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Lindsey Lindsey Apr 23, 2011 02:39PM
What is the best E-Reader to get? Kindle? Nook Color? Why?

Love my Kindle. So light and, um, book-like. And no fatigue because there's no backlighting ... and, syncs to your iphone and your computer, which is lovely for somebody who likes compiling quotes, as I do.

Soon Kindle will allow you to check out books from your library.

Katy Brandes I love my Kindle more than I can express, but I'm still waiting (impatiently) on the library lending option!
Aug 30, 2011 09:41AM

I also have a NookColor. I've had it for a few months now and so far love it. I did a lot of research and the main dilemma I had was deciding whether I would actually like reading on it or not. After going into B&N SEVERAL times to play with it and test driving it for 2 weeks, I felt that I'd be ok reading on it for long periods. I did look at a Kindle, but never really considered buying it and after playing with a friends, I wasn't really impressed. It just felt like a toy to me and the display just reminded me of the fake screens they put on cell phones at the store…I don't know why.

I'm not saying the NC is the best e-reader, but I got it for the following reasons:

* It's in color. :)
* Touchscreen
* Backlighting to read at night in the dark (because I do this A LOT)
* Has internet access - good for casual browsing
* Can check out ebooks from the library - this was a huge, HUGE one for me since 80% of the books I read are from the library.
* You can watch videos, play music/games, check email
* You can root it to be full Android tablet (I have not done this, but I like having the option)
* Works with Google books as well as others

No huge drawbacks (for me) but I'd mention:
* Email app is a bit clunky
* Charging takes sooo long. 3 hours I think.

For me it was the perfect hybrid between a tablet, an Apple iTouch, and an e-reader for a reasonable price. I get the best of all worlds with an emphasis in reading which I love the most. I would recommend going to try as many e-readers as you can and looking at what you would want and what you could live without. Good luck!

Cheyenne Nook(color) supports epub and the following:

EPUB (including Non or Adobe DRM)
Other documents: XLS, DOC, PPT, PPS, TXT, DOCM, XLSM, PPTM, PPSX, P
Aug 22, 2011 05:30PM

I have a Kindle which I like very much. I also have an Adobe E reader on my laptop which I use for library or other than Amazon books that come my way. Just got a Samsung Galazy which I intend to put a Nook on. Started out this whole e-venture with a Kobo, but found it less than satisfactory and returned it. By the way with just the no color on my kindle, I only have to recharge about once a month and then sometimes I just do it, don't really have to...

I have a Kobo. Most of my decision to purchase was influenced by the ability to use my airmiles for most of the purchase price. I did do my research prior to purchasing though. I was looking for something simple and easy. I didn't care to recieve daily newspapers, be able to go online (except to purchase books, which my Kobo does). I wanted an e-reader to read. And the Kobo works for just that. I love it. A friend has Kindle with all the bells and whistles. She loves it because she wanted all the options. Its a personal prefence, depending on what you are looking for.

Lindsey wrote: "What is the best E-Reader to get? Kindle? Nook Color? Why?"

Kindle! the format is great. You can convert any pdf or .doc with you registered email on amazon. Is more handy than others and you can buy almost any book with it.

I have a Nook Color, and I really like it. The back light is adjustable, so I don't really have problems with it in the daylight. I would imagine as one ereader device changes, the others will try and follow suit to keep up with the competition (such as checking out books from the library). I can also go online on the Nook Color and look up whatever I want on the internet.

I would suggest thinking about what all you want your ereader to be able to do, and reading up on them online. Maybe even go to a store that offers more than one and check them out. You also have to think about where you will be purchasing your books from. With the Nook or Nook Color, you purchase them through Barnes and Noble. I like the B&N online store, but you may like something better.

Hope these ideas help. :)

I have a Sony. My husband bought it for me when I first found out about them, a couple of years ago. I've really enjoyed it. Haven't had any problems with it at all. I can't tell you how many books I've read on it. However, I am thinking about buying a new one this year. With so many out on the market, I don't know which one to get.

I just got a Nook Color a few weeks ago. I have used my hubby's Kindle and an old Jetbook reader in the past. I liked them both, but I can honestly say I LOVE my Nook Color! I found someone selling micro SD cards that let your Nook Color boot up to be an Android tablet running 2.2 without having to permanently rooting it. Take the sd card out and it reboots to the original Nook software.

The only problem I've had with it so far is the charger started acting wonky. I went to Barnes and Noble to get a new one. They gave me a new cord on the spot, free of charge, and even checked out my Nook Color to make sure that I didn't have any other problems. You can't beat that.

I love my nook color! Everything is so bright and vivid and I LOVE the backlit screen so I can read at night without a light! I highly recommend the nook color! It is so easy to navigate as well with the touch screen.

