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Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) | 593 comments Mod
Night Prince is the first in the Vlad books. This discussion will not be opened until closer to the release date. Spring 2012 or when more information reguarded the book is avaiable, like descriptions and covers =DDDDDDD

Mich | 19 comments Has anyone finished reading this book yet? I literally woke up June 26th, and flung open my nook to see the that my pre-purcahsed book was finally able to be read!!
I have about 80 pages to go, I guess I couldn't stay up all night. It's great so far, love, love love VLAD. Looking forward to finishing this tonight-and seeing everyone's thoughts :)

JenJenBoBin (ReaderRoo) Yes finished it yesterday can you say devoured it?! lol 5 Stars!!

Brittany (Brittany8_22) | 24 comments I finished it also! I bought it at midnight on my kobo and read till about 4 in the morning but I finally convinced myself to go to bed. I agree with Jennifer, 5 stars : ]

Arushi | 16 comments Finished it, Loved it, and now I want the next one.

But I really truly wish that this one was longer and tied up a few more loose ends so I was not left craving the next one so badly.

Arion Oh, I read it in about 5 hours. I love Vlad ever since he appeared in Night Huntress series. I think the book is great and (can't believe I'm saying this) I'm happy that it left a lot of loose ends.

Did anyone felt that Vlad in this book wasn't as much fun as in NH series, he is still great, and much the same character, but I found something missing...Not sure how to explain it better. He was still arrogant and ruthless, but I missed his movie quotes and quips. Maybe I'm just being a prig.

message 7: by Arushi (last edited Jul 01, 2012 04:52AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Arushi | 16 comments Leila concentrated too much on the arrogance. So the quips were less.
Cat blew past the arrogance (she knows Bones after all) so there had to be more bantering between her Vlad. Plus most of the banter was spread out over a few books. So just how much could have been there in just one?

Also, here Vlad was in his own home. He tends to be more serious in front of his people.

EDIT: and I feel like I am defending the book. Dumb of me. I did feel what you said abt something missing.. so that's that. Shrug.

Arion Arushi wrote: "Leila concentrated too much on the arrogance. So the quips were less.
Cat blew past the arrogance (she knows Bones after all) so there had to be more bantering between her Vlad. Plus most of the ..."

yeah, I guess you're right. His and Leila's relationship is way different than his and Cat's. It should feel different, which it does.

And I feel like I'm attacking the book which I don't. It was good in my opinion, and I still love Vlad, jokes or no jokes.

PS too many 'whiches' :/

JenJenBoBin (ReaderRoo) I loved the book it closed things up just enough to satisfy my brain until Twice Tempted draws near. I hope she will do more than 3 books in this series ... Leila has awesome potential especially if she could team up with the girls Cat, Denise, Kira etc. :)

Samantha | 17 comments I had an ARC of this and read it a while back. I love Vlad's book. I liked Leila a lot and I thought she was the perfect heroine for him. I can't wait for the next book to come out.

Arushi | 16 comments Arion wrote: And I feel like I'm attacking the book which I don't. It was good in my opinion, and I still love Vlad, jokes or no jokes."

Don't worry abt it... we seem to have figured out how to make it just a discussion, rather than an argument or something similar.

I kinda wish there had been more of Bones and Vlad's banter in this one. That would have been fun... or Cat and Leila bonding... I think Vlad would have eventually fumed at that.. especially if Cat ever sided with Leila rather than him over something.

rachel (RRR98) | 10 comments i read and read and read that is until my mom made me stop

message 13: by Margo (last edited Jul 04, 2012 05:09AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Margo | 8 comments I loved the book. From night huntress Vlad was my second fav (first Bones of course;p) and I wasn't disappointed wit Vlad's story.

I also hope that in second book there will be more Cat bonding with Leila because that will be hilarious and will give Vlad a headache :) not to mention that where Cat is there's Bones and Vlad & Bones combo is the best :D.

Arushi | 16 comments @ Margo - "Vlad & Bones Combo" made me think of Subway and wonder if I could order one.... LMAO!!!

marie (eiramicaela) | 6 comments Arushi wrote: "@ Margo - "Vlad & Bones Combo" made me think of Subway and wonder if I could order one.... LMAO!!!"

I'd gladly order for one! If only....HAHA

message 16: by Margo (last edited Jul 05, 2012 12:52AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Margo | 8 comments Oh Yeah :D I wouldn't mind to bite into that :D

marie (eiramicaela) | 6 comments I bet it taste good. *winks*

Arushi | 16 comments marie wrote: "I bet it taste good. *winks*"


Sarah (Alarrah) | 2 comments I was so surprised that this was going to be it's own book series I was getting so close to the end and was weary about how it was going to end, but it was such and amazing books I can't wait for the next.

Roberta (Roberta88) | 1 comments anyone know when book 2 is due?

Elizabeth Ziko (indyziko) | 11 comments Roberta wrote: "anyone know when book 2 is due?"

Yes in march :)

Claire (Claire1) | 22 comments Officially randomly inserting myself into this thread.

