the action and smell the roses or enjoy the scenery. The way he sees it is life is short, don't waste it, and live every day as if it were your last. One thing that Jack does have a lot of is pride. So, he hates his Cherokee name. He's been called it all his life, but as soon as he left, he chose a new name. His Cherokeee name is to be kept a secret, and he hopes he can keep it a secret.

During his whole life, Jack always had "imaginary" friends. They came and went as they pleased. It took him a few years to realize that htese people weren't his imagination, but ghosts. Still, that didn't stop him from living his life to the fullest.

Jack had lived on a Reservation in North Carolina, up until a few months ago. There, he was a star. Football star, got good grades, and always hung out with the right people. To those on the rez, he was a great kid.

One night, Jack wanted to live dangerously. With a cople of his loyal companions, the three boys snuck off the rez into the real world. Being that it was North Carolina, it wasn't hard to fnd a dealer. THe boys bought some weed, then dashed into an alley for some privacy as they smoked.

Unfortuanately, a cop that had been assigned to the area saw the smoke as he was driving by. Jack and his friends were caght red-handed, and got a nice ride in a police car. Unofrtuanately, they didn't go home.

Jack spent one night in jail, surrounded by those who had died in the jail. When he was released the next morning, Jack knew that he couldn't face his teachers, his parents, or the other people on the rezervation. With a heavy heart, Jack got a bus to another country, never to return to the Reservation. He was brought to Haven Lake a day ago, and is a newcomer.

Other: When Jack was fourteen, a ghost girl came to him, to tell him of her tragic death- she was hit by a train. The two became friends, and she sometimes visits him when she can.

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forte (btchesbewantingmymagic) | 7 comments Name: Jessie Hughes

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Attention Detection
Ability to sense when someone is looking at, thinking about or even talking about you.
■ Discover if someone keeps thinking about her, gossips on her or spies on her.
■Knowing there are people thinking or talking about her is occasionally motivating.
■Not knowing their intentions doesn't mean she cannot guess them right!
■ Passive power - she still needs active training to shut it off at will.
■ Fairly overwhelming; When in large crouds she'll get massive migranes
■ It makes her feel fairly self-conious at all times, esspecially when someone's thinking bad about her

Jessica 'Jessie' Hughes is quite a literal person, and by that, I mean everything she says, she means it....literally. She's a stone-cold girl, with barely any taste for adventure. But with a phobia of death and getting injured, she takes threats seriously...very seriously. No one hurts her (or her family) without paying for it.She dislikes it when people say she acts like some kind of Italian mafia boss. She has a very dry sense of humor, and dosn't take jokes lightly, trust me. She tends to be fairly argumentive and indecisive at times. With a slight dislike for the head of the lake (She just knows something bad's going on)and a fierce wish to rule the world, Jessie is feared.She tends to be found wandering around the edges of Haven Lake and practically every building in town. Jessie loves spicy foods, and can occasionally be won over when bribed with it. She like to keep under the public eye, but will occasionally do outrageous things when needed.

Jessie's a swirl of warm tones. With dark choclatey eyes and hair, she blends in, yet stands out. Her eyes are a little far apart, surrounded by thin lashes, which are hidden by a pair of wire-rimmed glasses. Her slim frame is angular, not soft. Jessie's skin is a pale shade of cream, nearly a even ivory, hinted with pinks. She wears neutral tones, never anything bright. Why dress brightly if not to attract attention?

Jessie's lived a fairly normal life, for the youngest in her family. She'd never get what she wanted, which led to her obession with being the girl on top, so she'd always suceed. Her older brother and father were her favourite family members, due to the fact her mother and sister were always pressuring her to do things she never wanted to do. She'd always have abnormally good grades-mainly because she used her forewarning to cheat when participating in class. Her mother would know this, and restrict her from many, many things, which lead to her running away. She left a short letter to her father and brother, and then her family never head of her again. Then she showed up at Haven Lake.

Father;Imanol Maes Hughes-51
Mother;Elisa Gracia Hughes-49
Sister;Rima Isadora Youngblood-25
Brother;Alexi Jameson Hughes-16

Crush: [Open]

Enemies: [Open] She absolutley detests power hungry people, even though she herself is power hungry. But she hate people that will do anything, ANYTHING to get what they want, even commit manslotter. She sees no honesty nor righteousness it that.


