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Napoleonic French and Spanish Navies

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message 1: by Will (new)

Will (LeGrognard) | 24 comments Hi everyone!

I was just wondering if anybody was aware of any Napoleonic naval fiction from a French or other nonBritish perspective? Or even nonfiction. I'm doing research on a writing project; any input would be much appreciated!

message 2: by Mohammed (new)

Mohammed (Maxamed) | 40 comments I have wondered the same and i know a few french readers i will ask.

message 3: by Doc (new)

Doc | 14 comments If there are, they are thin upon the ground.
Here is the most comprehensive naval fiction site I've found.

message 4: by Doc (new)

Doc | 14 comments I just found this in another discussion for this group:

"Hi All:
Check out for a new pair of main characters in the first of a series of novels about the US navy in Napoleonic wars. Blood Brothers centers on America's 1805 invasion of Tripoli. You can read the first 8 Chapters on the website. Blood Brothers: A Novel of Courage and Treachery on the Shores of Tripoli "

message 5: by M. (new)

M. Kei (kujakupoet) | 10 comments My series, Pirates of the Narrow Seas, does feature the British, but they're not necessarily heroes, and there is a great deal about Sallee rovers (Barbary corsairs). Many readers and reviewers have remarked upon how interesting it is to see the world from the corsair point of view. The first one can be read for free at my website,

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