I loved Once Burned, but I agree that something was missing from Vlad. I really did miss his banter with Cat. I think that we might get to see more of that side of Vlad when he and Leila get more comfortable around each other.

I wonder if the animosity between Bones and Vlad is just because of much Vlad likes his fame or if something else happened. (I don't remember anything else being mentioned in the Night Huntress books, though.)

Arushi | 16 comments @Claire - Good to have you here. Maybe you're right and we'll get to see more of the 'normal' Vlad once he gets more comfortable with Leila.
Or maybe he just is a bit stricter in his own house.. but that does not seem like him. He played cards with Maximus and Cat and others while Cat was 'staying' at his place.

From what Mencheres once said it seems Bones and Vlad just DO NOT like each other. Its mostly coz they're personalities are too alike, but neither of them is willing to accept that. Ever.

message 24: by Eleni (new) - added it

Eleni (MrsBones89) | 5 comments OK I finished reading (well listening) to Once Burned a couple days ago.Now listening to it again and obsessing lol.Anyway I loved it overall.Leila is really great to me as a match for Vlad.I love both her and Kira as characters besides Kat.I already can't wait for Twice Tempted!
I loved Vlad overall though he needed a little more funny moments.i am elated though that there will be more than one book and he has a series :D Here's hoping there will be more than 3 books

Claire (Claire1) | 22 comments @Arushi it definitely seems like Vlad had a stick up his ass in this book. I don't know if it's J Frost's awkwardness in writing from Vlad's POV for the first time or if it's Vlad's need to seem powerful when his old enemy surfaced.

Sarah (Alarrah) | 2 comments @Claire it does seem like it is because his old enemy surfaces and he had thought he was safe and that he had killed him. So now that he knows that he didn't kill him he is angry. He is Vlad, he's not going to be happy that he didn't kill him. Vlad is suppose to be the most hard core killer next to Mencheres nothing will stop him from protecting what he thinks is his.

Claire (Claire1) | 22 comments Exactly. I feel like Vlad's behavior was a Master vampire's reaction to stress and/or fear. He probably doesn't feel afraid all that often, it can't be pleasant for him.

Kelly (TheJokerCard) | 2 comments I have't read all of the book yet but i'm at the part where Bones and Mencheres are at Vlad's house with Cat and Kira. But it says Mencheres and Kira are married, when did that happen?

message 29: by Mich (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mich | 19 comments Hey Kelly-I did not really read in JF's suggested reading order either... I read the Night Huntress Books (all 6 of them) first. I then read the 2 spinoffs (First Drop of Crimson & Eternal Kiss of Darkness) thereafter.
Eternal Kiss of Darkness is the story of Kira meeting Mencheres. (this is probably my least favrorite JF book- was not a big fan of their story)
First Drop of Crimson (where Denise and Spade finally get together) is really good tho.
Side Note...The scene when Bones comes to Vlad's house is hilarious. Leila's comments are classic.

Claire (Claire1) | 22 comments I loved First Drop of Crimson but never read Eternal Kiss of Darkness.

Arushi | 16 comments Eternal Kiss of Darkness is not bad. But thats abt it, when compared to the rest of the NH books.

For one I could simply not see Mencheres this way. Him acting like a horny teenager didn't quite work for me, even though he had a reason for it. Plus the plot, while good, does not involve the rest of NH as we know it too much.

But its worth reading. You get to know abt Mencheres and what makes him tick. Its a LOT of insight into that guy. And i loved the parts with Vlad.

message 32: by Mich (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mich | 19 comments Arushi, I agree with you. I just always saw Mencheres as this "god-like" figure, kind of imposing and very proper. EKOD made Mencheres look like a love sick puppy. lol Yes, He needed a love story, and I really did like Kira. However, I just found the book odd and almost forced. (I mean Spade got a lady, why not Ancient Mencheres? hehe)
Any scene with Vlad is a good scene.

Karen (KARENDELG) | 32 comments You all did read the main books first right?? regular night huntress books? I seen above where someone said bones and vlad dont' like each other, well they are very much alike in Mencheres own words and they do fight together quite well and have good taste in women i almost thought ole vlad was gonna get him some kitty cat at one point!! But I am glad he did not but temptation oooh it was there in the background... they are both warriors and I love them both.. would take either today!

message 34: by Mich (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mich | 19 comments Karen- Yes I read all the books.. Night Huntress books/and World books +Vlad's. Bones and Vlad definitely have a hate/hate type of relationship. They have 2 things in common: Both of them love Cat (in two different ways of course) and they both are powerful/old vamps. *I guess being so alike doesn't always make a friendship, lol
I really love Vlad's relationship with Cat...Can't forget the scene where Cat goes back to Vlad's "castle" and they "sleep" together as friends. Something inside of me wanted some Vlad/Cat action even tho I KNOW Bones is her true soulmate. Great scene tho. Gave Vlad new dimension instead of just spewing fire all the time.

Claire (Claire1) | 22 comments I won't ever want Cat with anyone else but Bones, but I agree about the scene. It definitely made me want Cat and Vlad to have a one night romance.

I may eventually read Eternal Kiss of Darkness, but probably not until the Night Huntress series is over.

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