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message 1: by Bentley, Group Founder, Leader, Chief (last edited Apr 10, 2011 09:32PM) (new)

Bentley | 29368 comments This is a buddy read set up by request.

Aussie Rick will be leading this informal discussion on the following book:

Apache by Ed Macy BY Ed Macy

Start Date will be April 11, 2011 (or some time during that week) and ending on May 8, 2011. We always start on Mondays so this will work out well. If anyone needs more time; the threads will be open to accomodate.

Remember this is a spoiler thread and anything can be discussed in any order unless you determine how you will read this book and your timeline for discussion of different chapters. We allow each buddy read leader to set things up at their own pace.

Remember, if you cite any other book except for the discussion book for which this thread is named you must do full citations of both the book and the authors.

Good luck and have fun.



Apache by Ed Macy by Ed Macy

message 2: by Bentley, Group Founder, Leader, Chief (new)

Bentley | 29368 comments This thread and opening may depend upon when Terri gets her library book. Check in with her and Aussie Rick.

message 3: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (KristiColeman) Whoot! I love this book! Can't wait to re-read it!

message 4: by Terri (new)

Terri Will you be able to fit it in though, Kristi? I am excited about this read. Everyone raves about it!!

I will have this book and will be able to start this book by the 11th of April.

How about everyone else?

message 5: by Bentley, Group Founder, Leader, Chief (new)

Bentley | 29368 comments Great news on this one. Since we have a definitive start date because you will have this book...this should work out well in terms of being able to give some advance notice for scheduling.

message 6: by Tasha (new)

Tasha I'm in.

message 7: by Terri (new)

Terri About the book;

Apache is the incredible true story of Ed Macy, a decorated Apache helicopter pilot, that takes you inside the cockpit of the world’s most dangerous war machine. A firsthand account of the exhilaration and ferocity of war, Apache chronicles a rescue mission involving a stranded soldier in Afghanistan in 2007.
Ed Macy had always dreamed of a career in the army, so when the British Army Air Corps launched its attack helicopter program, Ed bent every rule in the book to make sure he was the first to sign up to fly the Apache—the deadliest, most technically advanced helicopter in the world and the toughest to fly.
In 2007, Ed’s Apache squadron was dispatched to Afghanistan’s notorious Helmand Province with the mission to fight alongside and protect the men on the ground by any means necessary. When a marine goes missing in action, Ed and his team know they are the Army’s only hope of bringing him back alive. Apache is Macy’s story—an adrenalin-fueled account of one of the most daring actions of modern wartime, and a tale of courage, danger, and comradeship you won’t be able to put down.

About the author;

His website for more info on Apache and the author
NB* this is THE coolest author website I have ever seen.
Elite pilot, 23 years' service, 3930 flying hours, awarded military cross ... decorated war hero.

Ed Macy was born and raised in the north east of England. He has four brothers and served as an apprentice in engineering before joining the British Army.

Ed enlisted in 1984 and trained as a paratrooper before joining the Second Battalion the Parachute Regiment in Aldershot. He served with 2 Para in, Belgium, Belize, Kenya, Germany, Morocco, Netherlands, Northern Ireland and Oman. During this time he served as rifleman, signaller, medic and weapons instructor. Ed climbed the ranks from Private to Sergeant before transferring to the Army Air Corps (AAC).

Ed Macy was awarded the trophy for best student on his pilots’ course before being posted to 9 Regiment AAC in 1992 as a reconnaissance pilot. He served with 3 Regt AAC, 4 Regt AAC, 5 Regt AAC, 9 Regt AAC and 25 Flight AAC on Gazelle and Apache helicopters amassing a total of 3,930 flying hours. He has flown in: Afghanistan, Belgium, Belize, Bosnia, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Kenya, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Oman and the USA. During this time he served as a helicopter pilot, captain and flight commander specialising as the following: Air Combat Tactics Instructor, Electronic Warfare Instructor, Helicopter Range Conducting Officer, Helicopter Simulator Instructor, Helicopter Weapons Instructor, Helicopter Weapons Officer, finishing up as a Warrant Officer First Class and an Attack Aviation Specialist.

Ed Macy’s last tour of duty was in Afghanistan as an Attack Pilot on the Apache Helicopter. On his last day in uniform he was awarded and presented the Military Cross for bravery by Queen Elizabeth II – one of two issued that day and the first the AAC had ever received.

He has three children and lives in the north east with Emily.

Ed is now a best selling author with his first book ‘APACHE’ and is currently writing his second book.

message 8: by Terri (new)


Always Chapter/page mark and spoiler alert your posts if you are discussing parts of the book.

To do these spoilers, follows these easy steps;

Step 1. enclose the word spoiler in forward and back arrows; < >

Step 2. write your spoiler comments in

Step 3. enclose the word /spoiler in arrows as above, BUT NOTE the forward slash in front of the word. You must put that forward slash in.

Your spoiler should appear like this;
(view spoiler)

And please mark your spoiler clearly like this;

State a Chapter and page if you can.
EG: Chapter 24, page 154

Or say Up to Chapter *___ (*insert chapter number) if your comment is more broad and not from a single chapter.

Examples of spoiler;
Chapter 24 pg 36
(view spoiler)

message 9: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (KristiColeman) Terri wrote: "Will you be able to fit it in though, Kristi? I am excited about this read. Everyone raves about it!!

