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message 1: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Forget (nforget) | 51 comments It's certainly very suspenseful. The middle part of the book reminded me of the movie Event Horizon. So, is Blindsight a horror novel?

message 2: by Basil (new)

Basil Godevenos (basilgodevenos) | 147 comments I say yes. Although horror aficionados might disagree. It's not scary to READ. However, if I bought the film rights, I'd totally pitch it to the horror audience before the sci-fi audience - largely because a lot of the hard science wouldn't come through on the big screen without way too much Siri monologue. And nobody wants that.


Imagine you're an audience member at the premiere screening of Blindsight. You've just spent 1.5 hours listening to an emotionless clown talk to himself. Imagine you are now doing your very best to ram the straw from your Big Gulp into your ear canal without crumpling it's delicate, stripy form.

message 3: by Basil (new)

Basil Godevenos (basilgodevenos) | 147 comments On second thought - maybe all the Siri introspection IS what would make the movie horrific in the first place...

message 4: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (masupert) | 192 comments Hmm.. You know, I would say yes too, in the same sense that it was a thriller. I thought it had a lot of tense parts that paralleled the Sphere for some reason. The isolation, the manipulation of the human candidates, the questioning of who is actually driving the narrative.

message 5: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Forget (nforget) | 51 comments Yeah, I did not think of Sphere before, but now that you mention it, that is a very similar story.

message 6: by Andrew (new)

Andrew (andrewlinke) | 110 comments I also got a lot of flashback to Event Horizon.
In atmosphere it is certainly horror. Not that it scared me, but the general mood was very oppressive.

message 7: by Basil (new)

Basil Godevenos (basilgodevenos) | 147 comments Also, there's a vampire... That used to mean horror.

message 8: by aldenoneil (last edited Apr 22, 2011 04:56PM) (new)

aldenoneil | 1000 comments Andrew wrote: "I also got a lot of flashback to Event Horizon."

That was the first horror movie I ever myself. I didn't know what it was.

message 9: by Louis (last edited Apr 23, 2011 12:06PM) (new)

Louis (osiramon) | 50 comments Nathan wrote: "It's certainly very suspenseful. The middle part of the book reminded me of the movie Event Horizon. So, is Blindsight a horror novel?"

Well it is a type of first contact book even though contact has occurred in a way. The ship and crew on board is intercepting what it sees as a possible intelligence arriving. The mission itself is being done as far away from Earth as possible. H

Horror is often the fear of the unknown, the loss of control, and the fear of making a mistake that will Doom you. Especially when you think yourself safe because you are an observer. And finding out that you do have to make decisions

message 10: by aldenoneil (new)

aldenoneil | 1000 comments ...and they all split up at one point. All that's missing is a virginal teen.

message 11: by Basil (new)

Basil Godevenos (basilgodevenos) | 147 comments Kinda reminds me of The Descent. (If you haven't seen the movie, don't click the spoiler) (view spoiler).

The only problem is that in order for the threat of the unknown to be truly horrific, the people facing it need to convince me they have something to live for. Siri seems to have the least to live for. (view spoiler)

Jenny (Reading Envy) (readingenvy) | 1844 comments I think the state of humanity is the most horrifying element, and it doesn't get any better! I think most horror fiction succeeds because of the fear of death. Those on the Thaddeus can recover from massive radiation, cryogenic sleep, and have backups in case even that goes wrong. So that fear is gone, leading them to take inhuman risks.

Then again, it is harder than ever to escape your life, and there isn't a lot of faith that life back on earth is worth returning too, and that is true horror, just utter futility.

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