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Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
Sorry, the other chat was getting too full. Whenever a topic is more than two pages long, I delete it.

OK: Can we please post on the Tiger Lady II RP? It's been half a week since anyone's even added on besides me, and I know that all of you have some great ideas in your heads!!!

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments Yes. Ill post, but i need to do some chores first. Be patient, plz.

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments How do I go about getting my character approved by yourself?

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
Well, I approve it... I look at your character forum (which tou can fill out under char. registration)

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments Oh, all the posts were by you from what I've seen in there... thanks for clearing this up, much appreciated.

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
((yeah, ik, most of them are from me because I have a lot of characters I want in my story))

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments Sorry to question your authority but I've a problem with why you denied my character. If you read the origin all of the way through, it was clearly implied that he was on Earth from 1994-6025. In the year 2011, he was put into statis (a frozen-like sleep) by the underlying shadow government of the U.S. It's implied that he stayed that way until 6025 at which point the chamber was transported to Mauralanzo. He then was discovred by a rebel scientist and works for him. As for the cyborg issue, I was wrong and will change it accordingly, my apologies.

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments Oh, and the police issue: The police were on Earth.
I edited my character description and now you have a correct description... it was a minor change, Valerio is now healed by genetic alteration, thank you for being on top of things, I like that kind of commitment.

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments Please excuse my insubordinate behavior (jokingly toned sarcasm). :P

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
In the future, I'll try to post more info about characters...

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
I think you'd like this movie: based on your character info.

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments I'll be sure to watch it some time. Did I get approval now?

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments Well, in the future, if you'd like me to create any characters with in-depth description just say so.

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments I'll be on enough, but not all the time. I'm on Spring vacation.

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
haha, I wish we were on spring break. Gir.Junior High was bad enough, Senior High is even worse DX

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
and your charrie fixed up well. XD

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments Well, I'm a junior in high.... look at all this confusing shyte.

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments Oh, it is, a minor change though. Barely noticeable.

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
hrm. well, I'll be sure that I make a new topic for your RP. find under discussions. will be posted in ten minutes or so...

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments So, everyone plays as Valerio? or all the characters for that matter? Or was that an example?

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
In an RP, you can RP any character, in any RP, so as it's one in this same topic. Yes, anyone can RP yours, mine, detiny's, or salad's charries...

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments Oh, I see. RPs I've played before, you stuck to the character(s) you've created and determine their personality yourself. It gave off a more realistic feel and interactions were easier. Can we play mine like that??

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments I've created my own RP group on my basis and I think even you would it enjoy, Mononoke. It's called "Just Another Day in Post-Apocalyptia". I'd like to see if you'd like to be a co-moderator for it, your description skills are pretty good.

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments Oooo, new member! Welcome!

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
hrmmm... I MAY consider joining... and, yes, Tiger, we DO have a new member. Unfortunately, we can't change the rules on the RP just for one member. X3

Lucifer (PunkRockBoogie) | 18 comments Oh, I see... understood. You'd make a good co-mod though.

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
thank you


Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
Guys, I highly reccomend that you watch the following movies (at least try them out, don't knock it till you've tried it.) (and, I mean everyone.)
You don't have to watch all of them, just ones that suit your intrests.










ones that made me cry, romantic, moving:

world-changing, causes, humanity, messages:

cute, childish, teaching:

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments Hey, I'm just curious: does anyone here remember Chalkzone? Besides me, I mean.

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
who? Were they a member? Was he the one who was harassing you?

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments No. Oops, guess i should have specified, lol!

Chalkzone is this awesome old nickelodeon show. It centers around the adventures of Rudy, a boy with the power to create things out of thin air with his magic chalk. Before he discovers exactly what the chalk can do, he accidentilly opens a portal into Chalkzone; a land where all the erased drawings and stuff goes and comes to life.

It's pretty cool; too bad they dont show it on tv anymore. YouTube does havesome episodes u can watch if you want to. Just make sure theyre episodes; the clips arent all that great.

message 35: by Holden (last edited Apr 16, 2011 05:23PM) (new)

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
Nope, never even heard of it until now. Did you like it? My favourite shows when I was a kid were Redwall, Pokemon, Naruto, and Code Lyoko. They all still are, but the majority of them have ceased airing. *sigh*

Judging by the description, Chalkzone reminds me of a movie, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars. Both are Animes made by the same artist. I haven't seen summer wars yet, but I intend to. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a great one with romance and tons of humor. You should see it ^_^

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments No. Way.

They made Redwall into a SERIES?! ON TV?!!!!

Seriously, i love those books!

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments Code Lyoko is pretty cool, too; thinking about it reminds me of simpler times, times when i was younger and watched Maguzi on Cartoon Network.

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
Yay! No one else at my school used to watch it except for a few guys. Sigh, I wish that it never stopped airing. Did you know they only had 97 episodes compared to the average reality TV show of an ongoing 234 episodes> (geek alert! *U*)

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments That's crazy! Kids fighting evil in a computer world is SOOOO much better than "reality" tv.

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
ikr? I wish that Aelita would have found out what happened to her mum and dad, though.

Cassidy709 | 1 comments wait can we go all the way in the rp

Holden Caulfield (rainsford-over-zaroff) | 126 comments Mod
You can add onto the story but you have to make a new character in the registration and read through the RP at least a little before posting. Salad, read the Mauralanzian Encyclopedia

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