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Lauren Name: Samantha Atwood
Age: Ten Years Old
Gender: Female
Power: Sonic Scream
Weakness: Once she uses her scream, it only lasts for about five minutes. It only dazes, or disorients the enemy temporarily. If someone is to keep her mouth shut, or put something in it, her scream will not be effective. It must be heard to work.

Samantha has charming bright blue eyes that have a touch of gray to them. There are bright green speckles on the outer rim of her pupil, making her eyes very interesting. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are a dark blonde, almost brown, and her skin tone is a pale pinkish color.

Her hair is a dirty blonde color starting at the top, but fades lighter into a golden color by the time you get to the ends. She almost always has it in a long braid that rests on her shoulder. Her lips are her most delicate feature, curving almost perfectly, slick and a rosy red-pink color.

Samantha, more commonly known as "Sam" is very shy. She hardly ever comes out when there are people walking around, and she always seems to find her own little secret hiding spots. Everyone thinks she mute, because she never talks, but she just prefers not to speak to others. Sam is always hiding because when she was with the FBI, and when they would make her test her powers, they would force her to scream and talk by whipping and beating her and her mother. She hated that, and that's the reason she doesn't trust people today. She's supposed to be finding out more information about Haven for the FBI, but she chooses to only walk the halls at night, even thought it would mean more beating when they took her back. She's only doing this to keep her mother safe, and that's it, but how can she trust the FBI to keep their word? She can't. But it's the only way. It's her only hope.
When Samantha was still in the womb, her mother was captured by the FBI. She was known for her amazing power, to tame creatures at will, and they wanted to use her, but they also wanted her baby. When Sam was born, she was immediately taken from her mother and cared for by 'foster' parents you could say, but they were really just scientists. Her mother wouldn't cooperate, so they beat her, and Sam's mother only wished for her daughter to be safe, so she did what she was told, and when Sam started getting her power at six years old, they started training her, but she was tricky. She never talked, and she only got to be with her mother for 30 minutes every day before she was taken back to her 'room'. Everyday there were tests, and training. It was overwhelming, and she was very tired of it. They told her that they would free her and her mother if she did this mission for them. She agreed. And that's how she got to Haven.

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Rudyards | 2024 comments Mod
((Here we go, might be a little god-moddy. There are a lot of hidden references. 10 kudos to whoever catches them all)

Name: September "Septimus" Derra
Age: 18
Gender: M

Power: Septimus is a psion with near limitless potential. His power has currently manifested in three ways: Telepathy, telekinesis and what he calls ‘shutdown’. His telepathy is fairly basic, he can hear the thoughts of others in a stream of consciousness manner. The telekinesis allows him to lift objects up to the size of a small car. His reaction speed with the telekinesis is incredibly fast, allowing him to deflect most projectiles. Finally, by psionically damaging their mind, Septimus can kill people with brain spasms, an incredibly painful way to die according to the researchers. Septimus’ powers also appear to be largely tied to his emotions, getting stronger depending on how he feels.

Weakness: Septimus’ powers are riddled with weak points, which were extensively noted by the researchers. First off, he can only read the mind of one person at a time. While reading minds, he has to block out most other sensory input, so he has to close his eyes and block his ears. The telekinesis can’t be used directly on an unwilling person and if Septimus tries to lift something larger than his maximum capacity, he will quickly tire out. Finally, shutdown is a rather useless ability for anything except murder. Either its on, or off, there is no in-between. Septimus needs to be within 5 feet of someone to use it and has to concentrate for at least two seconds. After he uses shutdown on someone, he gets an intense migraine that makes it hard to use any of his other powers. Additionally, due to the connection with his emotions, Septimus can’t use the majority of his powers if he isn’t serious.

Looks: Septimus has dirty blond hair with bangs that only stop half an inch above his grey eyes. His left arm is covered with scars, some that look like burns, others puncture wounds, others cuts. His eyes look dead, as if a part of him is missing. His skin is tan and he has a constant look of anger across his face. It can be a rage type of anger, or a cold revenge look, but he always looks angry. He almost always is seen in a white t-shirt and jean shorts.