I will have this book and will be able to start this book by the 11th of April.

How about ev..."

Somehow I'll fit it in...this is a book not to be missed!

message 10: by Terri (new)

Terri So my hubby tells me. I wonder how he's going to feel about giving this book up before he's finished it so that I can buddy read it before it has to go back to the library. :-) I smell trouble-a-brewin' lol.

message 11: by Tasha (new)

Tasha You did give him fair warning though! So he shouldn't be surprised :)

message 12: by Terri (new)

Terri I did indeed. His shoulders sagged last night when I reminded him. Poor sad hubby. :-(

On the up side...when he was reading this last night in bed he was yet again laughing out loud. I love a military book that also includes some humour. :-)

message 13: by 'Aussie Rick' (new)

'Aussie Rick' (AussieRick) OK, its the 11th in Australia so I might have a head start on a few people but already I'm enjoying "Apache" so far, how hard is it to fly! I don't have anything like the coordination required by the pilots to get the machine off the ground and couldn't even fly one of the computer simulators that were all the rage years ago. Here is one funny section from the book I enjoyed which is a bit of toilet humour, yeah I know, its a man thing :) Page 19:

(view spoiler)

message 14: by 'Aussie Rick' (new)

'Aussie Rick' (AussieRick) Don't forget that this thread is open to anyone who is currently reading "Apache", has already read "Apache", or who is tempted to read "Apache" :)

Apache by Ed Macy by Ed Macy

message 15: by Bentley, Group Founder, Leader, Chief (new)

Bentley | 29368 comments Thank you very much Aussie Rick for the above post. Folks, that goes for all of the buddy read threads. They are set up for all of you.

message 16: by 'Aussie Rick' (new)

'Aussie Rick' (AussieRick) For those who are reading "Apache" I have found the author's style of humour very funny and very close to our own style of humour here in Australia. I had a chuckle over the meeting with Prime Minister Blair, page 132-133 in chapter 'A Matter of Time':

(view spoiler)

message 17: by 'Aussie Rick' (new)

'Aussie Rick' (AussieRick) The book really picks up when the crews start flying support for the ground forces during Operation Glacier. The link below is a definite spoiler so do not look unless you have read the chapters covering the rescue mission of Royal Marine Commando Ford or if you really can’t help yourself :)

(view spoiler)

message 18: by Bentley, Group Founder, Leader, Chief (new)

Bentley | 29368 comments Aussie Rick as soon as I can catch up with my reading I will jump in here even though I will be late to the party. Thanks for keeping hope alive here (smile).

message 19: by 'Aussie Rick' (new)

'Aussie Rick' (AussieRick) No problem's Bentley :)

message 20: by 'Aussie Rick' (new)

'Aussie Rick' (AussieRick) Here is another funny bit from the book concerning the picture of Rocco and some seriously heavy dudes from the SBS, page 169, chapter 'The Bobs and Steve-O'.

(view spoiler)

message 21: by André (new)

André (AndrH) | 2527 comments I just noticed you're reading this great book.
I won't attend since I'm reading other stuff right now, neither will I spoil anything (try to) just think of me when you get to the scene with the croissants. Why did God create Politicians?

message 22: by 'Aussie Rick' (new)

'Aussie Rick' (AussieRick) Hi Andre, it's a damn good book :)

Did anyone else crack a smile when they read the made up citation for the Distinguished Flying Cross that Billy texted on page 227, chapter ‘A Good Night’s Work’:

(view spoiler)

message 23: by 'Aussie Rick' (new)

'Aussie Rick' (AussieRick) OK, here is another one of my favourite sections from the book, pages 321-322, it covers the race back to Bastion low on fuel and not diverting around an Afghan village as per normal procedures:

(view spoiler)

message 24: by Bentley, Group Founder, Leader, Chief (new)

Bentley | 29368 comments Aussie are doing a fab job and I will be here soon.

message 25: by 'Aussie Rick' (new)

'Aussie Rick' (AussieRick) Hi Bentley, looking forward to it, its a great book, starts off slowly and builds up to an amazing end!

message 26: by 'Aussie Rick' (new)

'Aussie Rick' (AussieRick) I enjoyed this account which is from when Ed and the other pilots and crew were told about their nomination for medals and they were hosted by the Commando’s and meet Prince Philip, pages 350-351:

(view spoiler)

So typically English eh!

message 27: by Bentley, Group Founder, Leader, Chief (new)

Bentley | 29368 comments I am still catching up elsewhere but I will descend upon this thread soon (lol)

message 28: by 'Aussie Rick' (new)

'Aussie Rick' (AussieRick) Here is some more detailed combat footage of the rescue mission of Royal Marine Commando Ford :

Dramatic rescue of Royal Marine in Afghanistan by Apache

message 29: by 'Aussie Rick' (new)

'Aussie Rick' (AussieRick) Well I must confess I was pleasantly surprised by this book, a slow starter but really got me going towards the end where I could not put the book down, well worth the read. As a result I have ordered a copy of his other book; "Hellfire".

Hellfire by Ed Macy by Ed Macy

message 30: by Bentley, Group Founder, Leader, Chief (new)

Bentley | 29368 comments Very good Aussie Rick; I am still trying to finish Polk:

Polk by Walter BornemanWalter R. Borneman

Then this book and HMS Surprise which is a quick one are slated next.

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