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Mortensen's Response to Fraud Allegations
Judy Judy Apr 22, 2011 05:47AM
This is a response to the 60 Minute's program, including links to IRS documents that CAI filed.

41% is not a very high percentage. In fact it is amazingly low. Even the American Red Cross which has been criticized for years for high administrative expenses, has an 80% target rate.
It does become apparent that Mortensen`s extravagant workstyle is what is sapping the funds. Again, a proper IRS audit without CIA or Petraeus or White House interference is at call here.
It`s interesting that at the end of the book, Mortensen claims he refused Pentagon aid because he knew that he would be seen as a tool of US imperialism in the region. He was concerned about what the rural peoples would think.
Perhaps his project has been hijacked by the military industrial complex and most of his current monies are now coming from the Pentagon. Considering the alternative, that is the best I can hope for.

I believe that his intentions were good and he brought an awareness of the needs to those of us who read the book. That is a great thing, however Mortenson went astray somewhere and now needs to be honest and make some atonements.

I saw a blurb of this in the paper. So are his stories true or false. Reminds me of the author who went on Oprah and he got shot down literally, for lying.

Ed "Shot down literally"? Wow, that Oprah will do anything to inject drama in her show.
Aug 22, 2011 12:48PM

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