History: Septimus lived in a quiet part of SoCal with his dad, mom, and sister. They had only a few neighbors, and were fairly rich. His dad proudly traced his lineage back to the Mayflower. When he was seven, he started developing his telekinesis, using it mostly to juggle household objects. His telepathy appeared when he was nine, simply in the form of knowing how people worked. He didn’t show his parents his powers, worried that they would take it away, as if they were a new toy. His life was great until he turned ten. Then everything went to Hell. The FBI knew of his father, who had a small power. They kept an eye on the family, just in case one of the kids developed powers. After an incident in Septimus’ class, they mobilized, sending a strike force to acquire Septimus no matter the cost. On a beautiful summer day, they came, destroying the two neighbors houses as a distraction. Septimus’ dad attempted to stop them, but was gunned down. Septimus’ mom hid him and his sister under the floor boards. Septimus tried to listen to what was happening, and ended up reading his mom’s mind when she was killed. This sent Septimus into a rage and he lashed out with his powers. He managed to kill the leader of the squad and several other agents, but unfortunately his sister died as well. He was captured and brought to a research facility. When he was 15, five years after his capture, he finally broke out, killing everyone in the facility. He found his way to Haven and has been there for the past three years. ((To hear the full story, read his origin when I write it.))

Personality: Septimus is an a**hole, plain and simple. He will disregard others to benefit himself, due to survival instincts. He holds a large grudge against the FBI and treats anyone connected to them with hatred. Septimus also considers himself one of the most important people in Haven, due to his power and history. He considers a few, Mathias and Aisling being two of them, to be his equals. Septimus doesn’t look for fights, but relishes them when he has the opportunity. Septimus isn’t without virtue however. He can be incredibly loyal, to the point of interfering with arguments to protect his very few friends. Septimus is an Atheist because of his experiences with the horrors of humanity, and he mocks those who believe in an afterlife. Septimus grew up in a lab, thus he has had very little contact with others, resulting in messed up social skills. He will make jokes and laugh about things that shouldn’t be funny, he has trouble making friends, and categorizes people as either Enemies, Rivals, Allies, Friends and Lackeys. Finally, Septimus has some major issues with his past. Though he will joke about growing up in a lab, he gets mad fast if you ask too many questions about the researchers. His memories of his family are fond ones, so making “your mom” jokes might be a bad idea. Another note: never, ever, ever, call him September. His dad called him that, and the researchers referred to him as “Subject September”. Though you might get away with it if you’re his friend, chances are he will get pissed. The last thing to know, because of the sometimes violent testing, Septimus has (as the researchers put it) “Omnicidal Tendencies”.

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 215 comments Name: Ryan Shawl

Age: 57 chronolgically (or 19 in his lifespan)

Gender: Male

Power: His power is that of an "advanced human"; what it does is allow you to easily keep an athletic body, gives you a strong immune sysetm against bacteria and poisons,and live three times longer than other humans. Finally, the cream of the crop of his abilities as an advanced human: He can multiply the strength of main parts of his body by 10.

Weakness: First,he can only use his "multiply" ability for two body parts at a time(or the same body part twice). He can only use this amplified strength for 15 minutes at a time, then he will need a 30 minute break from using it again. If he tries to use his power too soon he will collapse. (He is still working on these problems). Second of all Ryan is a very simple minded person and can be led on, fooled, or tricked very easily.

Appearance: http://images.sodahead.com/polls/0004...

Ryan usally wears thick hiking pants or jeans, a button down short sleeve cotton shirt, leaving it just half buttoned. He finishes off the look with brown mountain boots and leather gloves. Having carries a medium sized grey hiking backpack on his back. Underneath the backpack is a three blade stainless steel, deathly sharpened boomerang sheathed onto his back. The boomerang has a hole in the center of it that you can fit your arm through with each blade being 4 ft long, giving the weapon a 12 ft diameter radius. The blade can fold in on its' self, making look like it has only one blade. Underneath the boomerang, attached to his hanging onto his rear (like a mountain climber might carry gear),is an easy to access 30 foot long, coiled steel chain. Attached too his right side is his 3 inch long, Nigerian hunting knife with a polished wooden handle.

