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Patty Jansen (PattyJansen) | 37 comments The rules for this thread encourage authors to start their promotional thread. I hope this is OK.

In another thread, I have commented on winning the Writers of the Future contest, and spending ten days at the workshop in Hollywood.

I thought I'd start this thread by giving a link to a story of mine which you can read for free.

Lois Tilton, at Locus Online, had some nice things to say about that story:

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Brenda | 26096 comments Mod
Patty, loved that short story, Party, with Echoes! Well done! :)

Patty Jansen (PattyJansen) | 37 comments I've thought long about it, and think I've figured out what I'd like to use my Facebook author page for: to use as a way of giving away fiction. I'll post links to free fiction and Smashwords codes for free downloads.

'Like' to take part:

Carmel (CarmelF) | 5479 comments Sounds great Patty!

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Brenda | 26096 comments Mod
Great idea Patty..looks good!

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Patty Jansen (PattyJansen) | 37 comments For Sydney peeps, I'll be at the Infinitas Bookshop (George St Parramatta) this Saturday 16 July from 12 noon to talk about selling short fiction, and about my experiences at the Writers of the Future workshop in LA (and meeting Larry Niven!). There will be copies of the book ;-)

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Patty wrote: "For Sydney peeps, I'll be at the Infinitas Bookshop (George St Parramatta) from 12 noon to talk about selling short fiction, and about my experiences at the Writers of the Future workshop in LA (an..."

Which date, Patty?

Patty Jansen (PattyJansen) | 37 comments this coming Saturday, the 16th of July

Carmel (CarmelF) | 5479 comments Have a great day Patty!!

Murray Gunn (murraygunn) | 211 comments Patty, I think I read an early draft of yours at Infinitas. Congratulations on getting published and on winning the Writers of the Future contest. That's fantastic.

Patty Jansen (PattyJansen) | 37 comments Murray,

Thanks! Good to see you here.

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Patty wrote: "this coming Saturday, the 16th of July"

Well, I'm heading out at the crack of dawn to Nowra for a football match. Actually, son's football match. Won't be back until 8pm or so, so I'm going to have to pass. Have a great day and I hope it's packed.

Simon | 15 comments Hi Patty, we meet again!

Patty Jansen (PattyJansen) | 37 comments Hi, Simon! Just back from Conflux. Saw your book. It looks awesome

Simon | 15 comments Thanks! I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Patty Jansen (PattyJansen) | 37 comments Haven't posted in this thread for a while.

I've brought out a new novella that has a bit of a history. It was originally a short story before I adapted it to be a (much better) longer work. I got a publisher. The publisher didn't deliver, so I pulled it and published it myself.

Charlotte's Army

In a far future, a fleet of ships hurtles through space on its way to a distant war. Aboard the ships is an army of artificial human soldiers, highly trained and dangerous. Doctor Charlotte West, the neuro-technologist responsible for the soldiers’ artificial brains, travels in the support fleet. Two months before the arrival at the war site, the soldiers start fighting each other and disobeying commands. When they are brought in for tests, Charlotte finds that all seven thousand men share a pathological obsession with her.

I've also started an author group here on goodreads (because I love this site):

Patty Jansen (PattyJansen) | 37 comments Download a free copy of my soft SF novel Watcher's Web from Amazon today:

Carmel (CarmelF) | 5479 comments Thanks Patty!

Patty Jansen (PattyJansen) | 37 comments Free copy of my novella His Name In Lights on Amazon today:

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Brenda | 26096 comments Mod
Thanks Patty:)

Patty Jansen (PattyJansen) | 37 comments Free book today:

Watcher's Web by Patty Jansen

Patty Jansen has sold short fiction to SF and fantasy genre magazines such as Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Redstone SF and Aurealis. She has a novel coming out in 2013 with Ticornceroga Publications.

She’s not your ordinary country girl, even though she might look like one. She casts webs of power, reading the feelings of living beings and telling them what to do. Nobody knows what causes it, least of all her. Her name is Jessica, but most people call her ‘freak’.
One fateful day, her ‘web’ connects with a stranger, and stray power causes the plane in which she’s travelling to crash in an alien world. An accident? The more she discovers about the world in which she has landed, the more she doubts it. She is a survivor from an ancient race that once travelled the stars. Her ancestors were powerful and dangerous, and it seems at least two people want her: the man who invades her mind, and the man who’s desperate to help her get back home. But Jessica grew up an Earth girl, and isn’t having any of this. She’ll pander to no one, thank you very much, even if her stubbornness enrages the tyrant race who hold the world in their grip.

Free on Amazon Today

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