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should I read it!?

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message 1: by Stacey (new) - added it

Stacey I Really want to read this book, but I don't know if I should. What are your thoughts?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

you should. its a classic.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

In my opinion, it's one of those books you just HAVE to read, just because, as Jenna said, it's a classic. Personally it's not my favorite work of Shakespeare - I prefer Hamlet, As You Like It, and The Taming of the Shrew. But it's one of the most famous, and that in itself should count for something. ;)
Everyone's taste is different: you just have to decide for yourself!

Radiya Read it! It's also cool to watch the films or see the play in action at a theatre if you haven't already.
Warning: you may find yourself acting out the scenes. I may have used a stick as a sword. It happens.

percabeth it IS a classic but i didn't like it too much, the characters were way to over dramatic. *shrugs*

Powerispower You should watch it or perform it and not just merely read it.

Atarah Poling Powerispower wrote: "You should watch it or perform it and not just merely read it."

I agree. I <3 the book itself but the emotions that are tied cannot merely be understood just by reading.

Belén Of course, you should cause it's a classic

Kate I think it's best if you can read it and see it performed. Each one gives you a slightly different insight to the story that you'd not get only having experienced one and not the other.

Betsy I suggest grabbing a few friends and having a play reading. Too fun. -And it just helps to hear it out loud, even if it's a cold reading. The humor emerges - (believe me it's there), you hear the poetry, the relationships emerge-. If you switch the parts every ACT or even more often it's really fun. Other than actors, so many people don't read aloud any more. Forgotten art.

Kallie Hudson i read it and hated it
it had a good meaning to it but it sucked

message 12: by Erin (new) - rated it 1 star

Erin I wasn't a big fan of it. I read in in literature last semester and then we had to watch it. I fell asleep in class because of boredom. The movie was too overdramatic in my opinion

message 13: by Cyn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cyn Bagley I loved it in my early teens, but not so much in my late 30s. My favs now are Hamlet and King Lear. But, you should read it. It does help if you have a professor excited about middle English.

Zarah you should read it because it's a classic;
i have to read it for school but i can't take it seriously, i know it's suppose to be a tragedy, but i can't think about it as anything else but a comedy.

Greslim Personally I don't like the play, I think it has been over-glorified over time because it's a Shakespearian play. The characters are poorly developed, and the plot is a big mess. But, you cannot formulate an opinion about it if you do not read it for yourself. So, yes read it.

Vanessa If you read Shakespeare this is as good as place as any to start. I don't like Shakespeare but this is my favorite play of his that I've read.

Maxine If you want to read it, you should. It isn't the best of Shakespeare's plays but it is still worth reading. After all, any book which has survived for hundreds of years must have something going for it. I take it that you are not reading this for school - nothing ruins good literature like being forced to read it as is clear from some of the previous posters.

message 18: by Sue (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sue Definitely read it. It's Shakespeare. You need to be able to contribute to cocktail conversation on the subject. If you can't take it, read part of it this year, the rest of it next. Read a version that has annotations that explain meanings of archaic words. Otherwise you'll miss the humor. Order every version Netflix has and compare and contrast. Skip the parts that get boring. The much touted balcony scene puts me to sleep, but I like to watch the various versions to see which one I don't fall asleep on. Compare and contrast the music in the various versions. Is Zeferelli's really the best?

Here's a question: Does DiCaprio make a good Romeo?

Farrah DiCaprio makes a good anything.

message 20: by Sue (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sue Cute, Farrah.

Zarah that's true, :P

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

Read it. But I would suggest you get one of those books that has the plain writing and the shakespeare writing in the same book. Otherwise, you'll get lost.

Meimei Camui should!! Shakespeare would open your mind :D

Syahira Sharif I had a book which have normal modern english at the right and the Shakespearean at the left. Help with my understanding of the play for exams.

Zarah that's "no fear Shakespeare", right??

Allison If you want shakespeare, I recommend 12th night or A Mid Summer Nights dream. Romeo and Juliet is just a bunch of crying and unfairness and death. but, it's still entertaining:)

message 27: by Sue (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sue "a bunch of crying and unfairness and death"

Would it be Shakespeare if it didn't have that?

Bryon Carter Sue wrote: ""a bunch of crying and unfairness and death"

Would it be Shakespeare if it didn't have that?"

- nice one Sue!

And yes, Stacy, it's worth reading and/or watching.