History: Ryan has complicated history that spans on for more than half a century. His life has been full of excitement,adventure, and at times sadness and loneliness. This is a summary of the beginning of his next adventure.

Ryan was born in Phoenix, Arizona on June 5, 1954. In the delivery room the doctors notice through their usual newborn assessment tests that he is different. Their results are not like that of any other newborn they have ever seen. He a genetic break through, a mutation, but a break through. His mom was knocked out during the delivery, and his dad was in the waiting room down the hall at the hospital. Neither of them saw their newborn son at birth. Doctors try to tell the family about his difference, and made steps to alert the local media. They thought that Walter Cronkite, the iconic journalist, might even come to interview them. But before these ideas can be more than fantasies, the goverment gets word of this mutant newborn's birth. Before the media can photograph him and before his parents can even see him, the F.B.I switch him with another child and take custody of him for their own purposes; as a future weapon.

The F.B.I. take him to secret undergorund testing area; there they let some of their best doctors study him, allowing all tests but instructing only to not kill the infant. They are startled when at the age of two he still looked like an infant, his appearance was that of an eight month old. But he was as smart as an average two year old, he could talk, walk and throw a ball. He could climb stairs and eat solid food. He was like a two year old in all ways, except, when you saw him, you thought he was much younger... doctors concluded that this set of symptoms were part of his advanced genetics. His particular mutation allowed for him to have a delayed aging proccess. He was a mystery and a scientific wonder. They had never seen anything like him.

personality:Ryan is a very kind; in spite of his treatment as an infant he overcame the inhuman treatment by blocking out the experience. It was his nature to be kind.

Ryan is an person who has had many experiences in his life; his has led to his having a sense of worldliess that is noticable at first meeting.

Perhaps the most unexpected of his personality traits is his gullibility. He is in many ways someone who trusts what is presented to him as truth. He wants to believe people. This can make him appear simple minded, though his I.Q. is 20 points higher than normal.

Optimism is another of the endearing character traits that Ryan possess. He always sees it possible for a situation or a person to improve. Change for the better is always possible when he is considering something.

An important skill that he has as well is that through his life experiences Ryan is quite the survivalist. He is an outdoorsman extraordinare, and can manage in any environment in the world, from the jungle to the desert, to tunneling through a glacier. He is able to manage in all situations.


Lists of his talents that havent been said.-
1.Can bench press 600 pounds despite his looks
2.Knows Karate, Boxing, Muy thai.(he can thank the F.B.I for that)
3.Can play any type of flute and the drums.
4.Can hold his breath for four minutes.
5.Is a carpanter.
6.can cook 3 star meals

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Jo (Penname8) | 3172 comments Mod
Name: Eveline "Eve" Charlotte Kristofferson (Echo)

Age: 17

Power/Weakness: She can create ghostly duplicates of herself. These duplicates mimic her every movement and are at her mercy. She can make them appearas far as a few miles; any farther it drains her energy. They can be seen by everyone (though they are transparent), and these duplicates may appear in a dream, which enables her to be in the Dreamzone as she pleases. However, to be able to send her duplicates during a dream she must also be asleep too.Sometimes these copies appear unconsciously around her, especially when she is very concentrated. She can create up to six; any more they drain her energy.

Personality and History: Eveline's real name was Evangeline, to be shortened up in the years to come to Eveline. Eveline Kistrofferson was born in New Zealand as an only child. Her early childhood was never normal, in a way. She has always had a certain talent towards gymnastics and skating, and her ecstatic father, who was an Olympic coach, agreed to help her get to the Olympic when she was old enough to enter. Thus, she dropped out of school and her parents hired a tutor to teach her as she went through harsh training. By the time she was twelve, she had been winner of several medals and trophies for various competitions all over the world, most from her own country. She knew ballet, gymnastics, figure skating of all kinds. She was almost at the pinnacle of her career when she was fifteen, because she was about to enter the Olympics.

