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Alec sighed and walked into the Coffee shop, the little bell above the door rings as he opens the door. Alec is a fairly tall teen about 5'9 and about only 100 pounds most of which is muscle, his hair a sandy gold that works in perfect contrast with his dark stormy sliver eyes with light blue flakes. Alec walks over to the counter and buys an iced mocha then goes over to a table near the back of the shop, he was wearing a dark Blue shirt that hugs his skin and a pair of black jeans. Alec leans back in his chair and smirks, laying his black leather jacket on the ground neck to him, looking out the widow and wonders why Isoble sent him here, it's been 2 years and no sign of her, the white stone was hidden under his shirt it laid right over his heart and gave a slight warm feeling to the stone's surface

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Darkling (DeiDeiDarkling) Marie walked softly down the street, her long auburn hair pulled back in a tight braid that reached her tailbone and swung gracefully along her back, a black bandana was tied expertly around her head, matching her tight black shirt and black skirt, half covered by a baggy hoodie. Her long pale legs were clad in black fishnet tights under black combat boots, and her hands clad in fingerless leather gloves, an odd outfit for such a sunny morning. She looked around, pausing in her walk an adjusted her bandana silently This makes it so hard to hear... she thought glummly, noticing a coffee shop "Perfect." she murmured under her breath, glancing at the windows, making sure there wasnt to many people inside and jogging across the street and into the shop, ordering a black coffee and sitting as far away from the other people in the shop as she could, her tail tightening around her waist as she caught the smell of one of the men in the shop A-another werewolf? Here? Damn it.... she sipped her coffee, burning the tip of her tongue in the process.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose sat in a library. She turned the page in her book.

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Karishna walked into the library and over to the Librarian then started talking with him for a momment.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose yawned and set her book down. She got up and walked into the adult romance section.

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Karishna walked around browsing the books.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) She looked at the books.

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Karishna had just grabbed the book he was looking for when he noticed Rose. He stared at ehr as the book slid out of his hand and hit the floor.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose's head shot up. She looked at Karishna and the book.

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KArishna bent down and picked up his book then walked towards the Librarian.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) She watched him then back at the books glancing when he left.

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((Hey Amber do you want to join my group?))

THe librarian was talking to him "Yes that will be nessecary....."

Karishna growled slightly "Must I do everything myself?"

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) ((Yah! ))

Rose looked back at the books grabbing a red covered one.

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((kk ill send you an invite))

THe librarian frowned slightly "Sorry....I don't have the time or the p-"
"I don't want to hear your excuses......just.....Get.It.Done." Karishan said matter of factly.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) ((Sweetness x) ))

Rose turned the book over trying to ignore the conversation she heard.

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(( 8) )

The Librarian sighed softly "You don't know what it could do......if the humans aver found out....."

Karishna's jaw clenched "LEt me ask you something.......who is stronger?"

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose tilted her head. humans? hmm...

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The Librarian's frown grew "Fine I'll get it done....you just have to promise to protect me...."

Karishna smirked slightly "Agreed....." he said then walked to the door.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose was very entranced. She put the book back and followed him.

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Karishna walked out the door and started down the road.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose followed him. Leaving some space.

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Karishna stopped abruptly as 4 vampires walk out of the shadows. One of them spoke up "Is it time yet?"

Karishna chuckled slightly "Soon.......very soon.....we will show these humans who the superior species are."

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose 's eyes widened. "What the? " She whispered.

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Karishna smiled warmly as a little girl walked out from behind the vampires "Brother......I had another nightmare...." she said frowning.

Karishna sighed softly and knelt down on one knee "Don't worry...I'll keep your nightmare's away."

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose watched closely from behind a building. She frowned. what the heck!

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Karishna stopped and looked behind him as he felt himself being watched.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose hide behind the building. She breathed slowly hoping she wasn't heard.

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Ruby grabbed ahold of his arm "What is it?"

Karishna looked abck to Ruby "Its nothign....."

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose smiled thinking she was sneaky. She thought about writing down what she heard but remember she left her things at the library. "Oh crap!! " She gasped and put her hand on her mouth. nice job idiot!

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Karishna whirled around and looked straight at Rose then pulle dhis amr from Ruby's grip and rubbed her head before walking towards Rose "Excuse me.....your the girl from the library right?" he called out.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) She cursed and shuffled down the side walk. "NO! "

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Karishna started to walk faster after ehre "Hang on miss."

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose walked faster. "Crap crap crap! I'm being chased by a crazed vampire mob! "

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Karishna took off into a full sprint after her "Girls these days....." he muttered running after her.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose looked back. "OH! " She ran faster then turned into an ally.

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Karishna skidded to a hakt when he reached the alley.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose stopped at the wall. "... Crap.... " she slowly turned around.

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Karishna walked towards her "Come now there is no need to be afraid of me....I don't bite......much."

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose frowned. "Hmph. Who said I'd let you bite me." She crossed her arms.

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Karishna chuckled slightly "All peopel in this world have a place......the thing is knowing where they stand...."

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) She chuckled. "And this involes me how? "

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Karishna looked her over twice before smiling slightly "Come here......I know you heard our little discussion in the library."

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) Rose huffed. "I will do no such thing. "

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Karishna took a step towards her "We can do this the easy way....or the hard way...."

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) She glared and stood straighter. "I choose letter c. Get away from me. "

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KArishna took another step towards her "Im trying to be nice and give you an easy way out and your blowing the offer off."

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) She arched an eye brow. "Reallllllly."

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Karishna narrowed his eyes "Your chance has just passed you by........"

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (BiSeXuAl) She narrowed her eyes also. "Same goes for you."

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KArishna chuckled slightly and was about to go towards her when Ruby came up to him "Kari Can we go now....its getting late...."
Karishna stopped and shut hs eyes for a momment.

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