I actually have a kobo (Canadian) and I LOVE it. My husband is quite disappointed as he had wanted to get me an ereader on many occasions (he could have scored major brownie points) but being a purist I keep telling him I didnt want one, I loved the feel and smell of a book. But since I got the kobo in January I havent looked back since. The convenince of going on vacation and not carrying multiple books is great and i love that I can get new releases without having to wait for them to come out in paperback (major plus). Happy reading :)

I love my nook color. I started with the B&W nook and recently got the color one. I am not stuck with just one source for books. I can borrow from the library, sideload books from kobo and other sites that offer e-books. I can also borrow and lend to other nook owners. the kindle is yet to do this...although i hear they are working on it. its a matter of preference...i happen to prefer the nook. happy reading everyone!!

I have a Kindle 3 and I am very happy with my decision.

I tried out a Nook, Nook color, and Kindle. I could tell right away the Nook color would present reading fatigue problems for me - I get this just from reading on my LCD monitor so I knew right away that was out, as nice as it was.

At the time that left the decision between the Nook original and the Kindle 3. The Nook offered book lending at the time and it also read epub, but Amazon had many more options a far as ebooks were concerned, and at a consistently cheaper price than B&N's books. And I liked Kindle's hardware keyboard and the look of it's screen much better. So Kindle won that battle.

Since then, Kindle now allows book lending also - although you can only lend each of your books once, that's it. Not once per person.. once, period. for 2 weeks. Us Kindleheads are all hoping they will change the lending to let you do it more.

Kindle is also supposed to let you do library lending later on this year which I assume means they may be working in a way to let Kindle support epub files.

Either way, it has served my purposes very well. It is light and thin (more so than the nooks were), easy to read for long periods of time, easy to operate, connects via wifi to download things and update, and I've even got it synced with bookreads. And best of all I can get more ebooks for my money from Amazon.

I have the NookColor and am in love with it. I have no regrets. I can download mags & newspapers. Or order the subscription. I have several ebooks. But I have to be honest, I have been using it mostly for the android applications. Ok, my one regret, I need to allocate a larger portion of the memory to apps, and there are no B&N stores nearby. I have Quickoffice Pro on it and am in the process of creating a library system for all of my books (which are mostly hard copies) so I know what to buy next when I go book shopping.

Love my K. I read outside in bright sunlight a lot. I do download library books. Just a little research and you're good to go. I've never had another one. My sister and I share books all the time, called Amazon and they walked me through how to do it. We aren't doing the 2 week loan so it has to be someone you trust with your password, but well, it's my sister. The experiment internet is pretty bad, Nook might be a lot better if you are interested in that aspect.

Manugw (last edited Aug 22, 2011 06:36AM ) Aug 22, 2011 06:32AM   0 votes
The kindle is great, I do love the device, the only downside is that it is widely known that many units have experienced a sudden breakdown of the internal screen function with no way to fix it. It seems to be a problem with the new e ink technology


Amazon promptly replaced them with a new unit. But if you do not live in the US, you are likely to pay custom duties, and internal mail fees, than can rise up to 50 % of the kindle value

Mine failed after 6 months, Amazon sent me a new one, but since I do not live in the US, the new unit cost me almost have of the Kindle price

Having the kindle I see I use to read more books than when I used to buy print books.

Great feature you can store many books in the unit, no additional weight, no addtional room required in your suitcase, ideal for vacation time

Kindle screen mimicks a print book page accuratedly and the reading sensation is similar

I do not want to go back to paper

Lindsey wrote: "What is the best E-Reader to get? Kindle? Nook Color? Why?"

Love, love, love my Kindle! And "Water for Elephants" as well. It was pretty inexpensive on the Kindle last time I looked.

I have the nook. I like it because I can check out e-books from our state library and the file type works for the nook and not the Kindle. I do not have the color because I wanted to be able to read in direct sun. Barnes and Noble offers a free Nook book every Friday and has discounts on other books during the week. With the Nook you can also share books with your friends.

I have a classic nook. Loooove it! I didn't have the need to be able to access the 'net or magazines or anything - so I wanted just the basic ereader. Like the Kobo, as mentioned above, you can purchase books for the nook from anywhere and then you just load them on via your computer. You aren't tied to the B & N store. This was a big draw for me and the main reason I chose the nook over the kindle. I did a LOT of reading on all the various readers before I settled on one. I also encourage you to lurk on reader-specific boards as well so you can see all the capabilities that the current owners utilize on their readers. Like everyone else, once you get one you won't be able to go back to books!

Joanne (last edited Aug 10, 2011 04:35PM ) Aug 10, 2011 04:34PM   0 votes
I bought a Kobo a couple of weeks ago and I love it. There is a new version that just came out a few months ago I think, so now it's touch screen and I think the page turning is faster (i've never noticed it to be slow myself, but never used a kindle). I can find pretty much any book I could ever want and can get books online and from the library no problem, which I love.

