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Everybody is constantly forgetting things. But join IFTNOTB and your troubles will be over! There is a section for everything. You start your own topic, in the title stating something about it. You post all you know about the name of the thing you forgot, and your fellow forgetters will do the rest. The conversations go out until someone resolves it and the person who started the disscusion chacks and verifies it. The disscusion then closes but is saved for future refrence.

Our mascot is Mr. Forgetful, who, because he didn't join IFTNOTB lost all of his friends because he could never remember the names of the movies and books he wanted to tell them about.

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MizziQ Intresting...

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While in this group I thought that we needed a place for other forgetful topics besides books.

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MizziQ Cool. It's good to have one group for random stuff, but another one for books. If "Whats the name of that book" added everything it would get VERY confusing VERY fast. :) Its a good idea.

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Thank you. It s a bit messed up because I had to make a new account (don't ask) so my friend was to be temporariliy in charge of it. Also, with just starting it, there is little activity. I hope for it to grow.

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MizziQ Yha. You have to start somewhere.

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Taskeen | 1 comments Hey guys, am looking for the title of a book; it could be classified as humour/drama.

It's a light hearted funny book about a lady who caught her husband cheating (red-handed i might add!) and of her life post him. The first thing she does is have her house renovated by two greek contractors - who, to our reading pleasure possess larger than life characters:)

The lady in question also has a musician for a neighbour, his name is Sebastian.

I know it might not be much to go on but any help would go a long way, all I remember is that it had a green cover and was written by a very talented lady author.

(ps - curses to the person who stole my book and deprived me of good reading!!!)

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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Kate Farrell | 1468 comments Mod
Taskeen, I suggest you begin a new thread about your book. Where you have it posted now, it may get missed by readers who look through this site.

To do this, go to the home site -- click on "What's the Name of That Book" at the top of this page. There you can click on "new topic" and post your book search.

Happy hunting!

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