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Did anyone else have a hard time getting through this? And any thoughts on her other books?

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Farrah I want to read her other books...I really love historical fiction. BUT...This was just so difficult to get through. The point of view seemed odd. Thoughts?

Heather Sellers Farrah,
Her other books are much better. I would read the Tudor books first. Everyone loves The Other Boleyn Girl, but my favorite is The Constant Princess.
Happy Reading!

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I enjoyed the authors other books, but this one was not nearly as engaging.

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Lesley I just stopped reading this book. I found that I was making myself read the next chapter.

Valerie The Other Boleyn Girl was excellent. I've read most of her other ones, and they were good, but The Wise Woman was downright disturbing.

Janet I struggled to get through The White Queen and The Red Queen. They just weren't that good.

My favorite of her books is The Queen's Fool or The Virgin's Lover. They are both enjoyable to read.

Christine I really liked this book. It is the first of Gregory's books I've ever read, so I can't compare. I am a fan of historical fiction. After reading this book, I also read To the Tower Born (okay) and The Virgin Widow(liked it)--both about the same period in English history. I will read The Red Queen next, then go on to others.

S.B. Lerner I've read all her books except this one, which I've been saving for a vacation. I agree that the quality is uneven. My favorites are The Other Boleyn Girl and The Queen's Fool. Really engaging stories. Start with those two, and go from there.

Annemarie Donahue I sped through this but only because I have studied this period of time very closely and passionately. I liked this one better than the Red Queen because I have always found Margaret to be very unlikeable, and Elizabeth Woodville very likeable. But I was happy with her sympathetic portrayal of Richard III. After Shakespeare's hatchet job that man could use a literary friend.

Tracie I did the audio version of this one and loved it. Maybe the actress who read it made the difference because I usually have very little patience for difficult reads.

Also did the audio version of The Red Queen and found it a little less enjoyable than The White Queen but still pretty good. Loved The Other Boleyn Girl.

Mandy I absolutely love every single book this woman has written.

Michelle Leu I found The White Queen and The Red Queen less engaging than Philippa Gregory's other heroines, largely because -- compared to Anne Boleyn or or Hannah, The Queen's Fool -- they are so passive. History is done to them; it isn't something that they actively shape.

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Sara Queen's Fool, Other Boleyn Girl, Boleyn Inheritance, Virgin's Lover are my top 4 by her. I have to agree that Wise Woman is disturbing. And for me personally, I liked White Queen and Red Queen more than Constant Princess - but I really can't put a finger on why exactly. I think I was kind of bored during Constant Princess.

Kristy Richardson The book gets better as you get into it. However it doesn't even compare with "The Othery Boleyn Girl" or "The Constant Princess" They were fantastic. I coudln't put them down. I have just started "The Boleyn Inheritance" which is so far (only a few page in) also good.

Clive Maddison I found the White Queen okay once I'd got into it a little way, but the main character in the Red Queen was less engaging

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Eva I don't know what happened with these books! The Other Boleyn Girl, The Queen's Fool, the Wideacre trilogy are all awesome (the Tudor ones in general are very good) but these York ones! If you want good York historical fiction, go with Anne Easter Smith (The King's Grace, Daughter of York, Queen by Right and A Rose for the Crown).

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Elle I liked it too. I'm a total wonk when it comes to Medieval history, though, so what I really loved about it was how carefully the author researched her subject. And I love love love the way she left the mysteries mysterious, instead of writing her guess into the story.

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Juju I like all that I've read by this author so far. I've yet to try The Constant Princess or The Virgin's Lover. I thought The White Queen was brilliant, I liked the reference to Melusina and loved the possibility Elizabeth Woodville believed herself in possession of witch-like abilities!

Lisa R. I just couldn't finish it. It's not that it wasn't interesting I just got bored. With her books that has never been the case. Phillipa Gregory is an excellent writer and after I read The Other Boleyn Girl other books seemed poorly written.

Janet Eva wrote: "I don't know what happened with these books! The Other Boleyn Girl, The Queen's Fool, the Wideacre trilogy are all awesome (the Tudor ones in general are very good) but these York ones! If you want..."

I totally agree with you.

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Kathy To be honest, I never finished and returned it to the library. Her later books are better written I thought. This one is rather juvenile in its writing. Couldn't get into it for some reason. There are so many more books I'd rather read!

