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message 51: by Shel (new)

Shel (shel99) | 1198 comments Finished this set last night. Happy sigh at the events of Chapter V! :) It kind of reminds me of how surprised I was way back in book 1 when the Mistwraith was banished halfway through the book - I had assumed at the start that Desh'thiere was the big baddy who would be defeated at the end of the whole series - the Sauron of Athera, if you will - and my mind was spinning after the defeat with the revelation that it was just the beginning. Obviously we're well past the beginning now, but once again I am reminded not to assume ANYTHING as I never expected either of the brothers to break the curse before the very end, if at all.

I *love* being surprised like that!

I'm bummed that I don't have the time/energy to really ponder some of the points brought up above, but I'm enjoying reading what everyone else had to say. You've all brought up ideas that I just don't have the brainpower to contemplate right now.

(only tangentially related as he's the reason I can barely find time to read: my baby's turning ONE in two weeks - can't believe time flew by so fast!!!)

message 52: by Kathi (new)

Kathi | 1801 comments Shel, I'm surprised you have the time or energy to read at all, especially something as demanding as these books. Of course, they are also excellent and enjoyable, so that makes a difference.

message 53: by Sandra (new)

Sandra  (Sleo) | 1141 comments Ditto what Kathi said. Babies are so cute at that age! But isn't it a lovely story?

message 54: by Alissa (last edited Mar 15, 2015 12:23PM) (new)

Alissa | 167 comments Thank you so much for your insights! I see what I wanted to discuss is already part of the thread, along with much more.
I loved the resolution of ch V. So simple, so emotional and yet to be there and ask, I think the path was long, as kathi said. A very powerful scene, and a surprise. I understood if Arithon wanted a chance to help Alland and eventually Alestron he had to start accepting his royal burden and start acting the part, and get a reprieve from the blinding curse (Lysaer makes a lot of damage and he is not a master initiate nor a master bard!), but I wasn't expecting anything like this, not now, nor the depth of Arithon inner journey. Why am I surprised at being surprised? I should know better by now, the unexpected rules, and comes in a natural way so as a reader I simply feel gobsmacked, yet again I have been caught off guard. No matter how many times I am forewarned, I have come to love every time I end up on my bum for yet another twist. Woah!

The raven puzzled me too, the "The raven shifted clawed feet, too subdued for an aspect of the mysteries, enfleshed as a bird" and the gender references (both Jieret's dreams), the "little brother" reference, the descriptions of the raven's eyes both in the physical world and the dreams.... A balance like the one of Ath's adepts at play, maybe? I am not able to speculate but I have loved to hear the comments of the others :) another mystery!

I totally loved the scenes following Vhandon's thoughts, and when he speaks of his experience, how he freely came to love Arithon and what he saw past the veil of Lysaer blinding aura. "If not for the memory of a clearer music, called forth from a Paravian- made sword, Vhandon realized he could have been swept off his feet." I think he sees very well part of Lysaer's torment and contradictions. And with his point of view the parallel with Sulfin Evend comes natural, I personally liked a lot the way this latter dealt with both Lysaer, Arithon and the Sorcerers, and how his loyalty doesn't prevent him to see further, and beyond superficial appearances, entrenched hatreds and ingrained beliefs. After all Asandir saved him from the grimward for "balance". And I wonder if it is his mixed heritage that allows him to better understand the workings of Desh-thiere.
He saw more about Arithon than Jeynsa for example, even if she was given a fair vantage. I don't really understand the point she is hell bent to make. What does she want to demonstrate? And Fionn is another masterpiece, I feel pity for him but I like that he ended up saddled with Jeynsa, they deserve each other, ahaha, I am just wondering who, amongst the many that vie for the privilege (or can be coerced to), will backstab Arithon first. And then there still is Fionn's birth prophecy to consider.

And what about Lysaer? His nightmares are worsening, the old spider Selidie is courting his flanks and Davien makes leatherwork. With his citrine ring on. I'm reading with glee all the points of view, I have my favorite characters but I love to read about all of them and to follow the story with the given rhytm (which is delightful because even in series I have liked that was seldom the case, like in game of thrones, sometimes I wanted to skip some chapters outright, here it is the contrary, I often want to reread). There are strong women, too, we have finally met the s'brydions wives! I understand now why Arithon wanted them in attendance when he spoke to the brothers.

And I wonder, why does Kharadmon has a habit of dropping roses?

I just hope Mearn and Talvish are not going to die at least anytime soon. I have met with littl success in my intention to decrease my reading-pace. Since Peril's Gate I feel like I am on a roll, and the preliminary stage of the siege is totally immersing. I have read many recounts of sieges and the historical fiction fan who is in me is rejoycing ( grin ).

"‘It’s Arithon, blast his nerveless s’Ffalenn effrontery! He’s just gone and torched the rule- book, again."

message 55: by Cody (new)

Cody | 8 comments Did no one other than Arithon think the Paravians might be willing to lift the Curse? None of the F7? But then, I suppose Arithon (or Lysaer, if things were different) would need to have "developed" to the point that he could withstand the vibrations and the presence of the Paravians in order to achieve that removal. Arithon "got there" through his mage training, Masterbard training, and his journey through the Maze (among other things).

^--That quote is from Kathi.

I don't think Arithon had to reach the point where he could survive the frequencies of the higher mysteries - though that probably helped take some of the edge off.

I think that Arithon had to reach a point of utter humility to be able to freely request anything of such beings as the Paravians without any expectation of success or even touching on a Paravian presence.

His trials through Kewar and everything before that were basically just beating down his mis-guided need to fight every bad thing that's been happening. His previous mindset seemed to have been that he was responsible for all of the people that his Curse-driven geas has hurt.

But in the context of the mysteries, he was responsible for absolutely no one else's choices that they made within the Major Balance of the mysteries.

All of Arithon's trials were pushing him to give up his guilt over the responsibility he felt. He can obviously be compassionate and empathize with the people he's hurt, but they made their own choices under Ath's creation and therefore used their freedom - which, in Athera, seems to be a kind of true purity.

So, all of that rambling aside, Arithon was only able to get his curse cleaned from his aura because he went to the Paravians with absolutely no demands or requests in his heart and left their choices of actions up to them. He was simply trusting them to see into his aura and take action against the evil that was there. Having his connection to the mysteries sorted out after Kewar helped get him deep enough into the King's Grove, sure, but without his deep humility, I don't think the sunchildren would've ever shown up.

Of course, that's up to Janny to confirm or deny, haha.

message 56: by Aussie500 (new)

Aussie500 | 35 comments Considering Athera's royal lines were the go between between mankind and the Paravians I think it was always in them to withstand Paravian presence, and the mysteries.
The Fellowship had no way of contacting the Paravians, or even knowing where they were hiding, Athera's mysteries do not seem to be something under their control. Nor I think if it was would they ever have given Arithon permission to try such a thing. Lysaer could never be freed that way, even if he went desiring nothing but his freedom, Lysaer would destroy everything.

Arithon paid for his blood debts in Kewar, and is doing his best not to get any more against his Name. Although he would feel responsible I think for some that will happen at Alestron later on. In Kewar Arithon, in the presence of a Paravian claimed redemption from his past mistakes. But still that is not going to prevent him feeling responsible for any future deaths, so it seems an ongoing problem, Arithon's conscience. He is getting better at dealing with the situations that lead to the problem. But Lysaer and the Koriani Prime seem determined to ruin him one way or another.

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