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message 1614: by Janice (new)

Janice | 2 comments I don't know if this has been listed before but I am going to list it here. My favorite genre is true paranormal, horror, hauntings, mysterious disappearances, unsolved mysteries, serial killers and the like. And my favorite source is Library Bugs which sends 100% free books delivered to your inbox every single week. Just go to and join.

message 1613: by Cliff (new)

Cliff Ball (cliffball) | 90 comments Free on Kindle February 14-15 - Times of Rebellion: A Christian Novel

A Christian young man becomes famous and rebels against everything shortly before the end times.

message 1612: by C. (new)

C. (booklvr62) | 52 comments Joan wrote: "I quite often download free books from a few sights through Amazon or B&N. It says they are free, when I check out it says they are free but when I get my credit card statement occasionally I find ..."

I always recheck the price on it's Amazon book page before I click the "Buy Now" button, and then check my order confirmation email from Amazon, because the price can change within hours of it being listed for free. If you see right away that you mistakenly clicked on a book that is no longer free, you can get a refund if you contact Amazon. I believe that you can even do that through your "Manage Your Content And Devices".

message 1611: by Joan (new)

Joan (jomarcho1) | 28 comments I quite often download free books from a few sights through Amazon or B&N. It says they are free, when I check out it says they are free but when I get my credit card statement occasionally I find I was charged for one. Am I alone?

message 1610: by S. (new)

S. Nileson | 29 comments Putting Fantasy book, Book of Kayal: Strength of Unity for free on Smashwords.

Here's the Blurb: After emerging from its second civil war the Empire of Nosgard faces a great threat, the rebellious Cult of Naa'tas. Having discovered that their leader had escaped during the chaos of civil war, the Emperor sends ten of his most trusted soldiers after him into newly discovered lands. The Emperor's men struggle to find their target as they enter an unfamiliar land exploited by their adversary.

Happy reading and please leave an honest review if and when you're done, should you find the blurb interesting, of course.

message 1609: by S. (new)

S. Nileson | 29 comments Hi all, Book of Kayal, Strength of Unity, is a fantasy book indefinitely free in multiple formats on smashwords.

Blurb: After emerging from its second civil war the Empire of Nosgard faces a great threat, the rebellious Cult of Naa'tas. Having discovered that their leader had escaped during the chaos of civil war, the Emperor sends ten of his most trusted soldiers after him into newly discovered lands. The Emperor's men struggle to find their target as they enter an unfamiliar land exploited by their adversary.

Happy reading. I'd love honest reviews from those who are interested.

message 1608: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Chapman (CatherineEChapman) | 20 comments Miss Millie's Groom by Catherine E. Chapman 'Miss Millie's Groom,' a romance set during the First World War, will be free on Kindle in the run up to Valentine's Day, 9th through 13th February:

If you read the book and enjoy it, reviews, ratings and recommendations, here, on Amazon and elsewhere, would be appreciated.

Miss Millie's Groom

message 1607: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (Michelle_Sutton) | 29 comments Check this out: Somebody Help Me (part 2) (Journeys) Healing Hearts Books

message 1606: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (Michelle_Sutton) | 29 comments Check this out: Somebody Help Me (part 2) (Journeys) Healing Hearts Books is free today and tomorrow only!

message 1605: by Kckbxr259 (new)

Kckbxr259 | 3 comments Hi Everyone,

"The 259 Conjecture" by Brian Robinson is now free on all devices!
The author is looking for some honest reviews. Who will be the first to review I wonder?

Head over to Amazon or search here for the full Description.


Sam Fisher was a brilliant mathematician and displayed many of the attributes a genius might. But his view of mathematics was unorthodox. Mathematics for him was not just a way of finding answers or resolving problems. Mathematics was a journey of discovery.
Numbers were not just an invention of mankind used to assist in managing the world. Numbers had an existence in their own right. Even if there were no humans, no worlds, no stars, no galaxies and no universe; numbers would still exist. This understanding not only allowed Sam to think outside the box: it allowed him to exist outside the box...

message 1604: by C. (new)

C. (booklvr62) | 52 comments Not Just Voodoo Not Just Voodoo by Rebecca Hamilton 508 pgs,

message 1603: by Henry (last edited Jan 25, 2017 06:32AM) (new)

Henry Martin (HenryMartin) | 38 comments Free across all platforms, Kindle, iTunes, Kobo, Nook . . .