It was when she was ten that she started to use her powers. She noticed that sometimes when she trained, there were identical images of her around her. Vy eleven she could senf them all around her house to try to fool people, although she noticed they were sort of phantom, so people weren't ricked. Her parents noticed, although they didn't care much; they just hoped it wouldn't affect her training.They accepted it and never talked about it.

But by 15 she was eager to enter society more, and her parents were extremely strict with even going out of the house. New Zealand was not as peaceful as it looked. And right they were, because slowly Eveline learned how New Zealand was a source country for human trafficking, and even though New Zealanders weren't the victims, if anyone closed in the slavers they were soon snuffed out. And in one wild party, she met a real-life victim. She inmediately called the police to help the victim, and closely after the traffickers marked her as a target.
But these guys were smart. They knew Eveline was a very potential specimen--she could be shipped off as a prostitute, or maybe held for ransom. But when one of the workers went to see her while she trained in a public rink, he actually saw a glimpse of her duplicates, and the traffickers were overjoyed. They knew that people with powers could be sold off to very succesful circuses or millionaires for more than the average 90$.
She was promptly kidnapped in a party and sent to a brothel, where she temporarily awaited her destiny. Then she was sent by plane to an unknown Asiatic destination, but the pilot was bribed to take her to Haven Lake.

Eveline has always regretted her desicion to ignore her parents and bitterly mourned her freedom as she realized she was no longer the same, although she still aspires to become and Olympic athlete. However, she is very thankful that she was not raped at the brothel, and that the pilot left her at Haven Home, where she enjoys free life once again. Eveline is very positive in that sense, because she is very thankful she wasn't harmed and enjoys life in a whole new persepective.


She has shoulder-lenght brown hair in very slight curls, often curling it at the neck. It's always tied up when she's practicing. She has a sympathetic look on her face when you meet her. She's tall for her age (5'9") and she had that slim elegant look. Her clear blue eyes seem milky and distant at first.

Other: She's been a month at Haven, where she continues to practice gymnastics and figure skating. She is waiting until she has the means necessary to send the traffickers to jail without any revenge on her.

*Lucia: She was a Brazilian refugee who fell into the hands of the same mafia that kidnapped Eve. Lucia was a polygot. Since Eve arrived in Haven Lake, she is desperate for news about her friend.

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₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ (Loivissa) Name: Raedin "Rae" Walker


Gender: Female

Power: "Flash"- Raedin has the ability to become a brilliant flash of semi-substantial light while moving at high speeds or out of her own free will. Being not entirely insubstantial, she can not actually walk through walls, or anything.

Weakness: Since she is a creature of light, Rae is absolutely terrified of the dark. Put her in a dark room, and she will panic. The most productive thing you would be able to get out of her is a scream that will most likely continue until she loses her voice.

Appearance: Raedin has long, dark hair that is usually pulled back. She is average height and has luminous green eyes. Rae has a thin scar on her right temple from a car accident when she was an infant. Despite the weather, Raedin always wears jeans and solid color long sleeve shirts, though the sleeves are often rolled up to her elbows. Rae never wears anything other than her black converse shoes, even if they are so beat up they have duct tape patch jobs.

Personality: Raedin is a shy girl who preffers to stay away from others, though she can make decent conversation if she's in the mood for it. Rae can be extremely layed back up until you get her angry. She'll let you know it. The girl may not look like she would be one for confrontation, but she has no problem rearranging peoples' facial features. Having said all that, Rae is a bit of a contradiction.

History: Raedin was always a quiet girl, never one to look for attention. She was raised in a small Rhode Island town by her aunt and uncle after her parents were killed in a car crash when she was a few months old. Rae kept herself away from crowds and made few friends because of her shyness. It was only until her freshman year that she was noticed. While running the mile in gym, classmates watched her leave the starting line and turn into a "red cloud" as she practically flew around the track. When news of her ability began to spread, Raedin and her guardians moved, unable to deal with all of the attention that was suddenly thrust upon them. Raedin lived with her aunt and uncle until she finally ran away at age 15, when government authorities started showing up at her home in the north woods of Minnesota. While on the run, she had managed to get herself lost amongst the trees that all looked the same to her and found Haven Lake.

