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Does one have to read the Mortal Instruments before one reads the Infernal Devices?
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Just as the topic stated. Does one have to? Because I am reading Clockwork Angel right now, and is not really interested in the Mortal Instruments, not right now anyways. Please help me decide whether I should put C. A. off and read The City of...s. :) Thanks!

Thanks for all of you that helped me decide!!! I had finished the Clockwork Angel, City of Bones, and City of Ashes. And I love them all! Now I just have to finish the next two...

No, but I think that TMI explains the shadow hunting world more clearly

Wendy No you do not. Will not spoil anything if you read this without reading the other ones.
Jul 22, 2011 02:40PM

Artemis wrote: "Just as the topic stated. Does one have to? Because I am reading Clockwork Angel right now, and is not really interested in the Mortal Instruments, not right now anyways. Please help me decide whet..."

Get to it then! lol the first movie comes out next year and I'm so excited! =)

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No, you don't, but since Infernal Devices is better than TMI I would read TMI first. Don't get me wrong TMI is good, but I think Cassandra matured as an author once she wrote the ID and it shows.
However, I see that you already started Clockwork Angel, so I guess it's too late. Even if you stop now and start reading TMI you will find it lacking.

Read them in publication order!!! You don't have to read Infernal Devices, but it really does help!

~City of Bones (TMI)
~City of Ashes (TMI)
~City of Glass (TMI)
~Clockwork Angel (ID)
~City of Fallen Angels (TMI)

No. iread Clockwork Angel before TMI and it was fine.

I don't really see why you have to. Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices are two different series. A couple of characters appear in both, but you don't have to read MI to understand ID. That being said, I think you would enjoy it if you did read it.

Meghana noooo that's not what cassandra clare said. She said you NEED to read City of Bones before reading ID... but it is NOT required to read CA before CoFA
Jul 18, 2011 07:04AM

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You dont HAVE to, but I think you will definitely get a better understanding of the characters (because some of the characters in TID are parallel to those in TMI), and the general story. Basically, it would give you a good context to go off of :)

No you don't have to. I read CA before the Mortal Instruments :)

i think it is better to read infernal devices first because it is like a prequel series to TMI

You dont have to but because they are related it seems to make more sence or flow better. You will fine.

No...ONE does not have to read the mortal instruments before reading the infernal devises.......... ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE???????????

I read Clockwork Angel first... I had that, and CoB, but I chose the bigger one (CA) to read first. I don't think you HAVE to read the Mortal Instruments first, but it is definitely cool how they are intertwined. Especially with Magnus. <33

I read CA first. I think it's fine to read them outta order.

No. I read the Clockwork Angel first and found it a fun read. So I read Mortal Instruments after.
This books are a fun read not a complex, OMG what happened in chapter 23 book 1 type of read :)

I don't think you necessarily have to read TMI instruments beforehand, and Cassandra Clare has said the same. Yes, they're all connected and it's fun to try to connect all the dots, but I think it stands very well on its own, too. It's definitely possible to read Clockwork Angel and then start on the others, as long as you know you'll have to backtrack a bit once the other two ID books are released.

No i still havent read the city of bones but i have read the clockwork angel

I think you should read it is linked to the mortal instruments. You will find out that Will is Related to Jace.

Mhm. Release date(:
Cause it's a bit of a zig-zag thing.
You won't clearly understand some parts of COFA without reading CA.

Yes, definitely!....You should read City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass and then go to Clockwork Angel, and then City of Fallen Angel. Read the book according to the release dates....:)

No you dont have to read them BUT I think they're really good and they're also kind of linked in a way with the ID...

Absolutely not.... though the two overlap and are linked the two series are totally seperate. when I started reading Clockwork Angel I had no idea it was in any way tied into the Mortal Instruments. It was this book that turned me on to the Mortal Instruments. I did read the books in order but jumped between the two series.... if you are good at keeping your books straight, go for broke and break up the minotiny. :)

I read Clockwork Angel first. Truthfully, I think that's the reason why I gave City of bones such a low rating. The characters for me were too much like each other in each book and I saw too much of Will in Jace. If I had read City of Bones first, I would have saw too much of Jave in Will.

I heard you're actually supposed to read these books in order of the release date, but it's ultimately up to you. Personally because this book takes place in the past, I enjoyed reading it first because it was kind of cool for me to read the future in City of Bones and things made so much sense to me.

I read City of Bones first, then decided to read 'Clockwork Angel' before I finished of TMI.

I'm glad I read City of Bones, as she takes for granted you know a lot of the world in Clockwork Angel. But I don't think it's absolutely necessary, you'll still understand it completely.

No..but I would highly recommend it because for me, the whole story was much easier to understand.

I don't think so, but i did, and it helps a bit :)

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