Escaping Barcelona (Mad Days of Me #1) by Henry Martin

Literary Fiction in a multi-cultural setting, narrated in first-person stream of consciousness POV.

message 1602: by Roop (new)

Roop (MGRRoop) | 2 comments Thanks for the free book Nisar, right now I am reading two huge books (Trojan Odyssey and Cholas) will try to squeeze this book and read it and review in

message 1601: by Nisar (new)

Nisar Masoom (NisarMasoom) | 7 comments Masoom Thrillers #1 is FREE on Amazon until January 28:

message 1600: by John (new)

John (crimewriterjm) | 3 comments You're welcome, Lawrence.

message 1599: by Lawrence (new)

Lawrence | 6 comments John wrote: "Hi. I've just added two stories and changed the cover on my collection of SF called The Uncertainty Principle. It will be free tomorrow (11 Jan) to 15 Jan. It's a mix of cyberpunk and other science..."

Thank you John!

message 1598: by John (new)

John (crimewriterjm) | 3 comments Hi. I've just added two stories and changed the cover on my collection of SF called The Uncertainty Principle. It will be free tomorrow (11 Jan) to 15 Jan. It's a mix of cyberpunk and other science fiction.


Uncertainty Principle (free 11 Jan to 15 Jan 2017):

message 1597: by David (new)

David Chill (USCIceman) | 15 comments The latest book in my Burnside series will be available on Amazon for free today (Jan. 8) and tomorrow (Jan. 9). After that, prices revert to $4.99, which is s still a bargain!

DOUBLE PASS is the 7th Burnside mystery. Here's the plot:

A fortune has been stolen, but P.I. Burnside uncovers far more, including a tangled web of long-held secrets. And a seemingly straightforward case of embezzlement suddenly evolves into brutal murder. From seething rivalries to old resentments to sordid affairs, many suspects have a shady past to hide -- and a desperate reason to kill. And through it all, a sordid betrayal from Burnside's past continues to haunt him, waiting for an opportune moment to materialize.

Grab a free copy using the following link:


message 1596: by Richard (new)

Richard Parise | 18 comments FREE! Limited time offer. Sat and Sun
Baby Boomer Humor: A Collection of Five Comical Quick Reads
Titles include Hemingway House, Friending Charlie Daniels, Dietina's Diary, Facebook Zombies and Thoughts at Three, Five and Seven
by Richard Parise

message 1595: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Chapman (CatherineEChapman) | 20 comments The Laird's Right-Hand Lady by Catherine E. Chapman 'The Laird's Right-Hand Lady,' a contemporary romance set in the Scottish Highlands, is free on Kindle through 2nd January:

It's the perfect Hogmanay read!

The Laird's Right-Hand Lady

message 1594: by Steven (new)

Steven Bright (stevenbright) | 5 comments Free on Dec 27-28:
This deals with #leadership and development struggle and the possibility of having a good and performing #leader in an #African setting, particularly in #Nigeria. Get a copy and I will appreciate if you give it an honest review, thanks.
#Democracy #KindleUnlimited

message 1593: by Donna (new)

Donna Fasano | 13 comments Ain't Love Grand by Dana Taylor is free. I don't know how long the offer will last.

message 1592: by Antonio (new)

Antonio Scotto di Carlo | 9 comments You can download this unusual thriller:

Bullets From The Past by Antonio Scotto di Carlo

FOR FREE until November 15, here:

message 1591: by Ted (new)

Ted Galdi (Ted_Galdi) | 6 comments Hey everyone,

My bestselling thriller, Elixir, will be free on Amazon Kindle from today through Friday, 11/11. Elixir is a story about a teenage genius forced to go on a suspenseful adventure to save his girlfriend of a mysterious disease, a battle pitting him against a corrupt drug company and the demons of his past. Link:


message 1590: by Carlissa (new)

Carlissa | 4 comments Vered Ehsani is offering two free ebooks to new members of her email list, the free ebooks are Ghosts of Tsavo and Two Novellas: That Night in Lagos & From Africa ... With a Bite.

Here's the link for the free ebooks.

message 1589: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Cognard (JCognard) | 9 comments Free Books today
If you are looking for Sci-Fi, dark comedy, or YA read look no further. Well I guess you could look further, but why. Or you could look here now and then look further, that would probably make the most sense. I mean why not look now, you are already here. Later you'd have to go try to find this link, and for all you know with this rambling, it probably won't be up here later.

message 1588: by Neel (new)

Neel C. (NeelAruna) | 4 comments A Bride From Moon (Dance Of Lord #1) by Neel Aruna C.Grab my book for free Tomorrow (Nov 4 2016) and day after tomo (Nov 5 2016).. from below link

message 1587: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Standafer | 2 comments Free Kindle download, October 26-27

Misty Lake is the first book in the Misty Lake series and is a clean, romantic suspense novel set in Northern Minnesota. I hope you'll check it out.