((didn't even notice the scar thing, and Rhode Island is BA))

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₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ (Loivissa) Name: Avery Shade

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Power: Avery's skin is acts as a full body shield that is as hard, if not harder than diamonds, making her vertually indestructable. Though his lets her pack a hard punch, her ability only adds slightly to her original strength. But even with the small advance, Avery's strength is superior to most.

Weakness: Avery has her own Achilles' heel, located just above her left collarbone at the base of her neck. With her body's heightened ability for physical preservation, immune system is weakened, turning common colds deadly.

Appearance: She is tall with white-blond hair, pale skin, and icy blue-grey eyes. Avery is thin, but very, very strong. Though her appearance is light, Avery sticks to dark t-shirts and jeans.

Personality: Avery is a smart, strong headed girl, who is completely loyal to her beliefs. She is defensive over the things she cares strongly about, but doesn't really show interest in any thing that she doesn't care about. Due to Avery's stubborn loyalty, she is fierce and protective, and far from being a pacifist.

History: Avery was raised in New Port, Rhode Island. Her parents were quiet people, who kept their heads down, a problem for someone like Avery. While most kids are happy go lucky, she wasn't much of a smiling person. In a place where children would all play nicely together, Avery would avoid others, only sending them a glare of acknowledgement. She grew out of her attitude as she got older, but she was quickly a full blown outcast when she entered middle school. Her dark clothes and introvert qualities made her the center of jibes from the popular groups. She would walk down the hall with taunts that followed her all the way home, where her older brother would take over for her classmates. Girls would snicker as she passed and suggest that Avery just dyed her hair black so she could be a proper goth.
In her freshman year, Avery discovered her ability when one of her bullies came up to her at lunch and gave her a plastic butter knife and a box of hair dye. He called it "an emo starters kit". Unable to hold back her rage, she punched him. A fight quickly broke out and Avery was easily taking on four boys, all older and bigger than her. She didn't even feel their blows. Finally, a teacher broke up the fight. The four boys all suffered serious injuries, such as broken ribs and noses, concussions, shattered bones, and internal bleeding. Avery walked away with out a mark on her.
Avery was later expelled from school, causing her parents to take pity on themselves for having such a distraught daughter. Avery couldn't have been happier. Her parents had agreed to home schooling, and her brother kept a good distance from her. She barely even cared that she was lonely.
Things had finally settled down in Avery's life, but the calm only lasted for about two years. Just after Avery's 17th birthday, a man and woman claiming to be camp directors came to talk to her parents about Avery joining a special camp for troubled teens. Mr. and Mrs. Shade couldn't have been more eager to sign the papers. Avery didn't even get a choice. Two weeks later, the camp directors returned in a big black van. But Avery didn't plan on tagging along. The first chance she got, she was going to make a run for it. It sounded better to her than being stuck in a house with a family that didn't want her, and far better than being locked up at a camp in the middle of no where doing arts and crafts with juvenille delinquents. This was just what the "directors" had been expecting. They only waited one block before strapping Avery into her seat in the van and coming at her with a syringe. Avery was quick to fight back, tearing out of her restraints, the needle snapping right as it came into contact with her skin. After a few long minutes of fighting her captures, Avery managed do knock out everyone in the van, taking the vehicle over. She ditched the unconscious bodies on the outskirts of the city, and left New Port behind.

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Magdalena (Maggie) Nightingale (MagdalenaNightingale) | 836 comments Mod
Name: Ximena (him-AY-na) Theresa de Coronado [Ximena Theresa or Ximena]

Age: 16

Gender female

Power/Weakness: Usually undetectable and only affecting herself, Ximena Theresa has the unique ability to fool her own senses. She can make herself see, hear, touch, smell, and taste things that aren't really there, or can shut her senses down entirely. Her explanation (if she were ever to tell anyone about her power) is that her power works like holding her breath--she has to make the conscious choice to keep her senses on 'lockdown.' She can keep herself locked down indefinitely (she's never really tried it more than a few hours) and so is potentially immune to illusory powers.

Since Ximena can lock down her senses, she has a certain edge in any fight. While she can get as injured as any other human, she can shut down her sense of touch to reduce the pain she feels. Shutting down touch essentially blocks off all nerve endings used to sense when something is touching her skin. So, she might get her hand cut off, but if she’s quick about it, she can numb up the area before she feels any pain.

