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Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 55 comments If strangers meet
life begins-
not poor not rich
(only aware)
kind neither
nor cruel
(only complete)
if not you
not possible;
only truthful
if strangers(who
deep our most are

(and so to dark)
EE Cummings

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Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 55 comments EPILOGUE

Utah Collin University
April 02, 2011
Occasion:- Welcoming back of the world's most famous musician Gothma Richie an alumni of Utah Collin University.

.........I am so honoured and thank you to Utah Collin university for choosing me to be the vessel from which this blessing might flow. It has been a great pleasure being here and thank you all for this lovely award.

This is the worst part of any acknowledgement speech.Having to step off the stage before even completing half the list and leaving one of the most important person's name behind.
Here I am, the so called nightingale of music.Its been years since I last visited this university.
I have met everyone whom I was expecting to meet here.Everyone except someone.
As I move down the aisle I glance one last time towards the audience and try to find him.He isn't there.What could have possibly gone wrong? My mind is filled with all sorts of nonsense.No I need to stop thinking.I need to focus.
There comes another reporter.My secretary says he fixed an interview with him.Do I know him? He looks familiar.Where have I seen him? where? what was that god damned place.
2 hours later
Just finished the interview.Ryan, the name of that journalist.I've heard of him somewhere.Normally I don't do this but I really want to know who he is.
So I'm going up to him.
"Hello Ryan, you mind if I buy you a cup of cofee?" I say regretting it the moment these words trip out of my tongue.
'Yeah sure, why don't you sit?" he says and pulls up a chair.

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Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 55 comments So how are you Gothy? he asks
How does he know my name.Thats how my classmates used to call me.Oh yeah, thats Ryan he was a batch mate.How could I forget that big tall guy!!
Hey Ryan I say sitting on the seat.
So congratulations are big.
"Maybe"' I say thinking of that one person who made me who I am.
He guesses what I am thinking and tactfully asks,"So you are big and the credit goes to?"

Thats it.I can't contain myself anymore.I wait for a moment to understand where to start from and then off I go:-
You know Ryan, often in this world we meet total strangers who change our lives, change the course of our destiny, change us.No one will ever forget me and what I mean to music, but I will never forget that man and what he meant to me.I did not know why I existed until I met him.One of the reasons I came back was to remember why I started singing in the first place.
"Who are you talking about?" Ryan asks timidly

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Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 55 comments Professor Koestler.
that was it I couldn't stop.The story that was rotating in my mind for years started bursting out and I started speaking what I had rehearsed in my mind for years.I did not care who was listening.May be that was my way of paying tribute and showing gratitude to the best teacher who ever walked on this planet and off I went with my story.

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StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
Chapter 1 : I face the music

I had always had a keen ear for music and would often keep humming some favorite song or the other almost all through the day. I had been expelled from class thrice for humming while writing tests till my teacher realized I just couldn't help it. Miss Emma was extremely innovative on that score; she made me suck on hard boiled candy all through my tests to make sure I couldn't hum and disturb the others.

My brother Paul, who is 4 years elder to me, is in his second year of medicine. Everyone at home hopes I will follow suit. Of late there has been a stirring of restlessness, an urge to break free. I love my family, have a great bunch of friends and get great grades at school but still there is this feeling deep down inside that something is missing. I put it down to being an adolescent with roller coaster hormones.

Everything seemed okay till I read about Professor Koestler in The Musician , the monthly magazine I had been receiving as a a gift subscription from Paul. I would have to tell my folks today that I would be joining his college of music instead of taking up medicine. I knew Paul would be disappointed but what I feared was my father's wrath and my mother's weeping.

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Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 55 comments Chapter 2: Grounded

That's it! I have to do it some day.Paul and I are two different personalities.He is someone I am not.I know I love music.It is my passion, my life and my everything.As it is thats all I care about.I don't have any friends and don't need anyone.Just me and my musical notes are more than any happening group in the school.
I have to do this today.I don't have a choice.Life has never been nice to me and I don't think that will change.No matter what I take up, music or medicine I will be a loner.A girl with great grades, no friends and an unending love for music.


"Yes that was what was going on in my mind then",I said.
"and did your parents allow you?", Ryan asked already into the story.
I smiled and without another word; continued.


"The elder brother is a genius and what is his sister? a singer like a SINGER!", my father yelled at my mother as if all was her fault.She did not say a word.I did not say a word.It was my father who was talking.
"Its your fault.You influenced her.Now look what you have done.You couldn't fulfill your dream so you want your daughter to do it for you.You are selfish...very selfish"
My mother wanted to be a singer too but failed miserably.She had a beautiful voice but once she tripped down in a concert.That was the end of her career.She never looked back.Music had no meaning anymore.It was like she killed herself and from her very ashes emerged a new person.A different one with not a trace of the previous one left behind.
They had never talked about it ever since I was three and here I was standing right in the middle of the chaos and regretting the things that I had already done.
No more I thought, no more.
I ran up to my room.This was it.
"Its done I'm done", I said aloud.
Normally, whenever I commit a big mistake, my parents scold me, ground me but this time neither was I scolded nor grounded so I decided to ground myself.For how long? I grounded myself from music for like FOREVER!

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Mansee I shifted my focus to studies..Studied like there is no tomorrow..and the results did pay off...was getting good grades in all subjects. My school teachers, my Parents, My brother Paul - all were happy with me. "finally some good sense has gone in this girl!" , mentioned my father almsot every other day

Life could not have been better but deep down I was feeling empty. As if I had nothing left to live for.

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Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 55 comments ((*))

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Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 55 comments Chapter 3 Music strikes again

It had been 3 years and then I was a medical student.Of course, that is something to talk about definitely - medicine.Seems like the hollow inside me has almost filled.Music hasn't been a part of my life since ages.I haven't turned back.It has died like an distant family friend only who is occasionally met would do.Its death hasn't left much impact but a small mark on the heart..wondering if it ever existed...

For me I was a girl of substance who knew exactly what she wanted from life.There was no more of anything else..just me and my goal.

Indeed, often things do not turn out the way we expect them to.....

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StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
There was finally something to add an ounce of excitement to our lives...the fresh batch .
Little did I know that my life was about to get 'complicated' again......

It all started on a Sunday morning. I was just finishing my shower. I thought I heard a Cello playing over the sound of the falling water and shook my head with a crazy smile forcing its way onto my face as I almost scolded myself for being silly.
I twisted the fauset shut, towelled myself dry and changed into my T-shirt and shorts. I was just walking out into the corridor and there it was again....the deep notes of a Cello being played.
Curiosity was bout to claim its next cat as my hunt for the source of the music began. I walked towards the east end of the corridor towards the sound of the music realzing I was walking towards the Freshers Block.

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