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The Devil works in not so mysterious ways

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message 1: by Brad (new)

Brad Terryshaw | 12 comments Mod
The Devil being this ... awful jerkhead who wrote this book: Muscle Memory by Steve Lowe

Kirk Cameron and Terry Bradshaw and Edgar Winter never did anything wrong to anyone. They're all good, wholesome, upstanding citizens. Even the albino one.

Why should someone denigrate their character in such an awful way as depicted in this trash printed on toilet paper?

Here's what we should all do:

message 2: by Thalan (new)

Thalan Hicks | 5 comments You're right, Cam! This book is an aberration against Jesus.

message 3: by Brad (new)

Brad Terryshaw | 12 comments Mod
Welcome to the fold, Thalan. We will not hold your Canadianess against you.

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