One major flaw to her power is that Ximena can't have every single sense blocked out at once. If she did, there would be nothing anchoring her to this world, and she'd be lost in a floating sea of nothingness. This has happened before (see history), and she’d rather not repeat the experience.


Ximena is a tall girl (about 5'6") with elbow-length strawberry-blonde hair. Her eyes are a rich, deep blue, and a smattering of freckles peppers her dainty nose. Ximena Theresa can usually be found wearing a scarf of any pattern, and she enjoys wearing mismatched socks. As her senses can be shut down at will, Ximena doesn’t wear gloves. Ever.

Personality: While Ximena Theresa can be funny and witty, she can also be shrewd, closed, and suspicious. She never usually trusts strangers, especially ones who wear a lot of cologne or perfume. She tends to like to be alone, and never, under any circumstances, has she told anyone at Haven about her powers. She’s afraid they might hurt her.

History: Ximena Theresa thought everyone could do it. That thing she did, where she stopped smelling that skunk or blotted out the bright sunlight. It was normal. Until that one day, that day she never talks about. Who would she tell?

She was walking home from her high school one cool September day, laughing to herself as she felt the breeze one minute, then shut it out the next. So distracted was she (she doesn’t have super-senses, you know) that she failed to notice the man following her. Shadowing her. When he caught up to Ximena, it was too late. He flashed some sort of badge in her face, and it was all she could do not to faint in the moment he grabbed her and shoved her into a car. The only thing she could do was scream. She screamed bloody murder, but no one could get to her in time.

When Ximena Theresa awoke, she was sitting in a pristine white cell with closed doors and granite floors. Disoriented, she sat up as someone opened the door. A person in a white lab coat took her away. And she didn’t even know where away was.

They tortured her. Weeks. Weeks of torture. They broke her down with drugs and psychotic torment. Oh, she couldn’t feel the pain. They knew that. But even painless, someone breaking your arm in front of you can still make someone scarred for life. Ximena was never quite the same happy-go-lucky girl. She was special, she knew now. And she hated it.

A month later, they sent her to Haven. Said “You deserve a break, sweetheart. You’ve been working so hard!” Like it was some sort of joke. Ximena, while broken, wasn’t stupid. She knew what this was. She was a spy. She didn’t know how, but she knew the labcoats were tracking her every movement. Even in the freedom of Haven Lake, she wasn’t truly free.

Other: Roommate: Cary

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 96 comments NAME: Ian Mason

AGE: 15


POWER: Light Manipulation. Ian is full of light, literally. You won't notice it in broad daylight, but in darkness, he emits a golden light. He is also capable of forming small balls of light. Though he can shoot light lazers out of his hands, it takes up a lot of energy and he is often bedridden for a day or two after.

WEAKNESS: Surprisingly, even with his powers, he's afraid of darkness. Not the soft darkness that comes at night, but the can't-see-your-own-hand kind of black. (This fear is not as strong as it used to be, thanks to his powers. )
Also, if he's in a bad mood (which is rare) it's especially hard to conjure light.

APPEARANCE: Ian is medium sized (about 5' 7") and what most people would call "becoming plump". His skin is incredibly pale, with the lightest sprinkling of freckles. His hair is a bleached blonde, often cut short. Pale, blue eyes are filled with inner light and often seem earie to people when they first meet.

[image error]

PERSONALITY: Ian is a class clown. He loves to make other feel happy and laugh. His happy-go-lucky, un-selfish personality helps him make friends easily. If someone does something mean, he'll instantly forgive. It's not within him to deny friends.
Ian is also very trusting. If any of his friends ask him to jump off a cliff, he'd do it, believing they wouldn't do anything to harm him.

HISTORY: Ian is one of the few cases at Haven Lake where he didn't have a messed up childhood. He was born into an English gypsy family, moving constantly, not having any long-lasting relationships. So when they set down somewhere for a while, Ian made it a point to befriend all the kids he could.

