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message 1: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) OK....Now! what do we Rp!

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments ((lemme make a characteR))

message 3: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) ((kk ima make mine))

Personality: He keeps to himself, protective to friends, Shy.
History:He never talks about it.

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments ((ok I made mine in the character folder.))

Prime walked on the streets, looking around.

message 5: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) ((Wait whoa....what's this going to be about? o.o))

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments ((uh...i dunno? Think of anything?))

message 7: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) ((Like my last one:
or something else))

message 8: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine | 2456 comments (hey make one with me josh)

message 9: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) ((OMG! now I'm in 6! lol ok Sure...))

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

((i am disturbed...))

message 11: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) ((.......))

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments ((uhhh, i guess hencing the name one on one died off. anybody wanna do another with meh? Josh, i like ethier action, sci-fi or romance. got anything from there?))

message 13: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) ((Mixture!))

message 14: by Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) (last edited Apr 07, 2011 02:42PM) (new)

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments ((ok!! so, action with sci-fi with some romance mixedd in?))

message 15: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) ((YUP YUP!))

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments ((kk. where do you wanna start?))

message 17: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) ((John is at high-school during the 2058 baseball league and while signing autograph's he see's a beautiful young teen))

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments ((ok, and lemme guess, it would be Prime?))

message 19: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) ((yup))

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments ((kk, lets do this))

Prime walked past the stadium. She saw a young teenager signing autographs. Must be the new champions... she thought, glancing over.

message 21: by Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) (last edited Apr 07, 2011 06:02PM) (new)

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments ((here is my charie btw: Name: Prime
Age: 15
Gender: F
Personality: Swift, clever, cunning, somewhat tricky but she is nice to friends.
Family: none, deceased
History: Lived on the streets at a young age (about 7), learned how to live on her own since her parents died. She knows hot to get out of things but doesnt like to stir up enemies unless neccesary.
Other Important Info: ))

message 22: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) kk Here's John

Personality: Smart, Strong, Loving, And know's his way to make friends.
History:He has been an all-star in Baseball for years in highschool

message 23: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) John kept signing autographs until he saw a beautiful girl walk by. He stared at her. "John! Autograph's!" The coach yelled.

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments Prime looked over John. He is kinda cute... she thought, flashing a smile at John but keeping on walking.

message 25: by Josh (last edited Apr 08, 2011 08:53AM) (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) John watched as she walked away. "Next....." John said with a sigh as he returned to writing autographs.

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments Prime walked over, sitting in the stands. She watched people leaving and getting autographs and sighed, putting her head on her hand and her arm on her knee and watching everybody.

message 27: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) Josh was finishing up when the coach said to take a break and go home for tommorow's game. Josh nodded and started walking towards his GT 500 he recieved as MVP player last year.

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments Prime saw John walk to the parking lot and walked towards him. "Hey. Congrats on the game." she said, walking over to him.

message 29: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) Josh looked over his shoulder to see that cute girl he saw earlier. "Hey....." Josh said as he leaned aganist his car.

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments Prime smiled. "You guys did great tonight." she said, leaning on one leg and bending the other.

message 31: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) Josh grew nervous. "Th...Thanks....It was nothing really." Josh said smiling.

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments Prime laughed. "You make it look so easy!" she exclaimed.

message 33: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) "Yeah....heh..." Josh kept staring at her eyes. He had to ask her. "Hey.....Me and the team are going to dinner at Chilie's (lol) and I was wondering if you....ya know...." Josh said as he scratch the back of his head as he was nervous.

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments Prime giggled. "Sure, I'd love to. But would it be ok with your team?"

message 35: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) "Ye...Yeah...sure..." Josh said as he opened the passenger door for Prime.

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments Prime smiled and nodded, getting in. "If you say so." she smiled.

message 37: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) John closed the door and took a deep breath. He got into the car and watched the car roar to life.

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments ((UR ON! im still singing one more time lol))

Prime looked around, buckling herself in.

message 39: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) "You ready?" John asked before starting the hover sports-car.

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments Prime nodded. "Ready when you are."

message 41: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) John nodded and started the car. The car flew up and out towrds the highway where traffic caught him. "Great...."

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments "Hmpm." Prime grunted, looking around. "I can show you a shortcut, if you want atleast.

message 43: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) John looked at prime and smiled. "Sure."

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments PRime nodded. "Take a left up here, then take another right."

((brb biscuits lol YAY))

message 45: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) John did as she said. And she was right. "Thanks..." John said.

He parked in front of the resturant and opened the door for Prime.

((Well guess who had Joe's Pasta Pizza!))

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments ((oh wow, lol. I had Cotton Patch...yum?))

Prime nodded in thanks and stepped out of the car. She walked over, opening the door for John to enter.

message 47: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) John felt embarresed as he walked in with a pretty woman he barely knows to a team dinner at Chilie's.

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments Prime walked in behind him, looking around with a "Hm." She watched the waiter take him to the table with his team and didnt really know what to do.

message 49: by Josh (new)

Josh "Why so serious?" (LoveDr) "John! what up man! Who's this lovely lady you brought?" One of the team-mates said as he kissed Prime's hand. John rolled his eyes.

message 50: by Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) (last edited Apr 09, 2011 12:50PM) (new)

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 2336 comments Prime raised her eyebrow as the other team-mate kissed her hand. "The name is Prime." she said.

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