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Tanvi i want everyone to aleast ty to do the challenge

Maria The challenge was fun. I read Jane Eyre in high school, but it was nice to re-read it. I enjoyed the movie as well. I felt like it was a good interpretation of the book. I am a big Michael Fassbender fan and am quickly becoming a fan of Mia Wasilowska as well.

Megamarie I've finished the challenge already. I love the book and the movie as well. Even though I've read it along time ago. I still remember everything. I remember every twist and turn in the story.

"How dare I aunt? How dare I?" I love this part where she demanded to be allowed to go to school. I do not want to post an essay here so that's it about Jane Eyre...for now.

Ajmira i have read it several times. I did not know about the challenge but I am doing my dissertation on Jane Eyre.

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