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Howard G I like The White Dragon best of all the Pern books but Dragon Flight and Dragon Quest are close seconds. The first two books of the Harper Hall Trilogy are close thirds. The Masterharper of Pern and All the Weyrs of Pern round out the books I enjoyed. I can do without the rest.

Carolyn Davis the Dragon Riders of Pern will all ways have a place in my heart, and The White Dragon is perfect.
Jaxom is a typical teen good, whinny, testing the bounds. He is under the eyes of all cause of who he is and what is expected of him. When he saves Ruth that brings more complications, he has to buck a society that has grown strict in it's beliefs of how things should be.

Howard G What John said . . .

John (Taloni) Taloni The book is about Jaxom growing up. He is downright selfish at the start, although clearly with good qualities. He starts out as an unsympathetic character and slowly grows up, and grows on the reader as he does.

Susan Jaxom and Ruth are two of my favorite characters in this series. Jaxom starts off with a strike against him and seems to be expected to make up for his sire's shortcomings. And of course later in the series he and ruth are pivotal characters...
When Jaxom assists Ruth in hatching, he's going against the conventions of society, and rule-breakers have a hard time in any society. The dragon riders are horrified because Ruth is not a "proper dragon" and the holders are looking askance because a dragon rider should be in a weyr with other dragon riders. So where does Jaxom fit? I think this book is about bucking convention, and Jaxom and Ruth do it successfully, even though everyone is annoyed with them.

Kenneth I finished the first three books, before I read this one. I fell in love with Anne McCaffery, so I have a problem finding fault with any thing she writes. Jaxom's biggest problem was Fellisan. F'lar should have taken him out behind the woodshed for a little 'counselling'.This was/is one of my favorite books.

Owen Jones I read the White Dragon many years ago and liked it, but not as much as the first two - it began Anne's lamentable descent into sentimentality. Yes, Jaxom was whiny, but so was Lessa when she was denied her chance at fun (it's not easy being the rider of the sole breeder for an entire species) and she was a teenager at that time too. I never viewed F'lar or Lessa as bad guys - they were doing what adults were supposed to do and rather more restrained than most adults are. Personally, I blame sentimental writing for any perceived mis-characterizations.

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Michelle Wardhaugh I also thought it was an accurate portrayal of teen-hood. Many teens tend to see adults as enemies to a certain degree, and Lessa never did seem the type to do well with children. I liked all of the books in this trilogy. Of course, the first time I read it I was a teenager. I liked (still do) both Jaxom and Ruth as much as I liked Lessa and F'lar in the earlier books. They were different people with different life experiences, and there's no dragon against dragon. Dragons don't fight dragons, they fight thread.

Zachary Cuttitta Jaxom is supposed to be a teenager, and if you have never encountered a teenager since you have grown up, they tend to be whiny brats. you need to look past that to see him as a whole. I don't think that F'lar or lessa are portrayed too horribly, but they are supposed to be against the protagonist of the book.

Kira I like this book, don't get me wrong, but I hate the fact that F'lar and Lessa are almost made out to be the bad guys! they are my favorite characters of all of Anne's and I don't like how she portrays them in this book. Lessa is a strong willed person, but after Dragonflight she just gets more and more bitchy, and F'lar doesnt seem to be the strong character that he was in the first book. I have to put it out there that I am not a fan of either Jaxom or Ruth. All Jaxom does is whine and Ruth is glorifed again and again. Maybe I'm biased because we all know Ruth wouldnt stand a chance against Mnementh or Ramoth for that matter!!! So he likes fire lizards, good for him, I personally don't like them, and I think Lessa was right when she banished them from the weyr... and Jaxom... he just needs to grow up and stop thinking that the world revolves around him!

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