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What is the relation of the Title (The Virgin Suicides) to the story?

It is the title of a song by a band called Cruel Crux, or something like that. It is mentioned twice in the book, although I dont think it's one of the songs they play for each other.

the song is about the suicide of the girls virginity, basically, not about suicide but about a girl deciding to have sex and get rid of her virginity.

one of the songs that the girls played for the boys (or the boys played for the girls...I don't remember) over the phone was The Virgin Suicides. I checked the book out from the library so I don't have it on hand, but when I read that it was like an ah ha moment :-p

I think once you kill yourself, that is once enough. I saw the movie, and the narrator ended up in a psych ward. I think he felt to blame for what happened. I think the parents wished things were different. All the girls come on.

I think it's the 'first time' the girls kill themselves...and what I mean by that is it repeatedly happens when the boys continue to tell this story over and over again to themselves and to us as the reader.

Also I think it might mean that the suicides had a 'pure' intention which we don't know about.

marquie I agree, Eugenides created the impression that the girls' suicides were not immoral, but rather pure and innocent, hence they are in a sense "virgins" ...more
Dec 11, 2011 04:51AM

I dunno. But "Virgin Suicides, except for the sister who was a whore" probably didnt have the same ring to it.


Seriously, are people really confused by this? It really couldn't be more straightforward.

Eyelash Scott, I agree.
Feb 26, 2012 08:07AM

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