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RP in a mansion OTHER GROUP NOW! > outside the house somewere like the stor or car

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Matt was off in the videogame section.

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He was still looking in the game section,"ooohhh! Assasins Creed Brotherhood is out." he murmered.

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all of asudden matt looked up at Sai with a discusted face. ((Sai is starting to sound like Grell!XD))

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Matt suddenly starts backing away.

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"... no, it is fine... I got it..." Matt said with the game in his hand.

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"ummm..." Matt ran off still scared out of his mind to the front checkout desk.

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"..." Matt lit another ciggeret.and put on his goggles.

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"I'll try to teach you" Matt said while driving.

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"Sort of... but I have nothing agenst you." Matt said.

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"Ya..." Matt said while throwing the ciggeret butt out the window.

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"ya, all we have to do is turn this corner..." He said when he turned, then drove up the driveway.

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