Ian's only weakness at the time wasa the dark. He hated the feeling that he couldn't see anything and that a nameless fear was stalking him, always out of sight. On one of the worst nights, Ian opened his eyes to find himself glowing faintly. WHen he showed his parents, they were taken aback, but didn't really think it that much of a problem. A boy emitting a small amount of light could still live a normal life.

When he was 11, his parents decided that Ian needed an education, so they went around, looking for a boarding home for him. After a few days search, the parrents informed Ian that he'd be moving to America where there was a group of kids with powers, like himself, living peacefully and getting an education. Within a few months, Ian found himself greeting the elderly caretakers of Haven Lake.

OTHER: Ian has gotten used to American life, but his English accent is still apparent.

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Jo (Penname8) | 3172 comments Mod

Name: Fiammetta Moretti (Flame)

Age: 16

Power/Weakness: She has limited mind control over anyone she desires. Mind you, it's limited. She can control several main areas of the brain, including the human needs and desires, the five senses (in which she is especially good at) and basic anatomic functions we have no control over. However, there is a very evident downside to her powers. She cannot control the frontal cortex, which enables one to make decisions, making you free to do whatever you like, and she cannot help it. Summed up, she can't control your body. However, make sure you're still sane after a visit from Fiammetta...

Personality and History: The first impression you get out of Fiammetta is orderly. She's got her priorities straight, she is responsible in many aspects, very sensible and quiet. However, the second impression is much more likely to get the truth: sly. She has shown throughout her life how she intends to get her way through every major ordeal, though she rarely uses force. This is mostly due to her cynicist beliefs and scientific aptitude.

Her life is nothing very dramatic. She is the only child of Italian parents, born in Florence quite well-to-do. Almost inmediately she proved to be quite precocious, mastering reading skills at three-and-a-half and 5-year-old skills at two. Her parents should have taken the hint she was not average, and they did not. They were mostly busy making money and climbing up the social ladder. Fiammetta never suffered their their neglect. In fact, she considered that a blessing. Eventually, the girl managed to cram information in her mind so quickly her teacher frantically advised her parents to make her skip three grades while in second grade. The pleads were ignored; the Morettis found nothing extraordinary about their girl.

Fiammetta was pleased with this option, for it meant time for her research. Although she had natural talent for physics, the passions was anatomy. Neurophysiology to be exact. She slowly made various scientist adult friend who guided her among the way of knowledge so quickly at such a young age. They advised her to show her talents to the world, though Fiammetta for some strange reason declined to unleash her intelligence. They would only force her to learn worthless information. She ha to concentrate upon her work.

Alas, the girl would not be unnoticed for long. At nine, she began to have these vision into other people's minds, causing her to listen to random thoughts. Then, using her knowlegde, she trained herself to control all basic commands in the brain. She was great except that she miserably failed at controlling conscious thought. Her anger caused her to research sanity, and became an expert in madness. And her information was running out. She needed to figure out about her powers. She knew she wasn't unique. And so began her hacker career at twelve when she hacked into various science centers in a frantic research, finding only some answers. But after forcing a taunting classmate to have a stroke at fourteen, she decided to take her chances with the FBI. She was nearly caught, and having been photographed, she had no other option than running away.

Not much is know about her life on the run. She crossed the border to San Marino last time she knew where she was. But she has run into the FBI more than once, and after facing a band of criminals by making them think they were on fire, she took one the name 'flame' (which is her name's meaning).
Her only trouble in life has being diagnosed with narcolepsy, which she hasn't been able to get rid of. Her seizures are spontaneous and are often sudden, with no warning. Because of these seizures she was nearly captured by the FBI at her hacking attempt and by the borders of San Marino she lost track of her position.

She has very neatly fitten into Haven Lake trying not to look suspicious--due to her hackings she knows some people in Haven work at the FBI.


[image error]

[image error]

She is a tall girl about 5"8' looking quite stately. Her fiery red hair contrasts her frosty attitude to a large degree. Her warm brown eyes seem tranquil and trustful--be careful. She has pale skin, but not unhealthy looking.



*Sable: She's her trusty roomate, two years younger than her and her closest friend at Haven--the only one and possibly the closest ever. She reveals her research to Sable against all odds.

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