Misty Lake (Misty Lake, #1) by Margaret Standafer
Misty Lake, FREE Amazon download

Thank you!

message 1586: by Helen (last edited Oct 26, 2016 03:41AM) (new)

Helen Laycock (HelenLaycock) | 124 comments 26th – 30th October

A tiny man and a whole lot of trouble…

The bumper volume of two-books-in-one Mr Charlie Chumpkins and The Further Mishaps of Charlie Chumpkins (for readers of 7-12) is currently #FREE to download worldwide.

UK link:
US link:

Mr Charlie Chumpkins and The Further Mishaps of Charlie Chumpkins by Helen Laycock

Imagine Sam’s shock when he discovers that a tiny, old-fashioned gentleman, Charlie Chumpkins, has been living under his bed for some time—and imagine, too, the pressure of keeping his little friend a secret.
Enjoy a double dose of trouble in this bumper edition of Mr Charlie Chumpkins and its sequel, The Further Mishaps of Charlie Chumpkins as Charlie gets himself caught up in calamity after calamity…

5* ‘Delightfully detailed descriptions! Adult and child alike will enjoy this read. The writer made it easy for the reader to put themselves in the book as a fly on the wall to observe each adventure. Slightly compares to a more modernized version of the Borrowers. Definitely recommend!’

You can find out more about Charlie, the little friend we’d all love to have, here:
Website page:

message 1585: by Richard (new)

Richard Parise | 18 comments TRICK OR TREAT?
FREE TODAY ONLY!... Please share. Thanks.
Poetry In Motion - Halloween Issue
"Reminiscent of our most beloved childhood nursery rhymes, this collection of poetry brought a smile to my face. Modern poetry often belittles the skill of crafting memorable rhymes. It's nice to see that this style hasn't been forgotten entirely. In addition to the seasonal theme, there were some animal-themed verses in this short selection. Each poem is also accompanied by a small illustration. Both clever and witty, this book is perfect for reading out loud to young children.

message 1584: by Susan (last edited Oct 22, 2016 11:19AM) (new)

Susan Rodgers (SusanRodgers) | 1 comments A Song for Josh (Drifters, #1) by Susan RodgersA Song for Josh

Free :)

First book in a series of twelve...Contemporary Romance or Women's Fiction...kinda angsty love story :)


message 1583: by Nigel (new)

Nigel Bird (nigelbird) | 13 comments Drawn In is currently free. It's a paranormal romance of sorts with shades of urban fantasy and thriller.

message 1582: by C. (new)

C. (booklvr62) | 52 comments Helen wrote: "From 21st - 25th September

FREE (worldwide) boarding school mystery set in the Scottish Highlands
(for readers of 8-12)

Mandrake's Plot by Helen Laycock

Mandrake's Plot


I grabbed this, thanks!

message 1581: by Helen (last edited Sep 21, 2016 02:38AM) (new)

Helen Laycock (HelenLaycock) | 124 comments From 21st - 25th September

FREE (worldwide) boarding school mystery set in the Scottish Highlands
(for readers of 8-12)

Mandrake's Plot by Helen Laycock

Mandrake's Plot

Evie and Mia meet on a train on their way to St. Agatha's Boarding School for Girls. Dropped at a deserted station, with no one to meet them, they trek through the pelting rain and darkness for miles until they find a sign to St.Agatha's which points to an unlikely overgrown track leading up a mountain path.

A foreboding place, St. Agatha's School is surrounded by a sea of mist, and overlooks a loch. Coming face to face with the grotesque caretaker, Mandrake, is not the only thing to unsettle them.
What is the significance of the strange rings worn by Miss Blackthorn, the head teacher - and why does everyone behave so oddly?

The girls stumble across a forgotten burial chamber. Inside, lies the crumbling skeleton of Sister Beatrice, clutching a note which tells of a curse. Locked in the chamber as a punishment, the friends discover an old book within which is the antidote to the curse... but it is hidden in code.

