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Simpler times

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Joy Was mid twentieth century really a simpler time or does our childhood always seem such in our memory? I would love to live in Elmwood Springs. I think I would make a great Aunt Elner! Did anyone else think Neighbor Dorothy was just the wisest woman in the world? This is my favorite Fannie Flagg book.

Jane I love all of Fannie Flagg's books!

Zora The mid-20th C. was a horrible time to be female, black, or gay. I remember how nasty men were to women in my childhood, how police wouldn't interfere in domestic violence situations because it was "a man's household and his right" to do whatever he willed to the people inside. I recall how I was told I couldn't grow up to be anything but a mother, a nurse, or a grade school teacher, and I wouldn't go back to that time for any amount of money!

Elizabeth All of Fannie Flagg's books subtly address those problems. When I found out that she herself is gay and her partner is a black woman,it explained so much of the empathy she shows to her characters.

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