Madeline I had to read this for freshman English, so I had no choice. I liked it more than I thought I would. Although I would reccommend watching the movie too (I like the one with Leonardo DiCaprio). I watched it like 2 times before I even read the play and once after I read it and I was surprised how much I knew what they were saying! I think you should read it. You'll be proud of yourself after watching the movie and understanding what they're saying (but get a book that has some translations on the side. That's what I read, and it made it sooo much easier!)

message 30: by Anna (new) - rated it 3 stars

Anna Read something more funny than Romeo and Juliet? Like A Midsummer's Dream because one: it's a classic and two: it's also a romance but it's funny.

Allison Madeline wrote: "I had to read this for freshman English, so I had no choice. I liked it more than I thought I would. Although I would reccommend watching the movie too (I like the one with Leonardo DiCaprio). I wa..."

:0 I had to read it freshman year too! And we watched the movie with leo dicaprio! bahahaha

Sharon Sherman Shakespeare is always worth reading. Personally, I preferred his comedies, but for a well-rounded education Romeo and Juliet is a must.

Cherei If you have time to wonder about it.. READ IT.

Meghan You should definitely read it, but if you aren't familiar with Shakespeare writing, you should look into the books that sort of translate it for you. I have one that on the left side it says the actual "English" translation and on the right side it has old English/whatever was actually written. It's an easy way to get through it without getting frustrated.

Marta Bedard Read it. Not because it's a classic, and not because you "should," but because it's a good intro to Shakespeare if you're interested in delving into that realm of literary. Not as complex as other plays; easier to grasp. Would be a good way to gauge whether you like Shakespeare or not.

Geenah A. Even though I hate this book, I would still advice anyone to read it because, like most people have pointed out, it's a classic. And I think it's important to read classics, even if you don't enjoy them, because it allows you the opportunity to pick it apart and see what it is about the story (or in this case, play) you didn't like.

message 37: by Clay (new) - rated it 1 star

Clay dont read it it stinks realy bad

Robin You should read it, and also have kleenex nearby. The prose is absolutely beautiful. Oh and see the movie, also.

Richard if you want to yes, if you don't then no - seems like a really daft question to me

Robin I know, either you want to, or not. No one is forcing you to.

Daniela Sanchez If you have never read Shakespeare I would start out with something better then Romeo and Juliet. I recommend As You Like It, it fun and easy to understand.

message 42: by Bfmv (new)

Bfmv Don't, not sure why it's so famous.

Bryon Carter read it. it's worth the time. if you don't like it then you've acquired knowledge on a book from one of the best writers the world has ever known. "should"is subjective. the people saying you "should read it enjoyed. the people saying you"should" not read it didn't. So my advice is read it and form your own opinion as to it's worth. At the least, it's gotta be time better spent than sitting around watching American Idol or the like.

Robin As you like it, is good too. Daniela's suggestion message 42. At this point read what you will, it will broaden your horizons.

Bella Street What I would say about Romeo and Juliet is that it's not a great love story. Shakespeare actually sets up the lovers as being extremely young and rather vapid (Romeo's rebound from Rosalind) and since the author gives a spoiler of their fate up front, that's an indication we should be looking elsewhere for 'the story'.

It's really about the destruction of revenge and hatred, and how the innocent get hurt in the crossfire. The Montagues and Capulets really don't know why they're fighting, but they most certainly hate each others guts, and they are little restrained by the indulgent heads of their families.

If you read it this way, it makes more sense, and actually makes the love story part more poignant because two people who've been told to hate the other, actually take a step beyond that and offer a glimmer of hope for the torn families.

But we know it doesn't end well--as reflected by the Prince that: ALL are punish'd.

Robin It is almost like the modern Hatfield's and McCoy's feud, I don't even recall what that feud was about. After awhile, it takes the next generation to smooth things over to make the battling sides realize (or not) their mistakes and move one. But in this case. it was a tragic story.

Shelley Chastagner Carly wrote: "Read it. But I would suggest you get one of those books that has the plain writing and the shakespeare writing in the same book. Otherwise, you'll get lost."

I would highly recommend "Shakespear Made Easy" as this is your first attemp at Shakespear. It has the original and contemporary side by side in an easy to read format. I used it for studying the book and found it to be very good. There are copies at the library or on amazon used for a great price.

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

shakespeare isn't that hard, you'd survive reading the original version..............

Robin it is pretty straightforward.

Shelley Chastagner I agree with Clovergirl and Robin that it isnt a difficult book but for someone who is reluctant to delve into Romeo and Juliet the "side by side" can be reassuring and helpful. I found that it helped a reader who was unsure of themself to open up to the story and language. The guide created a willingness to try the next book of Shakespeare without it or at least to set it aside unless needed. The "Shakepeare Made Easy" was just one of the many side by sides out there. It was just the one I felt easiest to use.

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