'a well crafted story filled with mystery and suspense'

'truly an original and unique story'

'a fabulous tale with an air of intrigue and mystery at its heart'

'Good plot, great characters, excellent read'

More information here:

message 1580: by Charles (new)

Charles Frankhauser (ccgfabellsouthnet) | 2 comments Free on Kindle 19-21 Sept. 2016 A memoir with advice pertaining to numerous events in the author's life. Title: Miss Williams.

message 1579: by Roop (last edited Sep 18, 2016 07:17AM) (new)

Roop (MGRRoop) | 2 comments Downloaded "A smattering of Darkness" and I have reviewed. Thanks for the book.

message 1578: by Alisha (new)

Alisha Kirpalani (alisha_kirpalani) | 6 comments 14th 15th & 16th Sept 2016

Free Download

A Smattering of Darkness: Short and Shorter Twisted Tales
By Alisha "Priti" Kirpalani

A Smattering of Darkness by Alisha "Priti" Kirpalani

A collection of short stories of varying lengths encapsulating the grey shades of the human psyche. A riveting and deep journey into the minds of a terminally ill man, a battered wife, a mysterious teacher amongst other flawed but ever so human protagonists. Surprise endings, cheeky resolutions and thought provoking finales are characteristic of this anthology. Ranging from one line to full length, each story leaves a lingering impact that resonates long after the page is turned.

For India :
For USA:
For UK :
For Canada:

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message 1577: by Richard (new)

Richard Gradner (RichardGradner) | 7 comments As part of the launch of my latest novel, Unicorn this week, Return To Lemuria is FREE to download to your Kindle, iPad or other digital reading device UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

Take advantage of this incredible offer by following THIS LINK Enjoy this FREE gift from me to you. Please leave a review on Goodreads and/or Amazon.
Return To Lemuria by Richard Gradner

message 1576: by E.J. (last edited Jul 30, 2016 02:06PM) (new)

E.J. Lamprey (goodreadscomelegsabiff) | 18 comments I've got one on promo at the moment, the 6th in my series of whodunits - I do have to warn that this one crosses genre so it isn't a true whodunit, an exception to the series. If someone is trying to kill a witch, is it still a whodunit? Well, it still has my regular bunch of semi-retired amateur sleuths, and like all the books is designed for the armchair detective, stuffed with clues...

message 1575: by Helen (new)

Helen Laycock (HelenLaycock) | 124 comments From July 27th - 31st, Salt, a seaside mystery for readers of 8 - 12, will be #free to download worldwide as a Kindle edition.



Everyone knows Salt gives you high blood-pressure, and this edge-of-your-seat adventure is no exception...

Salt by Helen Laycock

A holiday at Pirates’ Cove with Great Aunt Win is nothing like Toby expects it to be…

He is baffled by the mysterious beach fires and eerie singing he witnesses during the night. He is fascinated, too, by the weird and wonderful tales of the town: not only the legend of the pitiful Mary-Anne, said to row out nightly to the Blue Rock, but also of the peculiar ‘cursed’ gold plate locked in the guesthouse cabinet.

Stranger still, why has a dead man been spotted in the town?

With the help of intriguing local girl, Hattie, the secrets of Salt Guesthouse are unravelled… but not before the children find themselves in grave danger.

You can read a couple of extracts here on my children's website:

All I ask is that in return, you will consider leaving a review. Thank you.

message 1574: by J. (new)

J. Dietrich | 3 comments Enjoy Christmas in July for FREE.
The Christmas Gift is available for free on Amazon.

message 1573: by Samreen (new)

Samreen Ahsan (sam_a_canada) | 5 comments My book A Silent Prayer is available FREE on Amazon

message 1572: by D.C.A. (new)

D.C.A. Savia | 6 comments Descarga en forma gratuita!!! HOY!!!

el libro: La más romántica de las historias.
La "Orgullo y Prejuicio" porteña.
Desde Argentina o US:
Desde México:
Desde España:
Desde Italia:
SINOPSIS: La historia inicia en un evento real ocurrido a fines del siglo XIX en las costas más peligrosas de Argentina: El Naufragio de la goleta Margaretha el 30 de Septiembre de 1880. El navío alemán hacía su viaje desde New York a Chile.
La historia cuenta que en el naufragio viajaba Martina Antúnez Almaraz, una joven de 15 años bien instruida, muy consentida pero con buenos sentimientos, que retorna de su viaje de estudios por Francia, previa escala en Nueva York. Ella conoce al joven Martin y a un joven escocés de 18 años de educación inglesa Mr. Lionard Mc Nair que viajaba a ayudar a su padre con los negocios en la construcción de vías férreas a lo largo de Argentina. A diferencia de su afinidad con Martin, el primer encuentro con Lionard no resulta amistoso y cualquier intento de acercamiento posterior se torna imposible y hasta exasperante. Martina descubre que las familias de los jóvenes que viajan en el barco realizan negocios turbios y oscuros.
Pero ocurre el naufragio y Martina cae a las aguas del mar embravecido. Lionard es el único que puede hacer algo por la joven.
Allí comienza la historia de encuentros y desencuentros entre sus corazones. ¿Se puede amar a alguien que representa todo lo contrario a tus principios? O su corazón se inclinará por aquel que la ha alegrado sus días y ha compartido momentos entrañables.

message 1571: by Antonio (new)

Antonio Scotto di Carlo | 9 comments FOR FREE until June 29th!