Kathryn I was glad that I read it because it prepared me for the Red Queen. I've not read her books in any kind of order and so I recently read The Tudors by G. J. Meyer (non-fiction) which provided the glue to put them all together. BTW, I enjoyed the Red Queen better than the White Queen. None of her books top the Other Boleyn Girl, imo

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Rita I really liked The White Queen and The Red Queen. I think there's too many books about the Tudors. The Wars of the Roses was an interesting time, it also seemed like people kept changing sides. The story of the Princes in the Tower has also been told many times but until I read The White Queen I hadn't thought that Elizabeth Woodville was told her sons were dead, I found that very sad.

Shy Di I do agree with you, it was a bit hard to read, but I honestly loved the book in the end. I've read most of her books, I'd highly recommend The Other Boleyn Girl and the Queens fool. Her Wideacre Trilogy is a bit more like this book but just as entertaining.

Danielle Skip this one, read the Red Queen instead, tons better.

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Lisa James I have read ALL of her books, the trilogies in order, LOL, I actually read Wideacre & Earthly Joys trilogies simultaneously. White Queen was a little slow right at first, but once it picked up it was just as good as anything else. Red Queen was a little more exciting.

Tina Michelle I really like both The White & Red Queen(s). Agreed The Wise Woman is dsturbing, but I don't mind that. Some of the images I got in my head from that book will never leave me. And I'm ok with that, I see it as a mark of success for the author; her words created a film in my head that I can see so clearly. I haven't read the Wideacre trilogy yet, but I'm borrowing them from a friend. After I loaned her The Other Boleyn Girl, she went out and started buying Philippa Gregory' books.

Betsy I'm not necessarily an historic fiction reader. I do like the period of King Henry the Eighth,however. So yes, of course I liked The Other Boleyn Girl. Mary Boleyn was an historical story of which I knew little also.
I liked the White Queeen because I liked the character,but found The Red Queen difficult going because the character was so obnoxious. She was Religious Right before the phraze was coined.
I think I'd like to read the newest novel-The River Queen??? because Elizabeth's mother was mentioned in the White Queen and I also think I'd like the character. Again this is a bit of history of which I am unfamiliar..
Because of the suggestions made here, I think I'm going to have some other books to add to my pile. So this is good,real good.

Rhonda The White Queen was the first book that I read from this author. I loved the book and went on to read, The Red Queen. I plan to continue reading other books from this author!

Tina Michelle Rhonda, I'm so glad you liked them both. I have lent almost all my Gregory books to my friend, and her mother read them too, and started passing them around. The Wise Woman has what one might call disturbing mental images, and they stick wth you. Not a spoiler, but if you do read that one, I have one thing to say. Wax dolls coming down the road for you. Let me know what you think, by all means. Fallen Skies Fallen Skies by Philippa Gregory Philippa GregoryPhilippa Gregory takes place after WWI, and I think it's an interesting look at human pysche

Jade aka MrsTosh I love Philippa Gregory and have read many of her books but also had a really tough time with the White Queen!! Loved the stories plot but found myself re-reading line after line. I will hoever been moving on to The Red Queen and have it reserved at the library he stories are usually worth it :)

Tina Michelle I like the contrast between the two Queens, as they cross paths in both books. I can't wait to read the others in the series as they come out. :) Let me know what you think.

Michele Perry I had trouble with the names, so many Elizabeths, Henrys etc. Thank god for the family tree!!! I haven't read the Red Queen yet but am looking forward to getting stuck into it.

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Kelley Heaney I think that Gregory did a great job in not only showing a contrast between the two queens but also in the attitude of the courts between the Tudors and their earlier ancestors. The periods were different with different attitudes. Just like today and the 1950's. She had to find a way to make those differences clear and I think that is what is causing the problem.

The Tudors were fun loving and the earlier queens (Red and White) were much more serious. They were dealing with more war and survival issues than the Tudors did.

The Tudors were more secure with their thrones.

Tina Michelle Kelley, I think that's a perfect analogy. Henry VIII fought wars mostly for his own personal reasons,some of which had nothing to do with the safety or security of his realm. The Yorks and the Lancasters fought for their literal lives, and the lives of their wives and children. There was no room for mercy then.

