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message 1: by Miss (last edited Mar 24, 2011 02:39PM) (new)

Miss Soszynski Hey guys, I want everyone to please reply to this topic. Please write below a comment on: What you are reading, and what it is about.

Your comment needs to be at least 40 words long.

Then I want you to find the book you are reading on this site and add it to the list.

Please feel free to add any other books you may have read (eg. Boy Overboard or The Dot).

message 2: by Anya (new) - added it

Anya I'm reading Last Sacrifice, I finished it. it's about a girl whose name is Rose. She was accused of murdering the queen of her world.(vampire world) Her lawyer which is her dad and her best friend Lissa want to help her to escape so that they can really find out who kill the queen. Rose's lover Dimitri have to go with her so that he can keep her safe............ at the end they found the murderer who was Lissa's boyfriend Christian's aunt. they were really shocked when they heard who was it. they imprisoned her and now Rose got all her freedom back and her best friend and her love.

message 3: by Kairi (new)

Kairi Muzuki i am reading "then" by morris gleitzman. it is the second book, the first book was called "once"."then" is about the holocost and a boy and girl whos names are felix and zelda.their name had to be changed to wilhelm and violetta. to protect them from the nazi killers. a women named gina helped them to become someone there not by bleaching their hair and giving them fake id's.

message 4: by Monkey (new)

Monkey today i'm reading harry potter and the charge of secter and i'm going to borrring harry potter and the piersde of asafa it be funny it abount this boy who name is harry potter in the firt book at start he didn't knowthat he was awirec his firt was aver a phhole stone was the first book he go to school a horget school of witchcaft and wrinde i read the firt secod and going tthrid

message 5: by Miss (new)

Miss Soszynski OK. Keep writing class

message 6: by Jason (new)

Jason Stalks amazing im so proud of you. :|

message 7: by skittles (new)

skittles i'm reading specky magee and the great footy contest it is about a boy simon magee that plays for booyong high lions when this guy that he hates moves to his school and trys to take his place on the team as the book goes on the team picks a captian. the captian is the guy that just moved to the school and the guy that simon hates and as the book goes on there is a contest that goes on and simon and some of his team mates enter

message 8: by Kuyhongchi (new)

Kuyhongchi I had read a book call"Oliver Twist" retold by John Kennett.It about boy who born in work shop and his mother was died when he was born and his name is Oliver Twist. He is orpan and he works in the work shop. One day he eating dinnner in the wirk shop and another told him to ask more fooods. The opeole think that not for ask more foods so they take him to sell. Now he work for Mr. Sowerberry and his wife. This very Interesting book to read.

message 9: by Jason (new)

Jason Stalks Im reading one of Paul Jennings novels "Uncanny". its a book filled with short stories. one of the short stories is about a boy and his father that go fishing and he finds a mans body out far in the ocean. surprisingly the man was not dead he was just knocked out. but a strange things happens and the mans tattos tranfer to the boy that found him. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :)

message 10: by Nyateddy (new)

Nyateddy Bear i am reading spirit bound(5 vampire academy book)so far im only at the beginning where rose one of the character is talking about the differences between love and threat notes after getting one from her former lover dimitri belikov who has recently turn striogoi while battling the striogoi in the book blood promise.

message 11: by Sandeee (new)

Sandeee i'm reading vampire academy and so far i'm only at the beginning where it talks about the characters lissa dragmori and rose hathway and they ran way from their academy and the guardians at the academy found them two years after.

message 12: by Lep0006 (new)

Lep0006 i am reading World of Sport - Rugby, by Donald Ireland. This book is about the history of rugby and other codes of football like AFL and soccer.
the book talks about the rules, player positions, skills and tactics. I enjoy reading this book because I am learning more about rugby history.

Nicole Read in art love it.

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