You can download this Romance Thriller for free until June 29th,

Bullets From The Past by Antonio Scotto di Carlo


Please, spread the word

message 1570: by Debbie (new)

Debbie Cohen | 8 comments Keeper of the Scale (The Diet Buddies #1) by Debbie Cohen
My book, Keeper of the Scale, is currently free! Makes for fun summer reading in women's contemporary fiction. Has five star ratings on both Amazon and Goodreads. Check it out!

message 1569: by Maria-Foteini (last edited May 25, 2016 03:45AM) (new)

Maria-Foteini | 24 comments 100% free to read
Superheroes parody!!! (Marvel etc...)

AHA! the Alternative Hero Agency by Maria-Foteini Alevizou

message 1568: by Helen (new)

Helen Laycock (HelenLaycock) | 124 comments Hi all,
From MAY 25 – 29, Minor Discord, a collection of ten-minute short stories and flash fiction, will be free to download as a Kindle edition.

Many of the stories have had success in writing competitions, and, with around forty entries, it should keep you entertained for some time…

Dare to visit the dark places at the edges of the map, places where you will feel unsettled, and from where characters will follow you, whether you want them to, or not. This collection of stories and flash fiction will take you into the shadows. Don’t get left behind…

Minor Discord by Helen Laycock

'In this collection of flash fiction and microfiction, Laycock provides a wide variety that will satisfy anyone who loves short stories. Most of the stories are dark, bizarre, and deliciously creepy; a few are lighter but just as captivating.'

‘This book perfectly illustrates my contention that the short story is an art form, and a much-underappreciated one at that.’

‘Laycock's use of vivid imagery makes the stories an immersive read, and she manages to say a lot with very few words--a truly remarkable accomplishment.’

'...delighted to have purchased this collection of short stories and flash fiction.'

'This book was a page turner for me, and kept me reading for longer than intended into the dark hours'

'... quirky, eerie tales that collude with the darker side of story telling.'

'...a gamut of emotion...'

'I have purposefully declined from using the word...twisted, though on the, QT, I think it should be in there somewhere.'

'This didn't disappoint!'
'...all well written & so easy to get into.'

'The characters and scenery are well presented...allowing the characters to take you on their amazing journey...'

‘My favorites were: The Visitors, a practical joke gone awry; Soul Control, a humorous take on population control in heaven and hell; and Drop-Dead Gorgeous, a twisted tale of an employee at a morgue with a vivid imagination.’

'...wonderful twists and turns as in Expectations and Cold Comfort. And then the darker tales, The Last Place and Two's Company, just the thought of that doll, ugh and then the brilliant tale, loved this, Taking Flight. These are a few that stuck in my mind.'

'Birds...death as a stalker in his personalised black car, really good story.
Cold Comfort...A spooky love story, enjoyed this & could have read a full book about this.
Soul Control...Lucifer & Gabriel, straight away this was a story for me, it was funny & bizarre right up my street, again, BOOK!
A Stitch in unfinished sampler causes a couple of problems, intriguing story.
Drop Dead Gorgeous...A really creepy story, skin crawling & freaky!'

'...reading the many stories that make up Minor Discord was a challenge, and it is one that I have enjoyed.'

'Helen Laycock's creative talent shines through...; her skills and creativity are to be admired.'

'...there were times when... I had to pause and re-read simply for the enjoyment of the imagery they conjured (e.g. White Light).'

'I cannot say which was my favourite - there were too many!'

message 1567: by Gregory (new)

Gregory Brown (pgregbrown) | 6 comments Free until Monday. The Perfections of God: Understanding God's Characteristics. Thanks

message 1566: by Paul (new)

Paul Clayton | 19 comments I've made my Vietnam war novel, Carl Melcher Goes to Vietnam FREE for today (4-27) and tomorrow (4-28). Carl Melcher Goes to Vietnam was a finalist at the 2001 Frankfurt eBook Awards. (AMAZON KINDLE ONLY( Carl Melcher Goes to Vietnam

message 1565: by C. (new)

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