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There was no topics when I joined so I guess I'll make them....Here's the roleplay!!

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((i think that there should be sections example:
lol, nerds or geeks
hmmm and stuff like that? i dont know help me out here!))

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(Can I just start?)

Trinity skipped down the hallway.She didnt have another class for a long while and wondered what she could do.She looked for people she knew.

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Rose stepped through the double doors. People were suddenly surrounding her. "Rose, it's killing me! Will you atleast think about Saturday night?" She smiled and shook her head. "Hey rose", a freshmen asked her, "I'm having a party Friday night...", and handed her an invite. As she stuffed it in her backpack she saw Jade Buchanan and quickly looked toward the ground. She pushed out from the crowd. She saw Trinity and sighed with relief. 'I wonder why she looks so happy?'

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Pit walked in the hallway another class UGH Pit thought

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Liza and Kori walked into the school holding hands

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They walked to Liza's first class.

Kim ashley grabbed her library book and ran through the hall

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Kori left to go to his class. Liza looked up and saw Ashley, "Hey bool worm where ya headed." she sneered

Kim ashley didn't answer but knocked liza on the floor on her way to class

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LIza got up and brushed her hands on her pants, "Crazy freak." she muttered

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Kim ashley slid into english just as the bell rang

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((nevermind about what I said here before. lol))

Kim ((my mistake, i changed it))

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((kk. i g2g))

Kim ((bye pammy))

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Jade walked down the hallway with his pales behind him he knocked a nerds books from his hands. and walked down to math, although he told his friend it was his worst it was really his best.

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (I_Love_Jacob_Black_95) Ariel saw Jade and frowned. She knew he was pretty nice, but he seemed to care to much about his rep at times to be nice to others. She helped the boy gather his books and handed them to him. The boy stared at Ariel but she ran after Jade.
"Jade!" she yelled.

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As EvangelineRose ran toward Trinity, she saw her starting to talk to a guy so she stopped and looked around for Lotus. She saw a girl on the floor helping some guy pick up his books. She continued looking for Lotus but instead heard the girl yelling for Jade. 'Hmm....this could be a problem.'

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (I_Love_Jacob_Black_95) Ariel tapped Jade's shoulder.
"What was that for?" she asked.

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (I_Love_Jacob_Black_95) ((gtg sorry byes))

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((BYE!! Come on later!!))

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As Rose listened to the conversation and was relieved. She turned back around and saw the time. 'Crap. Better be headed.' And she started toward her first period class. Glancing back one more time at Jade and that girl.

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"What do you want?!" Jade asked Ariel rudely. turning to face her. Thinking it was someone else. "Oh! Sorry Ariel. So what did you need?"

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Oh great. Beth tought just the person I wanted to see, Jade.
But she walked on anyway.

Kim ashley walked through the hallway with her nose in a book

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Nick smiled down at Caryth. He'd always been warm-hearted toward his adopted sister.

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(its a hard word to spell)

Kim ((can ashley bump into beth?))

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Kim ashley wasn't paying attention and bumped into another girl

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When Beth stode up she was hit in the face with the hard cover of a book.

Kim "sorry," ashley muttered and picked up her book

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She was pissed and you could see it in her face. Byt she said it was ok and contieued to her next class.

Kim ashley glared at beth and continued to walk and read

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When Beth got to her next class it seemed to take forever. The teacher seemed to be reading the same sentence over and over agian, so that Beth could say it backwords and get it word for word but finally the lunch bell rang.

Kim ashley got out of class and quickly ate her lunch

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Karline walked into the school feeling awkward she was late and had no idea where anything was.By the looks of it everyone had all ready gotten to class.Great she thought now i'll stand out even more!'

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Rose walked out of class and looked for her friends to eat lunch with. She was afraid to go anywhere near the lunchroom. Afraid that people would bombard her and ask her to sit with them. God it was so hard to turn people down. But she's gotten so used to it.

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Beth walked into the lunch room and the only seat left that was not eather saved for Rose or anyone else of that matter was next to the girl who shoved her book cover agianest beths nose.

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She saw a girl looking awfully confused. She heard a few people yell her name but ignored them. "Do you need help", she asked her?
((This was meant for Karline.))

Kim ((gtg)) ashley stood up and walked to the library

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' Oh Hi,im new and have no idea where anything is...oh and my name is Karline Barlow'she said 'Whats yours?'

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Once the girl left she was left seating the way she liked it alone, Beth diged into her bag and pulled out a chocolate-chip cookie or something along those lines. She eat in peace before there was a big comotion when Rose walked in.

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"Hi. I'm EvangelineRose De La Cruz." She smiled at the girl. "But you can call me Rose. I think you just moved in next door to me? You can sit with me and my friends if you'd like. I could drive you home?" rose was feeling overly nice today. She thought that as long as this girl lived next to her, her secrets wouldn't be as easy to hide. Just befriend her now. Who knows? Maybe she'll be a good person after all. she thought.

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((I'll be on like every other 2 minutes because I'm watching Americas got talent with my family. =) brb.))

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"hey rose!"

lotus (thats her nickname in case u didint know) just finished english, now she wanted to hang with her friends.

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Pit was in his class Hmm mabye me ,and Jade can pull few pranks! He thought evily Hmmm ill have to think up one later its time to make class go by! *Sneaks earbud into ear listens to ipod*

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'Oh Yeah I saw you coming home from school yesterday while the moving truck was at our house'Karline said to Rose.' I would love to sit with you and your friends.

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