Jennifer Her Wide Acre books are really great. Try the Red's much better.

Tina Michelle I love the Red it right now! The friend I loaned my other Gregory books to owns the Wideacre set. I read most of the first one already.

Pauline Toohey Wideacre first for me, then the White Queen. I certainly found the style and plot less enticing, but a problem I found was that White Queen challenged my preconceived thoughts on Elizabeth Woodville.

If you're an historical fiction fan, try Sharon Penman's books. Her style/prose is a level up.

May I suggest you start with Here Be Dragons, the first of the Welsh Trilogies.

Hannah I've read her other Tudor books and I have to say I thought this was the best Philippa Gregory I have read. I loved it, so much more than The other Boleyn girl and her other Tudor books. I can't wait to read the Red Queen.

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Hannah I absolutely love Philippa Gregory, in fact she is my favourite author. Ontop of her writing style which I find really easy and enjoyable to read, I love the scandal that is present within her books (Particularly Wideacre!) which I thought 'The White Queen' didnt have. I love the historical aspects and learning about that time in England's history, it definitely wasn't my favourite of her books, but I still loved it and am looking forward to reading 'The Red Queen.

Hannah Wideacre is on my list to read. I have a copy, just haven't found the time to read it yet.

Tina Michelle If you haven't read The Wise Woman, then I recommend it. It has a lot of images that will raise your eyebrows as well. I talked a friend into reading it, and all I have to do is mention one particular scene and we both shudder.
Philippa Gregory is a favorite of mine as well. Her books are fun easy reads. I think perhaps Jaquetta Rivers is my favorite character from The White Queen. I loved the touches of her magic. And as a Wiccan, I really "got" the fact that once released, a curse can take on a life of its own spreading and contining outward.

Marie Theron I always keep "England William I to Elizabeth II" by Malcolm Perry ready. All Philippa Gregory's books fall right into place. Sometimes when there is a controversy among historians, she takes the unproven plot, like with the boy Per in this story. What makes PG's works so special is the built-up of the underlying tension.

Tina Michelle I love all the suggestions! I think PG gives her characters what I call an interesting voice. I like the fact that given the choice she goes the fanciful way. I wonder if somewhere in The Cousin's War if Perkin will pop up agaim.

Jennifer Phillips just glad to hear I wasn't the only one who struggled with this book. I'm also a huge fan of Gregory's books. I actually found her notes at the end of the book helpful and wish I read them first because they provided a useful dose of perspective. Not sure I'm going to try the Red Queen, though.

Tina Michelle If you do give it a try Jennifer, think about the 2 sides of Henry VIII. On one hand, a sensualist who wanted what he wanted in a bad way. Like, perhaps, a pale queen? And then on the other hand, he was a devout follower of the church, creeping to the cross on his knees, to show the world his humility. Like a more florid queen you might find. :) Let me know what you decide!

Jacqueline I love Phillipa Gregory. I have been hooked on her for a couple of years now; however, I did have trouble getting through both the Red and White Queen books. I still enjoyed them but there was something about them that made it difficult and made me a little disappointed. I'm looking forward to the release of her next book. Hopefully it will be more satisfying this time.

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Elli I liked both the Red Queen and the White Queen. I also liked The Queen's Fool. I'm sure I will gradually read all her books. I'm not so sure she's the total top star on the top of my list, but I like her writing and have enjoyed the books I've read so far. I do sometimes question her viewpoints or certain thoughts about certain people or even some aspects of the times, but still find it worth reading. Sometimes some parts seem rather ponderous. I particularly enjoyed the conclusion of the Queen's Fool.

Meadfairy This was the first Philippa Gregory novel I'd read and I have to say I flew through it. I found the Red Queen much more difficult, but I think that's because of the focus on religion and piety. It's historical fiction, not fact, and I think Gregory does well to incorporate her own imaginings to these famous figures.

Tina Michelle The White Queen wasn't the first Philippa Gregory I read, but it may be one of my favorites. But then, so is The Queen's Fool. I have to say I enjoyed The Red Queen's bindig of her faith and her ambitions. I loved Thomas Stanley telling her "Don't be a Beaufort....Be a Stanley Margaret, get on the winning side" He's become one of my favorite characterizations.

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