I didnt have any need for the fancy other stuff, I already have a blackberry, ipod Touch, computer etc, and I read the newspaper in paper form. I just wanted books with me wherever I went without the extra weight.

The main reason that I chose the Kobo is because I live in Canada, and am told that the Kobo has over 200,000 more books available than the kindle (copyright stuff...) so that sealed it for me. So if you don't live in the US do some heavy research before choosing the kindle. Also with shipping, Kindle would cost almost $200. Or $300 if ordering from amazon.ca, so I thought that was pretty ridiculous.

I'd like to get one too and have been looking at both the Sony E-Reader and Apple IPad. Sony because it's got a good reputation and Apple because I might need to download an application specific to school (much lighter to carry around). However, the one thing stopping me right now is the price. They're both pretty expensive. Then I think I just need it for reading and maybe I should get something simpler like Kobo. If truth be told, I still love reading from a traditional book, but times are changing and some of the books I want to read are not available in book format.

Lindsey wrote: "What is the best E-Reader to get? Kindle? Nook Color? Why?"

to add to that which is the best open source reader that works with linux and calibre?

I have an iRiver Cover Story, it is very basic, but I really only need it for reading and love it. It is light weight and very book-like. But I will always love the look, feel and smell of a REAL book.

I bought a Nook Color last month. Then it started to mess up, turning off by itself, then not wanting to turn back on, and the screen was frezzing up all the time. B&N are mailing me a new one, since it was still under warranty. I am a little peaved that I will only be getting a refurbished one though.

But anyway, I do love the Nook Color...just not all the problems mine was having. I hope this isnt a common problem with the Nooks.

I have a Kindle. I only bought it a week ago and I'm already in love with it. It's so pretty and just amazing.

Thanks for asking this question, Lindsey. I have been reading all your responses and doing my own research on all 3 as well. I am borrowing my friend`s Kobo this week, trying to see if ereading is for me and I think I am hooked. I have never used one before and didn`t think I would ever give up holding a book while reading.
The only downside of the Kobo for me is the delay whenever a page is turned or a selection made from the menu. The screen briefly blacks out before loading the next page. I have read that this also occurs on the Nook, and is less noticeable on the Kindle. Does anyone else notice this and do you get used to it

I love my Nook w/WiFi - it isn't color, because I'm a techie. (The tempation to hack a Nook Color is too great. 'Rooting' voids the warrenty.)

I can sort the books into shelves - AND I can load my novels into the Documents directory to edit them.

My 88 year old mother has a Sony - which we both adore. It is SO simple. The pages can be viewed portrait or landscape which is an advantage for Seniors and people with eyesight issues.

There is a rumor that the entire 'Harry Potter' series is going to be loaded onto the Sony this year.


Amanda (last edited May 04, 2011 04:07PM ) May 03, 2011 08:29PM   0 votes
I have a nook color and LOVE it! Aside from being able to use the touch screen and not have to rely on buttons to navigate, everything is in... COLOR :) It's ran off the android processor and they are slowly starting to crack it open and let you use it more like a tablet. Other functions aside from the apps are; internet, games, newspapers and mags, Pandora radio (while you read even), email, kids "read to me" books, the lendme feature, a huge selection of free or really cheap books, pictures... the list goes on and on.

A draw-back that I have noticed though (and a small one at that) is the lendme feature only lets you loan out a book once and then never again. After the two weeks, it is back in your library and there forever.... so it seems.

I have a Literati. Its color with 7in display. Love it. Disappointed by cuple things. I saw it demonstrated on QVC (got mine at bestbuy) and on the demo they stated that u cud still share books with your friends. Haven't been able to do that. 2nd thing disappointed about, is the display. The demo on their website shows that u can change appearance of the bookshelf and bookmarker..can't do that. And the last thing, which I knew when I got it, no sound. I wud like to have the audio book capability like the Kindle and Nook have. Other than those three small issues, I have really enjoyed it.

I have a kindle, and also love it, it was a gift and I didn't look at any other devices so I cannot say whether it's better or worse than others, but it's the best xmas present I've ever had

With you ereader it is all a matter of taste and requirements.I have a Kobo and am enjoying it. My husband and mother both have them now too and also my son. One thing I have noticed is that people get quite "funny" about their brand of ereader. I always just say that it is the book you are reading, not the reader. The same as the phone is not the phone but who you are talking too.

The Kobo has advantages that many other readers don't have. For example: I can download any books from any site including the library on to my own, my mom's, husband and son's Kobos. I have the wifi that allows me to download from different places. I have been told that with the Kindle there is no allowance for sharing and for this reason I chose differently.

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