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Shel (shel99) | 944 comments Finished this set last night. Happy sigh at the events of Chapter V! :) It kind of reminds me of how surprised I was way back in book 1 when the Mistwraith was banished halfway through the book - I had assumed at the start that Desh'thiere was the big baddy who would be defeated at the end of the whole series - the Sauron of Athera, if you will - and my mind was spinning after the defeat with the revelation that it was just the beginning. Obviously we're well past the beginning now, but once again I am reminded not to assume ANYTHING as I never expected either of the brothers to break the curse before the very end, if at all.

I *love* being surprised like that!

I'm bummed that I don't have the time/energy to really ponder some of the points brought up above, but I'm enjoying reading what everyone else had to say. You've all brought up ideas that I just don't have the brainpower to contemplate right now.

(only tangentially related as he's the reason I can barely find time to read: my baby's turning ONE in two weeks - can't believe time flew by so fast!!!)

Kathi | 1115 comments Shel, I'm surprised you have the time or energy to read at all, especially something as demanding as these books. Of course, they are also excellent and enjoyable, so that makes a difference.

Sandra  (Sleo) | 1117 comments Ditto what Kathi said. Babies are so cute at that age! But isn't it a lovely story?

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